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What will July 18 bring you?

Everybody is friendly and accommodating, you're well received by the people you encounter. On the romantic front others are attracted to you, don't let this go to your head otherwise any goodwill soon disappears. Instead treat others the same way as they treat you and show them you really are the person they thought you were when they first met you.


Optimistic and content, the kindness you show endears people to you, and they find this quality attractive. If looking for love, you effortlessly charm those you meet. Your appeal strikes almost anyone you encounter. Don't get too big-headed or carried away, return any compliments you receive straight away.


You're able to carry out your professional obligations with ease; your colleagues are impressed with your achievements and look to you for inspiration. Utilizing your intuition is natural for you and helps you instinctively make the important decisions you’ve considered before but probably have put off for a long time.


How attractive and sexy you feel! Don't think that others haven't noticed it too. You've really made a lasting impression on somebody. Erotic adventures and offers of sex are a sure bet. Be daring enough to start a love affair - it could develop into a long term affair or an interesting relationship.

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