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What will September 19 bring you?

You feel balanced and relaxed; your good mood is infectious, and there isn't anything that is likely to get you down or prevent you from being in such a good mood. Approach others and develop your friendships further. Use this mood to strengthen existing relationships as well, or as a reason to get back in contact with people, you have neglected recently.


You get involved in a drawn-out discussion with your lover over a difference of opinion. You both believe you're in the right, however you appreciate everyone looks at things from their own limited perspective and therefore find it easier to ignore any protestations, letting them have their own way even if you don't agree.


You're able to effectively focus on everyday tasks, overlooking more important jobs where you cannot afford to make any mistakes, until your normal powers of concentration return. If you get proposals about how to improve working arrangements, stay open but try to delay commenting on such suggestions.


You feel like having a hot affair. Well, go ahead! You have enough opportunities for getting close to someone. Take the decision and set up the situation. Take care, though. You might feel flattered and get ahead of yourself in your erotic fantasies, but end up being left lonely and dissatisfied instead.

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