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The 11 Different Types of Mediums

The realm of mediums presents a fascinating intersection between the physical world and the ethereal, spiritual dimensions that exist beyond our typical sensory capabilities. This article explores the different types of psychic mediums that exist, looking at what they do, how they do it, and how they can benefit you.

This blog focuses on two types of mediums: mental mediums and physical mediums.

Mental mediums offer a calmer, more serene seance, free of dramatics but still just as insightful. Physical mediums have the ability to channel and materialize the deceased are valuable if you want to communicate more directly with lost loved ones.

If you’d like to find out more about these types, read on. If you’re already interested enough to book a psychic reading, we recommend making use of our psychic live chat.

Mental mediums

Mental mediums are individuals who possess extraordinary sensory abilities beyond the five conventional senses. These abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience and clairgustance, each offering a unique way of perceiving the world and the spiritual realm.


The word clairvoyance comes from French and literally translates as ‘clair’ meaning ‘clear’, and ‘voyage’ meaning ‘vision’. Clairvoyants have the power to see disembodied spirits and to see spirits through what is known as their third eye.

Their various abilities can include remote viewing, which involves being able to see and describe details of a distant location or event. Other abilities involve being able to perceive auras around people and foresee future events.

The most common reason why people visit clairvoyants is that they have the power to communicate with spirits, entities, and loved ones from other dimensions. If you’re interested in this, we recommend trying out our best online clairvoyants.

A person with their hands surrounding a lit candle.


Clairaudients differ from clairvoyants as while clairvoyants are visual, clairaudients are audio. Clairaudients have the ability to hear things that are beyond the reach of ordinary, untrained people. This includes hearing the voices of the deceased, or other sounds and music that are not physically present.

Some consider these noises and voices to be coming from external sources like spirits or unseeable entities, while others prefer to interpret these as internal mental phenomena which provide insight and guidance.


Clairsentients have the power to sense a spiritual presence. They can feel a spirit’s touch or sense subtle changes in a room’s atmosphere because of their aura.

Another thing to note about clairsentients is that they have very strong empathic abilities, meaning they can feel the emotions and pain of others as if it is their own.

Also, as part of their repertoire, clairsentients can touch a person or an object and receive information about them and their emotional state. This often comes to them as a wave of emotions, images, and sensations.


Clairalience, which directly translates as clear smelling, is an extrasensory ability to perceive scents or smells that are not present in the physical environment.

Individuals who have clairalient abilities can detect fragrances and odors that do not have a physical source and are not detectable by others around. Clairalients claim that these smells have a spiritual and paranormal significance.

Clairalients will often detect smells that are associated with lost loved ones. Common smells include floral scents, perfumes and colognes that were worn by the deceased, or smoke and burning scents which indicate that the spirit present was a smoker.


Individuals who have clairgustance have the power to experience distinct tastes spontaneously, without any physical food or drink being present. These tastes are often interpreted as having a spiritual and symbolic significance.

For example, a person with clairgustance might suddenly taste a specific food that is associated with a particular memory or moment in their life. It evokes memories of a deceased loved one or a particular part of the world that is special to them.

The tastes experienced by someone with clairgustance can offer an insight into their own feelings, or the feelings of a person having a reading. Sweet flavors such as sugar and honey are associated with pleasant memories and feelings, bitter tastes suggest a negative past or can be interpreted as a warning for the future, whilst savory tastes suggest a desire for comfort and nostalgia.

A psychic reader sitting at a table and holding cards.

Physical mediums

Physical mediums are individuals who claim to manifest paranormal phenomena that can be physically observed and experienced by others. This form of mediumship, unlike mental mediums that primarily use extrasensory perception, involves tangible, often dramatic manifestations.

Key practices within physical mediumship include levitation, automatic writing, raps, materializations, and channeling.


Levitation is the supernatural phenomenon where a person, object, or entity is lifted into the air without any visible physical means. Levitation occurs in a way that defies the conventional laws of gravity and physics, hence why there people have been fascinated by the phenomenon for centuries. Levitation is associated with mediums during seances and similar spiritualistic practices.

There have been various famous examples of mystics and psychics levitating. In the 17th Century, Saint Joseph of Cupertino, a Franciscan Friar, was able to levitate thanks to the power of God. He would levitate during times of prayer, going into a state of religious ecstasy.

In the 19th Century, Daniel Dunglas Home allegedly levitated during seances, claiming to levitate out of windows and back into buildings.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is where mediums produce written words or images without consciously doing so. The writing comes from a subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source. It’s a technique commonly used by psychics who are channeling messages from spirits or the deceased.

To be successful, the medium has to enter a relaxed, trance-like state before allowing their hand to move freely over the page with a pen or pencil. The writing that emerges is believed to be influenced or directly guided by the spirits or otherworldly entities.

It’s one of the most common and effective ways to communicate with the dead or to receive messages from those who have passed away.

A black and white photograph of a group of people performing a seance.


Raps or spirit rappings are mysterious knocking or tapping sounds that may occur during a seance that are messages from spirits or other entities. In the past, raps have often been interpreted as a form of Morse code or a simple way of communicating yes or no from the spirits to the medium or other people at the seance.

For rapping to occur, the medium has to create the right atmosphere, lights have to be dimmed, and candles lit. The medium will then call for contact before the raps may occur. People present as seances have described them as knocking or tapping sounds, which seem to come from the walls, table or other parts of the room.


Ectoplasm is the physical manifestation of a seance. It is a substance that emerges from the body of a medium throughout or after a successful seance.

Ectoplasm is often described as a viscous, gelatinous substance that can take various forms, such as a mist, a solid, or even a thread-like substance. It is produced by the medium’s body, often appearing from the mouth, nose, or ears, occasionally it even comes from the skin. It is generally white, gray, or translucent. Ectoplasm is not used for reading but is rather a physical sign that the reading has occurred.


Materialization is a phenomenon where the spirit manifests physically during a seance of spiritual session. These manifestations are undoubtedly one of the most dramatic forms of physical mediumship.

The physical manifestations of materialization are said to vary greatly. They might include full or partial apparitions, such as faces, hands, or entire bodies. Other times there are physical changes in the medium’s appearance to resemble a specific deceased person.

Throughout the process, the medium is in a trance-like state during the process, and the materialization is only possible if the medium’s energy is right.

Someone holding their hands above a crystal ball in a smoky room.


Channeling is another method by which a psychic or medium communicates with a spirit or deceased entity. As opposed to the deceased appearing before them in the room, the psychic instead channels the spirit saying the things they wish to say to the people in attendance.

After getting the atmosphere in the room right, the psychic will then go into a trance. The depth of this trance can vary, from a light meditative state to a deeper trance where it appears the medium has lost consciousness. After this, their voice or mannerisms will change as they begin to channel someone. This will include speaking with a different tone and using phrases more associated with the deceased.


Whether you’re drawn to the subtle and empathic abilities of mental mediums or the dramatic evidence presented by physical mediums, each offers a unique window into the unseen.

If you’re curious about connecting with the other side or seeking guidance from beyond, get in touch with a medium at PsychicWorld.

Embrace the opportunity to explore these extraordinary realms and discover what messages await you. Take the first step towards a profound and enlightening experience.

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