Can a psychic tell if someone loves you?2/28/2018, 11:00 AM

Can a psychic tell if someone loves you?

One of the most frequent and dreaded questions a psychic hears is "does he love me?" or variations of that same question like "will he leave his wife?" or “do we have a future together?”.

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As a Psychic with over twenty five years giving expert advice, first over the phone and more recently online on psychic chats, I'll be honest with you, love life questions are always disarming and troubling, because anyone, Psychic ability or not, always cheers for the underdog (I know I do!). Let’s face it, most of us are truly romantic and we just love the idea of the impossible romance actually turning into a happily ever after tale.


We relate with our clients and we often, during our first years as advisors putting our gift at the service of the community, feel sorry for them, which is just bad as this blocks your intuitive feelings from grasping what is at hand here. Over the years I’ve gained experience and stopped to over-identify in order to be able to fully pick-up on the pain, confusion and uncertainties of my clients.


Now, can I or another psychic medium for that matter tell you if someone actually loves you, if you have found your soul mate?

The truth is that there is no yes or no answer.


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When giving a love reading we are giving you what we are receiving from you. If you are confused, well then we will be tapping in that confused energy and thus we might give you answers that might feel a little confusing at first. But the full story is a little more complicated than this. Another factor you should take into account when analyzing the message you received during a Psychic reading about your love life is the fact that many a reader is simply very bad at delivering bad news. Should I tell you this man or women is not into you? It’s tricky, as most Psychics and I also want to make sure you feel strong and empowered after a psychic chat reading.


When you feel that someone is hurt, sobbing and desperate for love, when you tap into the pain to the point that you can feel it in your own heart, how can you possibly deliver the bad news just as is, without coating, it takes a hard a cynical soul to act like this. Or does it?


Over the years I’ve realized that I can with an extremely high degree of accuracy tell if someone actually likes you. It took training and acceptance  - not for the subject I read – but on my side! Accepting the neutral role of the Psychic. As a reader asked to investigate a love relationship it is my duty, for your own good, not to take sides and package what I sense but to deliver the raw and actual truth. If that truth is painful, if that truth is that he or she does not love you and that there is no future in this relationship then we should, and I really believe this, as Psychic intuitives, always deliver the news nonetheless.


Honesty is an expensive gift; don't expect it from cheap people


At first it might seem like we are delivering awful news and adding pain to the person's life.  That’s not the case. We are shining light on a situation causing you a lot of pain, confusion and trouble in life. Hence we are making sure that you can start the mourning process and initiate the transformation you need to undertake to move on in life and, eventually, fall in love with and actual twin flame.  The sooner you know the sooner you can move forward.



That’s what it is, genuine help, genuine love from a reader to his client. It is maybe not the most popular way of reading amongst psychics, but when a psychic tells you about your love life it is her/his duty to tell you what will benefit and empower you in the long run, our job is not to please you (ease your pain) in the now. Providing empty but comforting answers that will keep you stuck in a relationship without perspectives is terrible.

Being unwavering in my honesty and straightforwardness with clients is not always appreciated. Many clients often seek another reading with different psychics fishing for more “packaged”, “comforting” answers. That’s there choice and they have the right to do so. I do not think that’s the way forward though. If you addressed your love life in a reading and a psychic tells you he (or she) is not that much into you, process the news, have a cry. You have the right to be upset. But don’t let the news drag you down.

Talk with your psychic and ask them for ways to ease the pain. Ask for help in the healing process; make sure your psychic assists you in the transformation process so that you can finally meet a twin flame.


The bottom line? 

Always remember, you are in charge of your life, don’t let self-victimization have the best of you. Love yourself be brave and accept that a love and relationship reading is not about delivering positive but useless “fake news”. We, psychic mediums and intuitives, are here to help you get to the realization that certain relationships are just not meant to be. The truth can be painful but eventually, it will help you to move on and you will be grateful, even if it might not feel like it at first hand…

Never Be Afraid Of The Truth...

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