How to know if you have psychic abilities?
Did you ever wonder whether you had psychic abilities, or ask yourself how do people who do have psychic abilities actually know they do?

How to know if you have psychic abilities?

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To answer that question we first need to identify what it means to be a psychic medium and what type of skills they possess.

What is being psychic?

Psychics are individuals with paranormal powers. Paranormal means beyond what’s normal. So, qualifies as a psychic whoever has a gift that not everyone else has. But what exactly does that mean?

Most people with psychic powers gain insights about their surroundings in different ways than most other people. Like everyone else, they use their five senses: they perceive images with their eyes, hear sounds with their ears, smell with their noses, feel with their sense of touch and taste with their tongue.

But on top of that, psychic people also receive information through another channel, or their senses are so sharply tuned that they can also perceive supernatural things. The way in which they obtain that information differs from person to person, but a distinction can be made between some common psychic abilities.

  • Clairvoyants see things that others don't. Usually they see these things in a dream or vision, but seeing auras and entities also falls under clairvoyance.

  • Clairaudience is hearing sounds that others cannot perceive. These can be sounds from the future or the past, but it can also be sounds from other astral planes.

  • Clair-smelling and tasting people get stimuli through the tongue or nose that go unnoticed by others.

  • Clairvoyance is a different kind of gift. Anyone who knows clearly seems to know things without any logical explanation. For example, clairvoyants know with certainty that they will bump into a certain person, that something will have a certain outcome, or that a certain place should be avoided. Another name for clairvoyance is precognition.

  • Clairsentience enables one who possesses that gift to feel things that no one else feels.

These gifts can be attributed to an increased intuition or a special sensitivity acquired at birth but that can be enhanced through training. Psychic abilities therefore always refer to sharpened sensory or cognitive perceptions. This also means that psychic abilities occur in different degrees. The stronger the gift, the more frequent the observations are and the clearer they are.

In addition, people sometimes also talk about other psychic abilities that affect the outside world. These gifts come under the heading of "kinesis", because almost all of them have to do with some form of movement. For example, you have telekinesis (ability of moving objects with the mind), thermokinesis (heating objects with the mind) and electrokinesis (manipulating electrical objects with the mind).

How do you know if you are psychic?

If, while reading you had the feeling that you possess one of the gifts listed above, you wight well be a psychic medium. For the sake of simplicity, we've made a list of ten signs that could imply that you have one or more psychic abilities.

  1. Sometimes your dreams become reality, may it be days, weeks, months or even years after dreaming it

  2. Occasionally, or even regularly, you perceive things that others don't seem to notice. This can be visual, but it can also be sounds, smells or other stimuli.

  3. It sometimes happens that you know that something is going to happen just before it happens. For example, you feel that you are going to bump into someone, and a little later that actually happens.

  4. You have a strong intuition. When you have a premonition about a certain person, it often turns out to be correct later on. People who were labeled as highly sensitive (HSP) often turn out to have psychic abilities.

  5. You know when you are lied to, no matter how hard the liar tries. You can see straight through their deception!

  6. When you enter a space with a certain energy, you quickly take over the accompanying feeling. Or you are sometimes overwhelmed by feelings that you cannot really place, for no apparent reason.

  7. You sometimes feel things that other people also feel. For example, you get pain when someone else feels pain, in the same place but without there being a clear reason for it. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish which sensations are yours and which ones actually belong to someone else. For example, you become sad when someone close to you is too sad, without knowing his or her feelings.

  8. You have a special bond with animals. It seems as if you can sense them and find out without words what is wrong with them. Animals may also feel good in your company and are attracted to you.

  9. Your dreams seem to be more than just a processing of your subconscious. For example, you get vision dreams, are visited by "guides" or learn things through your dreams.

  10. When you touch an object, you sometimes feel the energy of its owner. This can manifest itself in image, sound or feeling.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the experiences and gut feelings described here above? Well, this might mean you do posses psychic medium abilities, at least to a certain extent. The more of the above listed extrasensory perceptions apply to you, the more you can relate to these specific body experiences, the stronger your gift(s) is likely to be.


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