How it works - Bonuses

Here we explain how to redeem BONUSES & PROMOCODES that are frequently shared by team Psychic World, either by mailings, on our facebook page and other social media channels or hidden in pages on our website or elsewhere on internet. Follow the directions below, redeem your promocode and start enjoying a chat sessions with the best online psychic advisors available on the web.


How to redeem a bonus

  1. Follow the link in the email or on the site (alternatively click on the button in the email you recieved) 

  2. If you are not logged in > login > click on Top up chat credits

  3. Carefully check and make sure the promocode is filled-in the field under the select credits dropdown.

  4. Click on Buy Credits 

  5. The bonus credits are now applied to your account.


Types of bonuses

  • FREE CREDITS: you receive the amount of free credits advertised in the promotion on your balance. Free credits are just like regular credits... except you don't have to pay for them! Free credits are automatically credited to your account after you complete the minimum transaction required to receive the free credits (generally $10). 


  • BONUS PERCENTAGE: you receive the communicated bonus percentage on top of the amount of credits your purchase. Example: you want to redeem a 50% BONUS promocode, you buy $20 worth of credits, you will recieve $10 on top of it (50% of $20 = $10). In this example, the total amount of credits added to your balance is $30. 


  • COMBINATION OF BOTH - FREE CREDITS & BONUS PERCENTAGE: you receive both the amount of free credits + the bonus percentage on top of the amount of credits your purchase. Example: you recieve a promocode of $5 free credits and 10% bonus. If you purchase $20 credits, you recieve: $20 + $5 (the free credits) + $2 (10% of $20 = $2) = $27 worth of credits. 


  • FREE STARTERS MINUTES: every user who creates a free account on Psychic World recieves 3 free minutes to use with the expert advisor of their chosing on their 1st session. Single use, applies to new users only. 


  • FREE EXPERTS MINUTES: every expert advisor on Psychic World can give away free minutes to their customers at their own discretion. Free credits received by a user in this context can only be used with the expert advisor who gifted them the free minutes. 


IMPORTANT: All bonusses, whether free credits or a bonus percentage, require you do a minimum upgrade of $10 for the bonus token to be validated. This measure prevents fraudulent use of bonus codes.



  • AUTOMATIC BONUSES: after every 3 consecutive topups you qualify for a bonus. The amount of bonus credits you recieve depends on the amount of credits you purchase. 


Buy $20 Recieve $3 You get $23
Buy $50 Recieve $10 You get $60
Buy $100 Recieve $25 You get $125




How it works

  • 1. Choose an expert
  • 2. Sign-up for free
  • 3. Click Let’s Chat to start