Aries Zodiac Sign

  • Date Range - March 21 - April 20
  • Corresponding Element - Fire
  • Driven by - Mars
  • Mantra - ‘I can handle everything’
  • Secret Weapon - Made of iron > strong and powerful
  • Feels best on - Tuesday

What is it like to date an Aries?

Dating an Aries Woman

Dating an Aries woman is exciting and adventurous; she likes to take the lead. She is looking for romance and new experiences. If you are dating an Aries woman, it is important to keep up with her energy and not to be too dominant. During dating, an Aries woman is:

  • Adventurous
  • Dominant
  • Charismatic
  • Confident
  • Sexy
  • Passionate

Dating an Aries Man

Aries men love a challenge and the game of conquest. Due to his competitive nature, an Aries man will not shy away from a bit of 'hard to get' play. He loves spontaneous dates and is up for anything. If you are dating an Aries man, you better be prepared for what's to come!

How to win over an Aries?

  • Have a good plan ready to win over an Aries
  • Flirt, flirt & flirt! Aries love it
  • Always go on an adventure during a date
  • Be confident and take the lead
  • Play a game and make it a competition; Aries love competition

What is an Aries like when he/she is in love?

If Aries is interested, he/she does not hesitate to ask someone out. With a confident attitude and smooth talk, Aries knows how to get anyone on a date. If he/she is really in love, the energy of Aries cannot be stopped. Saying no to a lovestruck Aries is not an option; Aries simply does not settle for less. Aries fall in love easily but lose the feeling just as easily.

What is Aries like during sex?

Aries naturally has a high libido and is always up for sex. Aries even needs it to relax. Don't expect lengthy sessions with Aries, and certainly not too much foreplay or romantic scenes. This zodiac sign prefers frequent, intense, and short sex. Quickies were invented by the Aries zodiac sign. Aries is up for having sex in various places. In bed, Aries are:

  • Initiative
  • Passionate
  • Adventurous
  • Kinky
  • Intense
  • Fiery
  • Full of dedication
  • Wild
  • Sexy

What is Aries like in a relationship?

An Aries is a dedicated love partner. Aries supports a partner through thick and thin and expects the same in return. Aries live in the moment and value their freedom. If they are restricted by a partner in this, the romance is soon over. In a partner, Aries looks for someone who can challenge him/her. Aries wants to remain stimulated in a relationship; they love depth and avoid the surface. Finally, Aries loves complimentary words.

Which star signs are a good match for Aries?

  • Leo: Aries and Leo are the ultimate match. Both star signs are great lovers of life and equally fiery. They complement each other perfectly.
  • Libra: Aries and Libra can be the perfect match, provided Libra keeps up with the pace of enthusiastic Aries. A Libra must not slow down Aries; that would mean the end of the romance.
  • Gemini: Aries and Gemini both love adventure and will never bore each other. Together they love to explore and also form the ultimate physical match.

Which star signs are not a good match for Aries?

  • Virgo: Aries and Virgo are not in balance. Virgo is too analytical for Aries, who prefers action over thought.
  • Cancer: Aries is too direct and sometimes 'rude' for the sensitive Cancer. Verbally, but also in bed, Aries is too dominant for Cancer. The latter feels unseen or unheard in the presence of Aries.
  • Pisces: Aries and Pisces are no match at all. Pisces, like Cancer, are too sensitive for Aries, which causes friction between them.

What is an Aries like in love?

Aries love love, but are always looking for a monogamous bond. Aries in love:

  • Seeks a deeper connection
  • Expects loyalty from a partner
  • Wants to be a priority for a partner
  • Will never intentionally hurt
  • Faithful and loyal

What is an Aries like with heartbreak?

Aries with heartbreak do not linger in adversity for long; they are very resilient. Aries live in the moment and are naturally cheerful. Anyone who spoils their good mood no longer deserves Aries' attention. While an Aries can be significantly shaken by rejection, they shake it off just as quickly. Aries will invent reasons why they are better off after a break-up. Finally, Aries will soon seek pleasure and distraction outside the home.

What is an Aries like as a marriage partner?

An Aries as a marriage partner is loyal and completely dedicated to the partner. As a marriage partner, an Aries is:

  • Fiery
  • Loyal
  • Demanding
  • Proud
  • Jealous, but will not acknowledge this
  • Complimentary (and expects the same in return)
  • Sometimes egocentric

What is an Aries like as an ex-partner?

An Aries as an ex-partner is not the most relaxed ex one could wish for. Regardless of whether the partner or Aries ended the relationship, Aries is initially inaccessible after a split. Only when everything is discussed, can Aries become friends with an ex-partner.

Is an Aries likely to cheat easily?

Aries are not naturally mean and will never willingly hurt a loved one. Once in a relationship or married, Aries is enormously loyal to the partner. Cheating is something he/she will not consider quickly; in love, Aries is incredibly honest and sincere.

What are the good and bad qualities of an Aries?

What are good qualities of an Aries?

Aries are enthusiastic about life and love challenges. Aries are naturally cheerful and love a party. Aries have the talent to complete whatever they start successfully. They don't shy away from big challenges; an Aries is very competitive. Aries inspire others with their enthusiasm. Lastly, Aries are always honest and open. With an Aries, you always know where you stand.

  • Assertive
  • Refreshing
  • Independent
  • Energetic
  • Cheerful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Passionate
  • Competitive
  • Loyal
  • Honest

What are bad qualities of an Aries?

Due to their enthusiasm, Aries often take on many things, resulting in them not finishing everything they start. Boredom quickly hits Aries, leading them to look for a new challenge. An Aries may expect others to keep up with their speed and pace. If this doesn't happen, Aries feels obstructed. Aries has little compassion for a slower pace or understanding than their own. The directness, irritations, fits of anger, and forthrightness of an Aries can scare others away.

  • Frankness > rudeness
  • Difficulty accepting things from others
  • Struggles to relax / slow down
  • Dislikes taking orders
  • Impatient
  • Self-centered
  • Critical
  • Arrogant
  • Stubborn
  • Temperamental

How is an Aries in friendship?

Aries are loyal friends. Once friends with an Aries, you have a friendship for life. Aries like to be in the company of friends and show this with thoughtful gestures. They occasionally give a gift or pay for a meal. In friendship, Aries are:

  • Helpful
  • Loyal
  • Integrity
  • Protective
  • Uplifting

How is an Aries as a child?

  • Present and funny
  • Has a higher pace than others
  • Easily bored
  • Has lots of energy
  • Acts first and thinks later
  • Temperamental and quickly irritated
  • Loves to push boundaries

How is an Aries at work?

  • Born leader: prefers to give orders rather than receive them
  • Competent: the workplace is the perfect place to show ambition and creativity
  • Competitive: sees competition as an encouragement to be the best
  • Seeks challenges: doesn't want to get stuck in routine or tedious work
  • Strong verbally: expresses oneself excellently and communicates the message clearly

Which professions suit an Aries?

  • Manager
  • Politician
  • Coach
  • Police officer
  • Soldier

Who are some famous Aries?

  • Lady Gaga
  • Elton John
  • Pharrell
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Elton John
  • Simone Signoret
  • Mariah Carey
  • Jennifer Capriati
  • Eric Clapton
  • Rachmaninoff
  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Andy Garcia
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Harry Houdini
  • Steve McQueen

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