How to determine if a Psychic Medium is legitimate

Many websites claim to offer access to real psychics. Some online services do indeed offer access to realiable psychic readers, many however don’t have real checks and balances in place. This opens the path for many con artists to make the cut and start giving chat or phone readings on these sites.

Few sites are as thorough in their selection process as PsychicWorld. Our certified psychics follow strict admission rules to make sure only the best and most accurate and reliable experts end up on the live psychic chat platform. 

The main question for all Psychic reading platforms is how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

First let's determine what is a Psychic?Looking for legit psychics online

A psychic medium is someone who claims to have extrasensory capabilities that enable the person to perceive and interpret energies and spirits. It is actually a widely accepted notion today that everyone has a certain amount of psychic powers, also scientists around the globe have recognized abilities in the psychic community such as telepathy or telekinesis.

However not everyone is aware of these energies and it takes years of training, practice and self consciousness to get to a point that you can control, tap-into and Channel these energies and emotions. People who have trained to and can actually do this qualify as legitimate psychic readers (psychic mediums). 

The next question is how to find a legit Psychic?

Hopefully, this guide will help you seek out and recognise the truly gifted spirit guides, as there are people out there who can do truly incredible things, things you couldn’t believe. The unique experience of a quality reading with a legit psychic is something everyone should experience in their lifetime.

You could go and visit a psychic near you. The advantages of a live encounter is that the physical proximity can create a bond, the risks of actually meeting a psychic face to face is that a fake psychic can read facial expressions and interpret body language hereby rigging the reading. 

Either way, if you meet in person, on the phone, in a psychic chat or through video. Here is how you determine if a psychic is legit. 


Before judging a psychic medium, keep in mind, their abilities are nothing like how the media and hollywood generally portrays them. Giving a good psychic reading requires focus, concentration, openness on your side (you must be open to the experience otherwise it will most definitely not work) and sometimes psychics use tools like tarot cards to assist them in the process of conjuring pictures or videos in their head.

When a psychic medium is talking to a deceased one, they can't actually see them with their eyes, ghosts radiate energy and convey images and feelings into the reader's mind. If the psychic has trouble getting a name for example, be patient, give them some time but don't give them the right answer right away, see if they can get it by themselves. If they're close reinforce them positively, tell them as it will help them improve concentration.

Remember, psychic mediums aren't anything like the cliches in movies and ads, they don't give answers on the spot. It takes time and concentration on their side to be able to tap into your energy. Your energy is not binary. It’s not Yes or No. It’s more complex than that.   

2.  BE ALERT.  

During a reading always make sure they're asking specific questions that are relevant for you, not random and irrelevant questions that have standard 50-50 outcomes. If the questions you’re flooded with are only simple generic questions that you cannot specifically relate with emotionally it probably means that the psychic reader is not legit and that the whole gimmick is a scam. 


People tend yo get over excited during a reading and also try to steer the psychic medium during a reading. Dont. Give your reader time to grasp what’s happening in and around you. Let them try and get a few guesses, encourage them if they’re on the right track but don’t give them all the answers right away. If a guess is not correct don’t hesitate to challenge your psychic and ask them to guess again. Good psychics will eventually get there, they will tap into the right answers and give you valuable insight… if you give them the time. 


Get a reading from psychic mediums and tarot readers affiliated with companies with a track record of thoroughly screening their advisors like Psychic World. Make sure the website has build-in rating mechanisms and that they have a contact / complaints form. 


Legitimate Psychic readers can usually only “read” people they are connected to. Don’t ask them to give you private information about for example celebrities or politicians, unless of course you are connected with one. In that case you can. Mediums claiming to tap into celebrities without knowing them are lying. That’s how simple it is. 


Before your session make sure to let your psychic medium know that you are prepared for good but also bad news so they don't restrain on telling you things you don't want to hear.   

SOME MORE TIPS: Giving readings is stressful for the reader. Tapping into someone else's energy costs a lot of … you guessed it: energy. Don't stress or pressure the person reading  you. Lastly, some psychics don’t like being called psychic, instead they refer to themselves as channelers or spirit guides or simply mediums, keep this in mind and refer to them in their presence with terms they feel comfortable with. You wouldn’t want to upset your psychic … or would you.  


Con artists and scammers have given psychic mediums a bad name over the years, that's unfortunate because many psychics out there are legit and take their job seriously. They're qualified, trained and experienced in using their gift and giving life changing insights that can help you turn your life around.

Don't let the few rotten apples our there scare you away, you might have a better experience with one than another psychic but if you follow our advice and stick to renowned and curated platforms like PsychicWorld you will always get value for your money and you'll never be dissappointed. Still not convinced, read this Huffpost story about encounters with legit psychics.

Skeptics (and everyone else), get a 50% welcome bonus to discover the empowerment you experience after a reading from a legit psychic.


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