The mystery of the female orgasm7/23/2021, 12:12 PM

During an orgasm you become completely unaware of your ego. It is also a way to enlightenment. Spiritually, the woman is the one who balances out her partner's chakras with her own chakras when she is allowed to come to orgasm.

She is the battery for the man The author has used the terms 'man' 'male' 'woman' 'female' to explain the gender of the soul not the body. All are included to identify with the soul gender you feel associated with.


Orgasm is the best thing about being human and is the one moment in time that the veil between the human world and the Divine is truly opened. There is no person - who when experiencing orgasm - does not believe that indeed - God/Goddess does exist!

Orgasms are magical, mysterious and energising. But it is the female orgasm that is so intriguing - and for the majority of women something that the man does not fully understand.

For example, the majority of irritated and angry girlfriends or wives is caused by the lack of experiencing an orgasm - something that is essential for a woman to maintain equilibrium and balance caused by the wonderful chemicals that an orgasm brings.

This is so easy to is honestly so easy to solve if only men were more sensitive to what is needed for a woman to experience this pleasure in sexual union.

There was a report recently of a survey that was done to see how many women were actually experiencing orgasm with their sexual partner. This report found that in the case of a first time sexual union between a man and a woman, only 6% of women experienced an orgasm!

However when compared to the first time union of a woman and a woman over 70% of females experienced an orgasm which shows that clearly most men have no idea on the mystery of how to bring a woman to orgasm when sexually united.

The full blame for this is due to the porn industry - the online porn sites where most men see and apparently learn what it is that a woman wants in the bedroom.

The first thing that needs to be understood is the sexual plateaux of each gender. When a man is arounsed his sexual peak climbs at a fast rate like the side of a high mountain - aiming straight to the top and ending with orgasm.

However for a woman things are very different. A woman reaches a place of arousal and then settles, a minute or two later she reaches a higher plateau and then settles again, gradually increasing her arousal until eventually she orgasms and feels released. So how can a man ensure that his woman is fully relaxed and ready to experience the full pleasure of what sexual union is intended for ( besides reproduction) ?

The first thing for a man to do is to understand and realise that his orgasm is inevitable - he doesn't even have to think if he is going to achieve orgasm. So his first move is to get out of the attention of his OWN sexual pleasure and move onto his woman. Introduction of a strong vibrating sex toy is a must - first of all watching his woman satisfy herself with this toy will bring the man incredble arousal and it will heat up his woman quicker than his fingers ever could.

Get her one as a surprise gift and encourage her to use it - there is nothing more attractive in a man knowing that he cares about her sexual pleasure more than he cares about his. And give her time - give her time to relax, give her time to breathe, give her time to naturally become aroused.

So many men rush the intital phase of love making - mainly because they get aroused so quickly - and at least ten minutes should be given for the woman to calm down from a Beta waveform to an Alpha wave form so that she can truly tune in to the needs of her body.

Once relaxed and aroused, work your way down her body with gentle kisses and move onto her pubis region. So many men just dive right in there and there is nothing quicker to move a woman out of her place of relaxment itno a feeling of panic than a man who just dives between her legs!

Once relaxed and encouraged that you really want to do this, there is nothing more exquisite to a woman than a mans mouth and tongue around her vulva region. Gradually in slow peaks the woman will begin to experience warm, exquisite waves around her body - but still she is not ready for penetration.

If she is unable to relax fully enough to climax, pull back and allow her to use her vibrator once more. This should allow her to orgasm the first time - but remember - women have that super power and they are absolutely multi orgasmic. If you really want your woman to orgasm whilst you are performing oral sex go back down again on her gently - remember no quick action, you want her to stay in the relaxed mood - and go down her once more after a minute or two.

Build her up and give her a minute or two and soon she will be climaxing on your tongue. Once this has been completed it is time for pentartion - and don't go at it full force - hold yourself back and allow the slow rhythm to eventually build up speed. Allow her to still use her vibrator whilst you are entering her and you are guaranteed a full vulva orgasm from the woman you love and care about.

It's all about taking things nice and slow and allowing your woman to relax if you really do care about her having a full and explosive sexual union with you. And after all - isn't that what true sexual union is all about? Not how quickly the man can get his rocks off but more how the two of you can connect emotionally , spiritually and physically.


  • Women have this absolute super power of being multi orgasmic. Unlike the male - who experiences one orgasm and is then relieved sexually - a woman can orgasm continuously every five minutes even up to two hours after the intial orgasm she first experienced. Truth!

  • A clitoral orgasm for a woman not only is felt as an intense and pleasurable energy circulating around her body - it also contracts and is felt in the muscles of the womb. If you really want to have a woman in your life who is happy, supportive and loving - dedicate at least ten minutes of foreplay in the bedroom - giving only to her. This is how you will allow her to release the tension of the day caused by being a mom, a house keeper, a business woman, a wife. She needs to feel like she is burden free and just a beautiful soul in a body wanting to be loved. If you can take the time to relax her she will indeed be guided to orgasm very easily. This is for certain - a woman who orgasms on a regular basis will be a chilled and happy companion. You can always tell a woman who has not orgasmed recently.

  • A man and a woman's orgasm connects them to the akashic records. This is why long distance relationships and sexting are so successful in this decade. Basically you can leave an orgasm in the Outer Realms and tell the person you love to collect it later..

  • You could get some almond oil from the health shop and mix in quite a bit of Rose Geranium Essential Oil. The scent of the Rose Geranium makes contact in the brain to enhance sexual arousal. If you really allow each other to relax and become just a soul in the body - the orgasm will be incredibly intense and powerful and will bring you much balance, peace and harmony in the days ahead.

  • Humans are the only animals that get aroused watching their own species having sex. Introducing porn viewing into your relationship once a week can really heat up the bedroom. Especially for women. However - please keep in mind that porn sex is not real sex. So many men choose to play out porn antics in real life with their woman and do not realise that many of these positions or actions are actually painful and hurt. Women are givers and do tend to submit but be gentle but firm. By all means enjoy being stimulated by porn together but try not to get too rough - unless that is her kink.

  • Squirting is very real - but not how you see it on porn sites. When a woman squirts across a room this is a production trick - they have filled her virgina up with liguid and it is her pelvic floor muscles that squirt it out. Obviously men connect sub-consciously with the huge squirt associating this with their own ejaculation pleasure. However - yes - women do release a liquid from their Skene's Glands and sometimes soak the bed so make sure you use a towel underneath you.

  • Women also connect with the Crown Chakra when they have sex.This is why it is important for her to have a conbnection to her partner - and hence why relaxing a woman for ten minutes before sexual union is so beneficial. Infact they need to connect with all the chakras of their partner to experience a full orgasm. This is almost like fitting a jigsaw puzzle together. The man will have his chakras totally rebooted and balanced out if he brings his woman to orgasm as the woman is the giver..

  • Ask any person after a really good night of 'connected' sex and they will tell you how incredible they feel. In fact the Orgasm is the world's natural Doctor and Healer - it clears us of so much negativity, fear, anger and frustration.

  • Orgasm connects you to the Divine Source - which is why so many people moan out 'Oh my God' when experiencing pleasure.

  • Number one rule - purchase your partner a vibrating dildo and encourage her to use it.. You can thank us later.

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