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How Accurate Are Tarot Cards?

As more people learn what tarot cards are and turn to them for guidance, a common question arises: How accurate are they?

In a world filled with beliefs, doubts, and scepticism, it's natural to wonder how accurate tarot cards are. We believe the accuracy of tarot depends on how the individual connects with the cards and interprets the symbolic stories they tell—it's a mix of personal perspective and psychic insight.

This blog explores the factors influencing the accuracy of tarot cards and shares tips for making tarot card reading more precise.

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Six factors that determine the accuracy of tarot card readings

Here are some of the most common factors that can affect the accuracy of a tarot card reading.

  1. Experience

    Your experience and how well you know the cards make a difference. If you're at home, practising regularly and learning improves your skills.

    Due to their experience and training, professionals often have a better understanding of the cards and their meanings, which can result in more accurate readings, particularly for more complex guidance.
  2. Connection

    Whether reading tarot cards at home or with a professional, focus on connecting with the cards. To improve accuracy, become familiar and comfortable with the deck—feel the cards, observe the symbols and colours, and appreciate the uniqueness of each card. Even professionals rely on their connection and intuition to provide accurate readings.
  3. Setting

    Wherever you choose to do a tarot reading—at home or in a professional setting—the space is important. Having a quiet and comfy area helps you connect better with the cards. In professional settings, psychic practitioners set up an environment that's focused and free from distractions, ensuring the reader can concentrate effectively.
  4. Collaboration

    Approach the experience with openness and establish an energetic exchange between you and the reader (or vice versa). This connection enhances the accuracy of the session.

    Professionals often encourage clients to actively take part in the reading, creating a collaborative energy exchange. How receptive you are can affect how accurate the insights from the reading turn out.

    Cleansing your chakras can be advantageous for individuals aiming to maintain open and clear receptors for the flow of energy.
  5. Maintenance

    Taking care of the cards matters. If you're tarot reading at home, regularly clean and align the cards with your energy using personal rituals—such as a salt cleanse or a moonlight charge. Here’s how to do both:
    • For a salt cleanse, place your tarot deck in a bowl or bag with a small amount of sea salt or Himalayan salt. Let it sit for 24 hours or overnight, allowing the salt to absorb unwanted energies. Afterwards, take out the cards and thank the salt for its cleansing properties.
    • Charging your deck by moonlight is most effective on a clear night. Put your tarot cards in a secure spot exposed to the moonlight, like a windowsill, balcony, or garden. As you set them out, visualise the moonlight surrounding and purifying the cards. Express gratitude to the moon for its imparted energy.
    Professionals often have routines for taking care of the cards and cleansing them energetically between readings, ensuring the deck is in good shape for accurate divination.
  6. Questions

    The questions you ask (and how you ask them) will affect the accuracy of tarot card reading. Ask clear and precise questions for the best outcome. Professionals often help clients refine their questions to ensure they're clear and set up for meaningful interpretations, leading to more insightful responses.

    Learn more about how to ask tarot cards a question.

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What else affects the accuracy of tarot card readings?

Simply put, whether you're doing tarot readings at home or seeking a professional's guidance, your experience, energy and even the maintenance of the card deck, play a role in how accurate the tarot card reading becomes.

Yet, there are also less well-known factors that some believe can influence the accuracy of tarot readings. Some of the most interesting of these are:

  • Celestial influence: Some people believe that the alignment of celestial bodies, like the moon and sun, can add an extra energy layer to tarot cards and the accuracy of readings.
  • Colour sensitivity: How individuals respond to colours in the tarot deck can influence the accuracy of interpretations. Some readers notice that specific colours evoke stronger responses.
  • Nature’s rhythm: Some believe that connecting tarot readings with natural cycles, like lunar phases or seasonal changes, allows access to the ebb and flow of cosmic energies, which can cause ebb and flow on the overall accuracy.
  • Emotional echoes: The lingering emotional residues on the cards, whether from personal or professional readings, can create a distinct energetic imprint. This imprint has the potential to impact subsequent readings, influencing the accuracy of interpretations (this is why cleansing the cards is so important!).
  • Sound vibration: Some believe sound, like chanting, singing bowls, or ambient music, during a tarot reading introduces vibrational resonance that harmonises with the cards, which can boost the outcome of reading for some.

Ten tips for enhancing accuracy in tarot card readings

While various factors may influence the accuracy of readings, what matters most is our approach and interpretation. We have some control over what we glean from our readings, and there are ways we can enhance the overall experience and make it the best it can be.

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Here are tips to strengthen your connection with tarot and improve the precision of your tarot card readings:

  1. Cultivate a connection with your deck

    Spend time bonding with your tarot deck to develop a strong connection. Sleep with it under your pillow, carry it with you, or simply handle the cards regularly. These practices contribute to a more meaningful relationship with the deck, enhancing your intuitive understanding of readings.
  2. Deepen your symbolic understanding

    Go beyond the traditional meanings of the cards. Develop a personal and symbolic understanding of each card based on your experiences, dreams, and insights. This personalisation adds depth and richness to your tarot readings.
  3. Experiment with spreads

    Experiment with tarot spreads to gain more comprehensive views of different situations. Customising spreads based on your thoughts, feelings or intuition can provide unique insights tailored to the question. Here are some of the best tarot card spreads for beginners.
  4. Create spreads

    After becoming comfortable and confident with traditional card spreads, consider creating personalised tarot spreads that suit your preferences. This approach offers flexibility in your tarot practice and enables a more comprehensive exploration of the specific insights you seek at the tarot table.
  5. Enhance your senses

    Engage your senses during a reading. Light candles or incense to stimulate smell, play soft music for hearing, and use tactile sensations by shuffling and handling the cards. This multisensory approach creates a conducive environment for heightened intuition and a more profound connection with the tarot deck.
  6. Use storytelling techniques

    Approach a reading as if you are telling a story. Connect the cards in a narrative that flows seamlessly, weaving past, present, and future to create a cohesive and insightful story.
  7. Trust your gut

    Pay attention to your gut feelings, inner voice, or intuitive nudges during a reading. Trust your instincts, don't dismiss your intuitive insights. This practice deepens your connection with your inner self, enhancing the accuracy and depth of your tarot interpretations.
  8. Stay open-minded

    Avoid being overly influenced by preconceived notions or expectations. Approach each reading with an open mind, allowing the cards to reveal insights without forcing a specific outcome. This mindset promotes a more authentic experience.
  9. Seek feedback

    Share your readings with others and seek constructive feedback. This exchange of ideas can contribute to your growth as a tarot reader, offering new viewpoints and refining your interpretation skills through collaborative exploration.
  10. Combine tarot with other divination tools

    Enhance your readings by incorporating additional divination tools, such as pendulums, and working with crystals like rose and clear quartz for balancing chakras, or runes. Using multiple tools allows you to draw upon diverse symbolic languages, enhancing the depth and clarity of your overall divinatory experience.

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Is there a right or wrong way to read tarot?

There isn't a definitive right or wrong way to read tarot. Ultimately, it’s down to your feelings and understanding of the cards. It helps to know the traditional meanings, but putting your spin on things can make your readings more accurate and meaningful.

Are there bad times for performing tarot card readings?

There's no inherently "bad" time, but it helps to pick a time when you can focus. Avoid tarot card reading when stressed and tired. A calm and centred state of mind can contribute to a more insightful and accurate tarot reading.

Are there questions that impact the outcome of a tarot reading?

Open-ended and empowering tarot reading questions yield more insightful results. Avoid yes/no questions or ones fixated on predicting the future. Instead, ask questions that promote self-discovery and guidance.

Where can I find a certified and experienced reader?

You can find genuine, certified, and experienced tarot readers through different channels. When searching for a psychic that’s right for you, prioritise trusting your intuition and opting for someone whose approach matches your preferences and needs. Check testimonials, inquire about their certification or training, and perhaps schedule a brief consultation before committing to a full reading.

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