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Six Fertility and Pregnancy Tarot Spreads to Try Out

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is filled with excitement, anticipation, and a myriad of questions. And when those questions become too much, it can be comforting to turn to the power of the tarot cards.

Whatever struggles you’re having surrounding pregnancy and fertility, PsychicWorld is on hand to show you the power of tarot cards. Whether you’re questioning if now is the right time to start a family, wondering how to be a good parent, or simply want to know what features your child will have, then the tarot cards have the answers.

Finding out if you’re pregnant tarot spread

This six-card spread is specifically designed to tell you if you are pregnant right now. This spread is good fun and can put you in a better headspace, it is no substitute for a medically trusted pregnancy test.

Not only does this spread offer guidance as to whether you may be pregnant, but it also offers you advice as to what to do with this information, how to address this news, and how to tell your family.

Here is what each of the cards means:

The first card - Could I be pregnant right now?

This is the most important card in the spread and will give you an indication as to whether you are currently expecting.

Cards that could suggest that you are ‘with child’ are The Empress, The Sun, and the Queen of Pentacles. The Empress is traditionally associated with femininity and fertility, whilst The Sun evokes feelings of happiness and new beginnings.

Cards that indicate you may not be pregnant include The Tower and a reverse High Priestess, which suggests hidden or secret matters.

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The second card - Am I ready to be pregnant?

Just as important, this card should make you consider whether pregnancy is right for you or whether this is the right time for you to raise a child.

Your initial gut reaction to the card will give you a good understanding of how you feel. For example, if the Empress card appears and you feel an initial wave of apprehension or anxiety, then this suggests that motherhood is not right for you at this time.

The third card - Can I afford to have a baby?

Another vital thing to consider is whether you have the financial means to raise a child at this time. This card should give you an idea as to whether having a baby is something you can manage financially.

The fourth card - How should I communicate my wishes with the parent/my partner?

Cards to look out for this position include:

     • Ace of Swords – which encourages clear, direct, and honest dialogue.
     • Three of Cups – which signals that the conversation will be joyous and friendly.

Cards to be more wary of include the Five of Swords and the Four of Pentacles which indicate the conversation will be more fraught.

The fifth card - What should I do to further prepare for this if I am pregnant?

This card will indicate what steps you should take to prepare for the pregnancy. The Empress suggests embracing nurturing qualities and preparing a welcoming, caring environment, whilst the Ten of Pentacles indicates that you need to strengthen your financial situation to create a stable foundation.

The sixth card - What should I do to further prepare if I am not pregnant?

If you’re not pregnant and feel like you want to be, then this card will guide you as to what to do next.

When will I get pregnant tarot spread

Trying for a baby is a thrilling time for any couple, but it’s one that can be filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Many couples have doubts as to whether they’ll ever be able to conceive and start the family of their dreams.

This spread can ease some of those fears. Unlike many other pregnancy tarot spreads, this one is based on numerology and is designed to give you an idea of when you’ll become pregnant. For a spread as important as this, it’s vital that you give your cards a big shuffle. If you’re not sure how to do this correctly, then read our how to shuffle tarot cards page.

  • Day: The first card of the three-card spread predicts the day you will become pregnant. This can be interpreted in a few ways, it could refer to the day of the month or how many days away you are from conceiving. It could even refer to the day of the week, for example, a four might represent Thursday.
  • Month: The number on the second card predicts the month you will become pregnant. If the number is more than 12, you simply add the two individual figures together for your answer.
  • Year: This is another one that could be interpreted in a few ways. The more common way of thinking about it is how many years from now you will conceive. Others consider the number to be the year that you will conceive.

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Testing your fertility using tarot cards

If you’re having concerns about your fertility and want to do something to put your mind at rest, then this seven-card spread could help you find some answers.

Card one - How is my fertility at this time?

This card will suggest to you how likely you are in the imminent future of being able to conceive. The card you want in this situation is The Empress, which is the symbol of fertility and abundance. The Ace of Wands is also a good sign as it symbolizes new beginnings and the potential for growth.

Card two - Is my partner fertile?

Just as important if you want to conceive, this card will give you a hint as to whether your partner is fertile. Cards to be concerned by in this context include the Four of Swords (reversed) which points to stress or fatigue causing fertility problems, and the Five of Pentacles has similar connotations.

Card three - What can we do together to boost our fertility?

Based on the card that appears, there are plenty of things you could do to improve your fertility. It might be to have more open communication, be more organized, or perhaps visit a clinic for more advice.

Card four - What other fertility options do we have?

Cards to look for this position include The Magician (which values resourcefulness, perhaps indicating that you should make use of various medical interventions), The Seven of Pentacles (which calls for patience) and the Three of Pentacles (which represents teamwork and collaboration).

Card five - What things are negatively affecting our fertility?

Depending on what the cards say, they might point to too much stress in your life, not enough rest, or the need for more exercise. The Tower, especially, is a sign that there is too much chaos and upheaval in your life.

Card six - How can we stop these factors from affecting our fertility?

Cards to note for this position include The Star, which represents peace and optimism and is conducive to improving fertility. Alternatively, the Queen of Cups encourages taking some time to look after yourself and prioritize your own self-care.

Card seven - What could we do to our home and lifestyle to improve our fertility?

The cards may suggest a range of things, but generally, to improve fertility, you maintain a healthy diet and weight, limit caffeine and alcohol and exercise regularly. The Sun card encourages spending time outside and enjoying natural light, something which can boost your mental and physical health.

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Finding out the baby’s gender tarot spread

This spread is the simplest on our list. It’s a one-card spread that will tell you the gender of your baby. There are various methods for this spread, with tarot readers having alternative methods for discovering the gender of a child.

Method one: Reversals

A reversal appears when a card appears upside-down from the reader’s perspective. The significance of reversals varies, with some readers treating them as meaning the opposite of the card’s conventional meaning, while others interpret them as having a delayed or lessened effect. Some tarot readers ignore the reversals altogether and treat them as though they have the same meaning, as if they were the right way up.

If you do believe that reversals have an alternative effect, then you can use this method to discover the gender of your child. If the card comes up upright, it could symbolize a girl, if it comes out upside down, it’s a boy. Or you could do it the other way around.

Method two: Numbers

If you’re not a fan of reversals, then you can use the numbers on the cards to discover the gender of your baby. For example, an even number on a card could represent a boy, whilst an odd number would mean a girl. Given the simplicity of the spread, it is one of the best tarot card spreads for beginners.

Using tarot cards to find out what your child will look like

A fun little pregnancy tarot spread to have a go at before the baby is born, this spread will tell you about not just what your offspring will look like, but also the contents of their character.

The general method for this spread is to decide beforehand which one of you represents evens and which one is odds. If the father is evens and the mother is odds, then an even card will mean the child will be more like their father in this case.

couple with their baby hugging

Popular questions to ask:

  • Whose eyes will the baby have?
  • Whose hair will the baby have?
  • Whose nose will the baby have?
  •.Whose mouth will the baby have?
  • Whose sense of humor will the baby have?
  • Whose values will the baby have?
  • Whose laugh will the baby have?
  • Whose mannerisms will the baby have?

A spread to prepare you for the baby’s birth

If you know for certain that a baby is on its way, then this is a great spread to get you ready for when the baby arrives. This will give you a clear vision of what preparations to make to ensure that the transition into parenthood runs as smoothly as possible.

It’s a seven-card spread, similar to a clock face, but with the first card placed in the middle.

Card one: What resources, materials and items do we need in preparation for the baby

This card will let you know what items you need to prioritize so that you have everything you need for when the baby arrives.

Cards to look out for include the Four of Pentacles, which would advise you to budget sufficiently for the baby’s arrival, the Ten of Pentacles values buying items with long-term durability, while the Queen of Pentacles represents creating a nurturing environment.

Card two: What books or educational resources do we need?

The cards will give you a range of responses to this query. The Hierophant will advise you to prioritize the traditional elements of education, as it represents the classic tenets of knowledge and intuition.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Cups has a different take valuing the need for emotional and psychological education over that of math and literacy.

George rudy

Card three: What baby-proofing should we put in place?

Depending on what the cards say you should fit safety devices to doors and windows, add barriers like baby gates, especially around the stairs, lock away hazardous items like household chemicals, eliminate sharp edges to your furniture and secure so it never falls over.

Card four: How should we adapt our schedule for parenthood?

Having a baby disrupts every aspect of your life, including your schedule. The Temperance card will encourage you to find balance, moderation and a middle ground, to try and squeeze in enough time for self-care.

Meanwhile, the Emperor card stands for structure, authority and control. This card advises creating a solid and consistent routine for you and your baby.

Card five: What have we forgotten to prepare for?

In the rush of pregnancy, many things can end up being forgotten. If you do this spread and The Moon comes up, then that could suggest that certain aspects of your emotional and psychological preparation have been missed and that you have been focusing too much on the material.

Whereas the Six of Cups may suggest that your baby preparations have been fine, but you need to spend more time protecting and valuing your other family dynamics and relationships.

Card six: How well prepared are our family and friends for the baby?

A good result to get for this card would be the Three of Cups which symbolizes celebration, friendship and community, indicating that those close to you could not be more excited about the birth.

The Queen of Cups also should fill you with ease, as it suggests a preparedness from loved ones to provide you with empathy and understanding.

Cards that might cause you alarm include the Five of Wands, which represents conflict and competition and could be a sign that there’ll be tensions when the baby is born and that other family members may feel neglected or sidelined. The Four of Pentacles suggests that there may be a reticence towards change from some close to you.

Card seven: How will the baby affect the relationship between me and my partner?

Having children changes any relationship, often for the better. But if you’re concerned about how a new arrival could affect the bond you have with your partner, then see what the tarot cards have to say.

Cards that will put your mind at ease include The Lovers, for understandable reasons, along with the Ten of Cups and the Four of Wands.

Other cards that appear will require you to be more proactive in the relationship and prevent potential crises before they occur include The Chariot and the Six of Swords. Whatever cards do come up, any problem is solvable through clear communication and trust.

Source: Shyntartanya


It’s evident that tarot cards offer more than just predictions, they provide a mirror reflecting inner thoughts, fears, and hopes on matters relating to pregnancy and fertility.

Tarot cards can act as a guide and companion through all the tribulations that this uncertain and exciting time can bring. Whether you have doubts about your suitability to be a parent or simply want some insight into your future child, the tarots are on hand to answer any question.

However, it’s crucial to remember that while tarot cards can be a comforting and enlightening tool, they are not a replacement for professional medical advice or psychological counselling. These readings should be enjoyed as a means of self-reflection and contemplation as how accurate tarot cards are remains a matter of faith.

If you’d like more guidance, then try out our psychic live chat. By scheduling a session with a skilled psychic or tarot reader who can provide more personalized guidance and help you align your lifestyle with your fertility goals.


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