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How to Ask Tarot Cards a Question

Whether you're a seasoned psychic or a curious seeker, asking tarot cards the right questions is an art. It takes time to develop the skill of connecting and communicating effectively with tarot, but some strategies can push us along the learning process.

In this blog, we will delve into the art of framing questions for tarot readings. We'll explore the nuances that can turn a simple question into a powerful key for unlocking self-discovery.

Prepare to confidently navigate the world of tarot card readings as we discuss how to create the right mindset to ask key questions and how to articulate them with the right intention.

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How to begin exploring tarot through asking questions

To effectively ask tarot cards a question, begin by clearing your mind and concentrating on your intention.

Before handling the cards, take a moment to consider the precise question or issue for which you seek guidance. This step is vital as it allows you to direct your energy and purpose toward the cards, establishing a connection between your inner self and the symbolic language of the tarot.

Take just three steps:

  1. Clear the mind. Channel peacefulness, take a deep breath, and clear your mind of any thoughts, distractions, or stress. The more you can be fully present and focused, the more effective your tarot reading will be.

    To enhance your efforts in clearing the mind, body and soul try working with the selenite crystal. Just glide the crystal along your body to release any lingering energy and clear your surroundings.
  2. Create your question(s). Prepare for your psychic reading by creating the questions you want to ask. This not only makes your intent clear but also ensures a purposeful reading, maximising the benefits of the session.
  3. Define your question(s). Make sure your questions are clear and to the point. Avoid asking anything overly broad to prevent vague or confusing responses. If necessary, break down bigger questions into smaller ones. When the time comes, clearly articulate your question to the tarot cards.
  4. Visualise your question(s). Shut your eyes and mentally picture your question. Try to imagine the situation or scenario in as much detail as you can. This visualisation technique aids in focusing your thoughts and emotions on the specific matter you're considering.


Now, shift your attention to shuffling and drawing the tarot cards. While doing this, stay focused on your question(s) and the energy you're infusing into the cards and the reading. Some individuals prefer to shuffle until they sense a connection or readiness.

When you feel prepared, draw the cards. You can opt for a single card for a swift answer or employ a more intricate spread for in-depth insights.

Learn more about the best card spreads for beginners.

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Six tips to prepare for effective communication with tarot cards

Let us guide you through essential tips that will assist you in shaping and refining your approach to asking questions to tarot cards. These insights aim to empower you, enabling you to connect with the wisdom of the cards like never before.

  1. Open your mind

    Trust your gut when reading tarot cards, noting your initial reactions and feelings. The cards communicate through symbolism and personal resonance, so approach them with an open mind and heart.

    Trust the process, allowing the guidance to unfold naturally. If you find it challenging to maintain open and clear receptors for new and positive energy, you may want to explore the practice of chakra cleansing.
  2. Ground yourself

    Practice grounding exercises to centre yourself, such as deep breathing, meditation, or appreciating the present moment. These activities facilitate a connection with your inner self and the surrounding energy.

    Why not incorporate a brief meditation session before a tarot reading to enhance your focus and energy alignment? Aura cleansing practices can assist you in restoring balance to your energies if you sense they are off.
  3. Use a tarot cloth or sacred space

    If you’re having a tarot reading at home or online, think about enhancing your session by incorporating a tarot cloth or establishing a sacred space.

    Designate a specific area for your tarot sessions, infusing the space with intention and significance. For example, you might use a tarot cloth as a backdrop for your readings, or create a small altar with meaningful objects to evoke a sacred atmosphere.

    Having a dedicated space adds a touch of ritual and elevates the overall experience of the tarot reading process.
  4. Establish rituals

    Along the same lines, establish personal rituals to mark the commencement and conclusion of your tarot readings. These rituals can be straightforward, such as a brief period of quiet reflection, reciting a particular prayer, or a symbolic gesture that aids in transitioning into a state of focus and receptivity.

    You might light a candle at the beginning of each reading and extinguish it at the end as a ritualistic way to signal the start and finish of your tarot session. These rituals serve as anchors, creating a deliberate and meaningful boundary around your tarot practice.
  5. Journal your insights

    Create and maintain a tarot journal to document your questions, the cards drawn, and your interpretations. This practice not only aids in tracking patterns and progress but also serves as a valuable reference for future readings, enabling deeper insights over time.
  6. Express gratitude

    Regardless of whether the reading provides clarity or sparks additional questions, express gratitude for the guidance received. Cultivating this positive energy contributes to the effectiveness of future readings. Keep an open mind and stay receptive to the messages, even if they differ from your initial expectations.

    Conclude each reading by saying aloud or in your mind, "I am grateful for the insights gained," fostering a positive energy exchange with the tarot cards.

    Remaining open to unexpected messages allows the tarot to continue providing valuable guidance in subsequent sessions.

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How to prepare your tarot cards

It's crucial not to overlook the preparation of the cards themselves when it comes to asking the tarot questions. This practice underscores the significance of cleansing both our cards and our minds.

Cleanse your deck

Cleansing tarot cards is a personal and symbolic practice often incorporated into individual tarot rituals. If you want to cleanse your cards before a reading, you can try methods such as passing each card through incense smoke or leaving the deck under moonlight for a night.

If you plan to use a psychic's cards, it's advisable to discuss the possibility of cleansing with them.

Show respect and share your perspective on the benefits of cleansing, such as saying, "I've noticed that cleansing my cards enhances my connection with them. Have you ever thought about incorporating cleansing rituals into your tarot practice?".

Approach the conversation with curiosity, aiming for an open and respectful dialogue to gain insight into their individual beliefs and practices.

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How to ask tarot cards a question: FAQ

Here are common FAQ regarding how to ask tarot cards a question:

  1. Do I need to ask tarot questions aloud?

    No, you don't have to ask tarot questions aloud. Asking silently in your mind is equally effective. The key is to formulate a clear and focused question, whether spoken or unspoken. The effectiveness lies in the clarity and intention behind the question.
  2. How should I phrase my tarot questions?

    Phrasing is crucial. Ask open-ended questions that encourage detailed responses rather than simple yes or no answers. Instead of saying, "Will I find love soon?" you can ask, "What steps can I take to attract a fulfilling romantic relationship?" Or, instead of "Will I get a job?" try, "What can I do to enhance my career prospects?"
  3. Can I ask about multiple topics in one reading?

    Yes, You can ask about different things in one reading, but it's better to keep your questions clear and focused to get detailed answers.

    For example, instead of asking about everything in your life, you might want to ask about specific areas like your job, love, or personal development to get more specific and detailed information.
  4. Is it better to ask about the future or the present?

    Both are valid. You can ask about the future to understand possible outcomes, or you can focus on the present to learn about current influences and actions you can take.
  5. Can I ask the same question multiple times?

    Although it's possible, asking the same question too often in a short period can be confusing. It's advisable to wait until there are changes in circumstances or your perspective on the situation shifts before posing the question again.

    Find out more on how often you should get a psychic reading.
  6. Can I ask a tarot question about a specific person?

    Certainly, you can pose tarot questions about specific individuals. The cards can provide insights into the characteristics of that person, their intentions, or the dynamics of your relationship with them. For example, you might inquire about a friend's intentions in a certain situation or for insight into your romantic relationships.
  7. Should I trust reversed cards?

    Reversed cards in tarot can provide nuanced insights, but interpretations differ. Some readers view them as obstacles or challenges, while others perceive them as intensified aspects of the card's energy.


In the realm of tarot card reading and formulating questions for the cards, it's essential to remember that preparation is a unique and evolving process. Similar to any psychic practice, experimentation with various techniques is necessary to discover what resonates best for each individual.

The greater the investment in preparation and ritual aspects, the more likely your tarot readings will be meaningful and insightful.

If you're interested in exploring psychic practices such as tarot card reading, consider learning more about local psychics in your area.

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