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What will April 15 bring you?

You present your ideas and thoughts powerfully, knowing what you want to convey, you are unafraid of confrontation and perfectly capable of applying your considerable abilities and responding positively. As a result, you appear arrogant and a bit of a know-all. Remember though that you can always learn something from other people.


You appreciate and enjoy lively interactions and conversations with your lover. If you have something important to convey you're able to make your intentions known and easily advance your point of view. You need to put forward realistic plans and show a willingness to be sympathetic to any concerns your lover may have.


You master negotiations or conversations with colleagues with consummate ease. You're able to strike the correct balance and resolve any disagreements. Avoid giving anyone the impression you feel superior in any way by adopting an open and fair-minded approach, allow others to make their contribution.


Your risqué looks and sexually overt outlook have a powerful effect. Naturally, you make a continuous effort to look your best, and new friends and sexual encounters certainly come your way. You always say exactly what you want and how you want it. That way pleasure is guaranteed.

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Aries personality traits

In addition to the daily horoscope which clarifies what is in store for you as an Aries, you can read here about the specific characteristics of Aries. As an Aries you have an uncomplicated way of life, which also leads to you being enthusiastic and outspoken.

You have an enormous willpower to tackle new things and consequently you do not like to repeat yourself. You need room to develop, but sometimes act too quickly without thinking things through.

By following your instincts, you still come a long way in what you want to achieve. You find honesty very important, both in business and in private. You are passionate and sometimes tend to be short-tempered.

You can get upset and angry about something, but quickly let go of your anger. You live in the here and now and sometimes forget to get somewhere on time.

What is the Aries zodiac sign?

According to Wikipedia, the 'Constellations' are the astronomical constellations in the sky, and they no longer correspond to the twelve sectors used by astrology. How does the Aries zodiac sign come about? Some authors of astrology sections in newspapers exclusively use this solar position, such as 'Sun in Aries' or 'Sun in Libra' to create a horoscope with it. Read more about meaning of Aries horoscope on Wikipedia.

Aries in love

As an Aries you rush into a relationship without first researching and experiencing whether your chosen partner is right for you. You are so romantically inclined that you can have blinkers on and find out at a later stage that the man or woman of your choice is not really your ideal partner.

But when you do find the right one, your partner will be very happy with a romantic like you. As a man you are the prince on a white horse. A female Aries prefers to select her own partner and likes to go hunting for one.

Libra is a good partner choice, as are Leo and Sagittarius. But you also get along well with a Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius or Gemini.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is much to tell about each sign of the zodiac in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day on which you were born. Here we explain a number of key characteristics for each day of birth:

March 21: Communicative, versatile and dynamic.
March 22: Intuitive, protective of loved ones and sometimes a worrier.
March 23: Confident, honest and passionate.
March 24: Productive, perfectionist and born craftsman/woman.
March 25: Born romantic, good natured and sociable.
March 26: Bright minded, direct and determined.
March 27: Attached to moral values, adventurous and bubbling with energy.
March 28: Realistic, sense of humor and respectful.
March 29: Righteous, born leader and sharp mind.
March 30: Optimistic, full of life and musical.
March 31: Protective, empathetic and attaches to family ties.
April 1: Individualistic, courageous and strong personality.
April 2: Diplomatic, brimming with self-confidence and materialistic minded.
April 3: Persuasive, born comedian and loves life.
April 4: Charismatic, creative and very sensitive.
April 5: Born entertainer, warm-hearted and a strong ego.
April 6: Straightforward, humble and full of life.
April 7: Passionate, endearing and in search of the truth.
April 8: Determined, great stamina and resolute.
April 9: Resilient, competitive-minded and looking for challenges.
April 10: Strong personality, attention to detail and respectful.
April 11: Independent, passionate and dislikes routine.
April 12: Great imagination, courageous and likes to be in the background.
April 13: Big heart for others, spirited and self-confident.
April 14: Integrity, respect for people around and warm-hearted.
April 15: Disciplined, creative and adventurous.
April 16: Heart on the sleeve, impulsive and team player.
April 17: Ambitious, persuasive and loyal.
April 18: Spontaneous, easy going and optimistic.
April 19: Go-getter, high standards & values and modest.
April 20: Full of energy, successful and epicurean.