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How to Do Relationship and Love Tarot Spreads

What better way to navigate the complex twists and turns of romance and uncover the secrets of the heart than by making use of the mysterious power of tarot cards?

Over the centuries, tarot cards have helped many lovers find romance and rekindle their relationships.

That’s why here at PsychicWorld, we’ve produced a guide to some of the best and most popular spreads for a relationship and love tarot reading.

If you’re not too familiar with how tarot cards work, we recommend you take a look over our how to read tarot cards and how to ask tarot cards a question pages.

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One-card love spread

This spread is one of the best card spreads for beginners. The simplest love tarot spread in the book, the one-card love tarot spread is an easy and insightful tool for getting a grip on where your relationship might be. This spread is popular as it is easy to do and requires little expertise. All you need to do is turn over one tarot card, and there’s your answer.

As ever with tarot cards, it’s important to be specific and have a clear question in mind. When using the one-card love spread, common questions might be:

  • What is the tone of my love life at the moment?
  • Am I in love?
  • Does my partner still have feelings for me?
  • Should I go on a date with someone who has asked me out?

Find more inspiration with the best questions to ask a psychic about love.

Then it’s up to you how you interpret the card that has been dealt. Each tarot card has a range of meanings, and even the orientation of the card can affect how it can be read. As a rule of thumb, if you pull a Major Arcana card, then big things are around the corner — there might be a seismic change ahead or a new special person entering your life.

Minor Arcana cards suggest something more understated. Cups and Pentacles are a positive sign suggesting a strong emotional connection and a steadily building relationship, while wands bring the energy of something fresh.

Three-card tarot love spread

If you have another person in mind or are doing the reading with your significant other, then the three-card tarot love spread is an ideal option. It involves laying out three tarot cards in a line and then turning them over.

Here is what each tarot love spread card represents:

Card One - You

The first card represents you, your emotions, your desires and your feelings about the state of the relationship. Cards to note for this reading are the Knight of Cups, which represents a romantic proposal or an invitation to experience something, and the Three of Swords, which indicates heartaches or difficulties in a relationship.

Card Two - Your partner

The second card is all about your partner’s feelings. The card can be read in isolation or can be compared with the first card in the spread. A good pairing might be The Lovers and the Ten of Cups, which point to a relationship full of joy and satisfaction. A bad pairing would be the Five of Cups and The Tower, which suggests a feeling of loss and disappointment and potential upheaval on the way.

Card Three - The current state of the relationship

The third card sums up the current state of the relationship. It acts as a mirror reflecting the present dynamics, emotions, and the general atmosphere surrounding the partnership.

Five-card tarot love spread

Similar again to the three-card tarot love spread, this one offers more insight and detail. The first three cards represent the same as the three-card tarot love spread, but the last two add a fresh spin, giving you even more to think about.

The fourth card is there to represent the past. This might refer to the history of your relationship with your partner, previous relationships, or even other factors of your past that may prevent you from being more open or trusting with your partner.

Positive cards to receive for this position might be The Sun, which suggests a past of happiness and fulfillment in the relationship, or the Four of Cups which points to a history of significant milestones celebrated together.

Negative cards for the past would include the Three of Swords, which points to a past of hurt, possibly due to infidelity or painful separations in previous relationships that affect the present.

The fifth card symbolizes the future of the relationship. This card can guide you as to what direction the relationship is heading.

A row of three tarot cards face down near a candle

The check-in spread

This is an eight-card love tarot spread that is in a formation akin to an upside-down Christmas tree. The purpose of this spread is just to consider the current state of your relationship, regardless of whether everything is smooth sailing or whether things have hit a rocky patch, it’s never a bad time to make use of the check-in spread.

Each card represents a different aspect of your relationship, each offering something different to consider. Remember, before you attempt such an ornate spread, you must shuffle your tarot cards. For more information on how to do this correctly, take a look at our how to shuffle tarot cards post.

Card One - What’s the energy between us?

This card offers a general overview of how things are between you and how compatible you are with each other. Cards to look out for include the Two of Cups, which symbolizes that the relationship is balanced with reciprocated emotional connections.

Card Two - How do I really feel about my partner?

This card is good for helping you to delve into your subconscious and to challenge any doubts or concerns you might have about your partner. Your initial reaction to the card will give you good insight as to how you really feel about your partner.

Card Three - How does it feel when we’re together?

Another card that may question your normal perceptions and uncover hidden truths.

Card Four - What’s the greatest strength of this relationship?

For this card, you’d want to see a card that reflects positive attributes, harmony, and supportive elements that contribute to the strength and health of the relationship.

Card Five - What’s the biggest challenge we are going through/have been through?

Another complex, nuanced card. Cards to be aware of this context include the Seven of Swords, which indicates issues with trust, and the Five of Pentacles indicates a lack of affection between the couple.

Card Six - What does my partner need from me?

A useful way of understanding how you can improve yourself to strengthen the relationship between the two of you.

Card Seven - What do I need from my partner?

Similar to the card above, this should make you consider what more your partner can do to make you feel loved and appreciated.

Card Eight - What steps can I take to tighten our bond?

The final card at the end of the check-in should help you both consider as a pair what you can do to make your relationship even better.

The big picture spread

A simple, quick three-card to give you both a new perspective on what the other person in your life wants going forward.

The first card represents what you want. Not just in terms of the relationship but also in what you want from life itself. This might include how career-driven you wish to be, what your values and priorities are, or even how you feel about starting a family.

The second card is the same but refers to what your partner wants. Similar to previous spreads, it’s good to take time to compare and contrast the two cards and how well they match up.

The third card refers to what your future might look like as a couple. Cards to look out for include the World, which suggests that as a couple, you’re in a good place to achieve your goals together and feel a sense of completeness.

A man gifts his partner with flowers

The spread for when your relationship is facing difficulties

If things are not going well with your love life, and you fear that the relationship with your significant other is at risk of coming to an end, it’s worth trying this love tarot spread and finding some answers.

Card One - What do I want?

This is a vital question to ask whenever a relationship feels like it is at a crossroads. Do you actually want to still be with your partner, or is it a case of just fearing the unknown? This card should help you on your way to working out if your current relationship is really the right one for you.

Card Two - Which of my expectations aren’t being met?

If it does feel like something is lacking in a relationship, it can sometimes be hard to put your finger on what exactly is missing. Cards to look out for include the Two of Swords which indicates clear communication and decision-making are not being met.

Card Three - What are the areas where my partner and I don’t see eye-to-eye?

There are various cards to be concerned with in this context, including the Three of Swords and The Moon. The Three of Swords often depicts heartache or feelings of betrayal, whilst The Moon symbolizes confusion and miscommunication.

Card Four - What isn’t being confronted in our relationship?

This card can give you an insight into where your relationship is going wrong and why you not feeling the passion and joy you are used to. It may relate to something hidden in your or your partner’s past.

Card Five - What do I need to let go of to keep the peace?

Perhaps the biggest problem is the baggage you are carrying from previous relationships or relationships with your family. This card should help you deal with those problems and give you guidance to solve them.

Card Six - What does my heart say?

Your rational mind may be telling you one thing, but your more emotional side may be telling you something different. This card should help you understand the difference between the two.

Card Seven - Which part of me do I need to heal to give my partner the best of me?

The final card to consider, this should wrap up the guidance and give you a clear idea of how you can change to help your partner.

The lost love spread

Heartbreak is never easy, and it is only natural to want to find answers elsewhere. And if you’re someone who finds comfort and solace in tarot cards, then they are the perfect partner to help you through a breakup.

This love tarot spread is for when a partner has left, but you still want to make things work between the two of you and rekindle the love you once felt for each other. It’s a four-card spread, with each of the cards having their own specific meaning.

Card One - How does my ex feel about me?

This is a common doubt that occurs after any break-up, with some relationships ending amicably and others less so. Cards you may want to see include the Six of Cups, which symbolizes nostalgia, and that your ex has fond memories of your relationship, and The Lovers card suggesting that your romance isn’t dead. Negative cards include the Ten of Swords, which indicates feelings of betrayal and the Three of Swords, which points to feelings of pain and heartache.

Card Two - Does my ex want to get back with me?

Running on a similar theme, if the previous card offered positive signs, this may be a signal that your ex would be interested in giving things another go. The Knight of Cups is another positive sign that might indicate that all is not lost.

Card Three - What’s the greatest obstacle to us re-uniting?

For card three, there are various tarot cards that may offer answers. The Five of Wands indicates that your goals for life are too different, the Three of Swords suggests your partner feels like they’ve been betrayed, Seven of Swords suggests that there are trust issues between the two of you.

Card Four - Which outcome is the likeliest concerning the two of us?

If the previous cards have offered positive signals, then this could offer the final answer as to whether you should try and give things another go with your ex.

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As we’ve explored the insightful world of relationship and love tarot card spreads, it’s clear that these tools can be a powerful ally in understanding the depths and nuances of romantic connections.

Whether it’s the simplicity of the one-card love spread or the detailed exploration offered by the five-card spread, each brings its unique perspective on matters of the heart.

The key to a successful tarot reading lies in your approach. Don’t go to your psychic, or perform the reading, expecting definitive answers, or for the tarot cards to be able to solve all of your heartache. Instead, embrace their wisdom and the guidance they offer to make the decisions that suit you.

If you’re ready to book a tarot love reading today, or want to explore other aspects of the mystical and mysterious, try out our psychic live chat.

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