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What will May 18 bring you?

You’re likely to be on the receiving end of good news, a gift or invitation and may even receive news of achievement regarding one or other of the activities you’re involved in. Feeling good, an ideal opportunity exists to try regarding an area of accountability that turns out to be well worth your while, a chance for unexpected success!


There’s a good chance, sooner rather than later someone special turns up, and you allow them to enter your life. Don't wait to be approached, seize the initiative, even if you're the shy type or already in a relationship, you find it much easier to free yourself of inhibitions you may have experienced before.


If you've difficulty reaching your targets, the better news is on the horizon, and you notice how easy your workload appears. Seize every opportunity to take on a new project, whether or not you’ve little experience. Discovering how effective and capable you are in untried areas gives a real boost to your self-confidence.


Erotic thoughts of love-making overtake you. The way things look, you should enjoy an encounter sometime soon. Dress up in your sexiest clothes and make yourself known. You'd be surprised at how many eager singles are out there waiting to get to know you. What are you waiting for?

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