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Our love psychics guide you in your love and relationship life. Are you struggling with your partner or are you in a toxic relationship? Chat with a love psychic.


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Frankie Baker


Intuitive Empath - Medium and Master Healer ,Master in Reiki
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Honest and concise. If looking for truth look no further.
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Diane Guarrasi


I help men and women connect with their soulmate.
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Clairvoyant psychic empath I tap into energies of all sort.
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I spread universal love to spark back the light within.
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Inner Voice


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Love and relationship psychics and advice

Are you struggling with your partner? Are you in a toxic relationship? Do you want to know if your partner is honest or if he or she is cheating on you. Or are you just trying to figure out whether he’s (she’s) the one for you. Maybe there’s currently no one in the picture but you want to find out when and if you’ll meet a soulmate.

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For answers to these or any other pressing relationship questions you may have, you can consult one of Psychic World’s top rated advisors today. If you’re a new user you’ll get free minutes, you can use those on a free love reading that will give you the insights and guidance you need to set your love life straight.

Is this the first time you’re considering a love psychic reading and you’re not sure what you can or should ask our coaches. Do you wonder if and how this works and can help you. That’s alright. Here under we answer some of the most frequent questions we’ve received over the years regarding the power, accuracy and usefulness of love and relationship readings.

Don’t wait. Transform your love life with psychic advice from the web’s most experienced love and relationship coaches.


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Starters guide to love psychic readings and relationship psychics

Does a psychic know if that person loves you?

Experienced psychics tap into energies of the subject they are reading. The non-material world is complex and strings of energy connects all living things on planet earth. Based on your energy and any additional insight and context you will give a reader, he or she will be ables to say with a high degree of certainty if the that person does actually love you. 

Remember that relations are built on more than just love at first sight. Therefore, getting confirmation that an individual loves you does not offer any guarantees that you spend the rest of your life together. The actual outcome will depend on you and your lover. 


Can psychics predict the outcome of love relationships?

Trained love psychics and relationship coaches can indeed predict the outcome of amorous relations. Of course there is no certainty. Some predictions are more accurate than others. Sometimes circumstances in your life, your character or that of your partner change drastically hereby altering the course a relationship was taking. 

Nevertheless, in most cases , give the right information background and diving into the energies and forces surrounding you, a love psychic will be able to make fairly accurate predictions about the outcome of love relationships. 


When it comes to love, how often are psychics right?

This question is complicated to answer. As mentioned answering some of the other questions in this section, the accuracy of a love prediction, or any prediction for that matter, strongly depends on the sincerity, openness and willingness to hear the truth on the site of the subject being read. Given the right background information and state of mind, trained psychic mediums with experience on matters of love will more often than not be right in their analysis and predictions when it comes to love.


Can psychics predict your soulmate?

No. Psychics cannot predict when or where you meet your soulmate. Love psychic mediums will however be able to give you insight on a new found relationship, whether he or she is a soulmate or just a fling. Love and relationship coaches on Psychic World are also able to give you personal advice on how to change your state of mind and the way you look at things as well as how to adjust some negative patterns of behaviour so that you significantly increase the chances of actually finding a soulmate!


Has a psychic ever helped bring you back together with an ex?

Yes and more than once. The whole purpose of a love and relationship chat or phone reading with a qualified psychic medium on a site like this one, is to get life changing insights on your patterns of behaviour, presentation, vision of self- and others, so that you can literally transform an existing relationship or mend a broken one. 

Also, if you come out of a toxic and destructive relationship with an ex-, our trained love coaches won’t withhold the truth of what’s best for you in your life and tell it as it is. Because let’s face it, sometimes it’s better, with hindsight, not to be brought back together with an ex. 


How do psychics know if a couple is twin flames?

The divine works in mysterious ways. We tend to forget that qualified psychics mediums possess strong sensitory abilities and the power of tapping into everything non-material (material as in visible to the naked eye). Skilled psychic mediums who use their abilities adequately can sense the energies and power linking individuals, hereby identifying unique spiritual bonds between two souls, like the ones that characterizes twin flames. 

Note that twin flames do not necessarily have to be partners, a twin flame can be a romantic partner but it can also be a friend, a mentor, or even a pupil. A twin flame is a high-level soul-based connection that isn’t about romance but more about spiritual growth,. Love and relationship coaches and psychics on Psychic World can identify when you’ve made a life changing encounter with a twin flame.

Where can I find the best free online love psychics?

Psychic World like other top rated online psychic reading chat apps and websites offer new users free minutes to discover the benefits of an empowering psychic reading. Here, amongst other types of readings, you can get free love psychic readings on your first session. Considering our policy on certified psychics, the extensive experience of the average Psychic World experts and the high ratings the later receive, means the Psychic World chat app and psychics call line qualify qualify as one of the worlds best free online love psychic reading websites.  

More about love readings on Psychic World 

Get free love psychic reading minutes and credits

Everyone wants to give of themselves and their love to a partner who gives and loves right back. It can be difficult to know how to get there, though. How do you know when you have met the person that you can give your love to in that way? Free love readings can certainly help you with that. 

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Getting free love readings online is like getting a cheat sheet for the solution to a happy relationship. Your free love reading will give you a deeper understanding of how love works, and how you can get caught in a repeating pattern of relationships that do not work for you and are not moving you forward to the place you will need to be in to meet your soulmate.

How does a love card reading work?

When you start an online chat about love or your relationship it’s possible to ask the psychic for a love card draw. The card readers on our platform have many years of experience and are able to read the future with their tarot love cards or other spiritual card readings. 
On PsychicWorld we also host online card draws in which you can participate for free. Every week our card readers draw cards and publish them online. 

●  Go to our tarot draw page and choose your card, 
●  Click on the link of the card you like to draw
●  And read the message behind the card directly 


Do you also have psychic that read love tarot cards?

Yes, our psychics also read tarot love cards. Tarot cards are on of the most used items during a reading. We have selected multiple spiritual guiders that are able to read the meaning behind a personal tarot draw.  Please go to our tarot page and learn more about tarot readings. 

How accurate is a love psychic?

Love lives can be tricky affairs at the best of time, but when you're worried about infidelity or whether the sparks fading in your relationships, things can get even more complicated. Save yourself undue stress and worry, and get illuminating advice and relationship wisdom from our committed team of psychic. We only accept the best, so you can be confident you' talking to a tried and tested psychic every time, helping you find your way to a brighter tomorrow. If you're on the tail-end of a bad breakup, learn how to heal a broken heart and set yourself on a better path for love and romance success.

Could me and my partner get relationship reading by on of your psychics?

If you're having problems in your relationship, it can be hard to know who to turn to. At PsychicWorld, you'll always find a compassionate ear you know you can trust, with real-time chat for instant feedback and insights into every question and query. 
At PsychicWorld, you'll find the insights and answers you need to help make the love connection you're seeking, or cement the bonds of your current relationship. All of our experts are painstakingly tried and tested before acceptance, meaning you.

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