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What will February 27 bring you?

Try to clear up misunderstandings or differences of opinion, before they develop further, turning into real disputes, which cause unnecessary disruption to your relationships whether they are personal or work-related. However, don't expect others to approach you, you must take the initiative if you value being on good terms with them.


Bring into the open anything that's previously been left unsaid and avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements between you and your lover. You appear natural and your interactions are agreeable and diplomatic. If single interesting connections result from conversations and you gain inspiration from them too.


Your administrative abilities are in demand. Work may be adversely affected by too many ill-considered actions which can easily cause unnecessary stress and confusion. Rearrange your thoughts, plan your procedures carefully, refuse to take on too many tasks, it's your openness that enables you to receive support from others.


You feel like having a hot affair. Well, go ahead! You have enough opportunities for getting close to someone. Take the decision and set up the situation. Take care, though. You might feel flattered and get ahead of yourself in your erotic fantasies, but end up being left lonely and dissatisfied instead.

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