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Our love psychics guide you in your love and relationship life. Are you struggling with your partner or are you in a toxic relationship? Chat with a love and relationship psychic.


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During these uncertain times let me help you find comfort!
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All-round practitioner with years of experience!
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Cherokee Indian Psychic 16 years of professional exp reading
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Frankie Baker


Intuitive Empath - Medium and Master Healer ,Master in Reiki
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Star Brown


International Psychic and Tarot/Soulmate Expert. Namaste
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Challenges in Love and Life? ? I offer guidance and answers
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tarot card reader and very intuitive.
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Needing That Understanding The True You - Let's Chat?
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My goal is to deliver your information in a clear way
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Love is one of life’s most cherished experiences and for many it is key to finding happiness and fulfilment. It is complex and each individual approaches the search for love or their existing relationships in different ways.

With love universally accepted as both emotional and irrational, we can often feel like that aspect of our life is out of our control and thus it becomes hard to be objective when the heart rules over the mind. Here, an experienced psychic can help.

Where there is love there is life. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Love is positive energy and it takes real skill to understand its dynamics and harness the power it wields over us. A psychic who specialised in love readings can offer guidance and support where it is needed and help advise on any stage of a relationship.

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. 


Love and relationship psychics and advice
Finding love and commitment is far from easy but an experienced love reading psychic, having acquired heightened levels of empathy and abilities to intuitively understand its dynamics, can help answer some of the most vital of relationship questions and set you on the road to solving that puzzle.

Are you looking for love? Have you met someone but are unsure about taking the next step? Are you seeking to understand if you are compatible? What are their intentions? Or are you in an existing relationship and are struggling with your partner? Do they love you and are they being honest? Are they cheating on you? Do you want to know if you have a future together?

There are so many questions that we would like answers to and at PsychicWorld we have some of the world’s top-rated advisors ready to help.

If you’re a new user, you can try one of our free love readings and we guarantee the insights provided will help shed light on some of your most pertinent questions.

At PsychicWorld, our online coaches are there to guide you every step of the way before choosing your love psychic reading. We have already put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the accuracy and usefulness of love and relationship readings.


Starters guide to love and relationship psychic readings

Does a psychic know if that person loves you?

Experienced psychics tap into your astral plane and its energy to decipher where you are heading and how best to approach a current or potential relationship. Love is by no means simple and guided by their sixth sense, a psychic will during a reading be able to understand with a high degree of certainty if that person does actually love you.

Can psychics predict the outcome of love relationships?

Some predictions are more accurate than others as sometimes circumstances in life, your character or that of your partner can change over time, thus altering the course of a relationship. However, openness and honesty with the reader will help a love psychic make fairly accurate predictions about the outcome of love relationships.

When it comes to love, how often are psychics right?

It all depends on the willingness of the person receiving the reading to hear the truth. If you allow yourself to be completely immersed in your session, then your radiant light will provide all the answers needed and the psychic will, given the correct information, more often be right in their analysis and predictions.

Do psychics know if you have met your soulmate?

Simply put, psychics cannot predict if or when one will meet their soulmate. They can and will provide insight on a new found relationship and be able to see if it has meaning. Love and relationship coaches at Psychic World are also there to give personal advice on how to invite positivity into your life and how to adjust patterns of behaviour so that you significantly increase the chances of actually finding a soulmate!

Has a psychic ever helped bring back an ex?

There are countless examples where psychics have helped transform an existing relationship or mend a broken one. Helping you channel the vibrations of light and releasing you from what is holding you back in the pursuit of happiness is a psychic’s ultimate goal. They want to empower you with the self-confidence and strength to approach any challenge.

Psychics will be honest, so if you have come out of a toxic and destructive relationship, our renowned love coaches won’t withhold the truth and will tell you things as they are. Sometimes getting you back with an ex is not the most constructive or what is best for you.

If getting you back with your ex is what is best for you, our psychics will help you find the path to reconciliation.

Do psychics know if you have met a twin flame?

The divine works in mysterious ways. Skilled psychics can sense the energies and power linking individuals, hereby identifying unique spiritual bonds between two souls, including if you have met a twin flame.

You will know instantly if you have met a romantic twin flame because you will intuitively feel connected to them. A twin flame however is not necessarily an amorous relationship, it can be platonic but it will be in any case someone who will have a major impact on your life, a high-level soul-based connection that will help you grow spiritually.

Love and relationship coaches and psychics on Psychic World can identify when you’ve made a life changing encounter with a twin flame.

Where can I find the best free online love psychics?

As one of the leading online psychic reading chat apps and websites, Psychic World offers new users with free minutes to discover the benefits of an empowering psychic reading.

Our certified and highly experienced psychics have some of the highest online ratings worldwide, making Psychic World the premium destination for all who seek to receive guidance from with the very best.

Would you like a free love psychic reading in your first session?

Get free love psychic reading minutes and credits

Everyone wants to love and be loved in equal measure. At PsychicWorld, we recognise that it is not always easy. Free love readings can certainly help.

Getting free love readings online can be the start of the solution to a happy relationship. Your free love reading will give you a deeper understanding of the dynamics and energies of love and how they work, setting you on your path to a brighter and more fulfilling future.

How does a love card reading work?

An online chat about love and relationships can be done in several ways but psychics often use a love card draw. The readers on our platform have many years of experience and are able to use the extrasensory skills to perceive the future, be it through tarot or other spiritual love cards.

At PsychicWorld we also host online card draws in which you can participate for free. Every week our card readers draw cards and publish them online.

  • Go to our tarot draw page and choose your card
  • Click on the link of the card you like to draw
  • And read the message behind the card directly
Do your psychics also read love tarot cards?

Yes, tarot cards are one of the most used and popular readings. Our spiritual guides have honed their talent to offer some of the most insightful and comprehensive readings around. Learn more about tarot readings here.

How accurate is a love psychic?

Love is beautiful in its complexity and navigating it can be daunting, especially when emotions take control. Those multitude of feelings can overwhelm you, especially if you're worried about infidelity or whether the spark in your relationship is fading.

You can save yourself undue stress and worry by receiving illuminating advice and relationship wisdom from our committed team of psychics. At PsychicWorld, we have only the very best so you will be talking to certified and vetted psychics every time, receiving the most accurate of readings and helping you find your way to a brighter tomorrow.

If for instance you have experienced a bad breakup, we can help you learn how to heal a broken heart and set yourself on a path to finding new love and romance.

Could my partner and I get a relationship reading by one of your psychics?

If you're having problems in your relationship, it can be hard to know who to turn to but at PsychicWorld you'll always find a compassionate ear you know you can trust. Our real-time chat provides instant feedback and insights to every question and query.

A couple taking a relationship reading together can be highly beneficial with the interconnected energy radiating from both amplified to the reader, allowing them to gain valuable insight into the relationship dynamics. However, if one person is dominant then the other might hold back and not be fully open during the reading. It all depends on what is best for you.

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