How to redeem promotions and bonus credits?

Here we explain how to redeem BONUSES & PROMOCODES that are frequently shared by team Psychic World, either by mailings or in-website messages. Follow the directions below, redeem your promocode and start enjoying a chat sessions with the best online psychic advisors available on the web.

Go directly to our welcome offer page and redeem your discount voucher for 10 free minutes.

Welcome offer

Free minutes welcome offer - 10 free minutes

  1. New users are welcomed with our great welcome offer. Chat 20 minutes with a psychic for only 10 dollar. Receive 10 free minutes worth of chat credits when you top up at least 10 dollar worth of credits. [This offer is valid for users that have only one account on Psychic World]

  2. Go to our welcome offer page:
  3. Follow the steps on this page, register, make your first top-up and double your chat credits
  4. The bonus credits are now applied to your account and you can start a psychic reading. 

Free automatic bonus minutes - every fourth purchase

After every 3 consecutive topups you qualify for a bonus. The amount of bonus credits you recieve depends on the amount of credits you purchase. 

  1. Every fourth top up will give you the opportunity to receive free chat credits. This means that every fourth payment will make you even more happu with free minutes!
  2. When you are logged in you’ll notice the purple bar. This bar will keep track of top-up (payments) and will let you know how many top-ups you’ll need for free minutes. Once you have reached your fourth payment. You’ll be able to click on the bar on redeem your free minutes. Below an example image.

    chat minutes free reading

  3. BE AWARE! You’ll need to top-up with at least 20 dollars this time to make use of this promotion. You can of course top-up with more to. Below the scale we use to determine how many credits you’ll receive.
    • Buy $ 10 and receive $10 dollars worth of credits (no bonus)
    • Buy $ 20 + 2,99 dollars bonus and get $22,99 dollars worth of credits
    • Buy $ 50 + 9,99 dollars bonus and get $59,99 dollars worth of credits
    • Buy $ 100 + 24,99 dollars bonus and get $124,99 dollars worth of credits

Free in-chat minutes - psychic giveaways

Every expert advisor on Psychic World can give away free minutes to their customers at their own discretion. Free credits received by a user in this context can only be used with the expert advisor who gifted them the free minutes. 

  1. Every psychic has the possibility to give you free minutes while you are in a spiritual reading
  2. When you run out of credits and you’ll need just a few more minutes you could ask the psychic advisor some extra free minutes. It’s up to the psychic if they want to give you extra free psychic chat minutes.

Bi-weekly - free minutes promotions

You receive the communicated bonus percentage on top of the amount of credits your purchase.

  1. Every month Psychic World sends out a BIG discount offer per email or via in-website messages [link naar uitleg] on the Psychic World website.
  2. Watch your email and your message regularly. Click on the voucher button or link and redeem your free minutes voucher. We don’t have an exact date for each promotion.
  3. Promotions are temporary and you need to redeem your voucher within a certain date.
  4. Promotions are also limited so make sure you redeem your discount voucher right away.
  5. The voucher-codes are valid for the first top-up you do after clicking on the voucher or link and are based on percentages.
  6. Make sure you top-up the highest amount possible to receive the biggest discount. For example, a 40% discount scale would look like this:
    • Receive 14 chat minutes for only $10
    • Receive 28 chat minutes for only $20
    • Receive 70 chat minutes for only $50
    • Receive 140 chat minutes for only $100
  7. All promotions will be published on this page:
  8. Don’t miss out on great deals (30%-50% discounts) and keep checking Psychic World emails and in-website messages.[link naar berichten uitleg]