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What Is an Intuitive Reading?

Are you ready for a transformative journey? Come with us as we explore the meaning and potential impact of an intuitive reading on your life.

What is an intuitive reading? An intuitive reading is a session led by skilled practitioners like clairsentients, clairvoyants, and clairaudients.

These specialists use their heightened senses—such as sensitivity to energy, vibrations, or spiritual dimensions—to observe their clients. During these sessions, they adeptly uncover insights, identify potential obstacles or “blocks”, and offer them personalised guidance about life.

Demystifying what an intuitive reading is

Think of an intuitive reading as a personalised roadmap to self-discovery, a tailored exploration of your energy and consciousness.

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But an intuitive reading isn’t just a journey through energy; it offers opportunities for:

  • Personal growth
  • Liberation
  • Enlightenment

Essentially, an intuitive reading is both a holistic and practical tool for enhancing our lives. The insights provided are highly personalised, and specifically tailored to your unique essence, resulting in a tangible and meaningful impact on your life.

What intuitive reading isn’t

Intuitive reading is a unique specialisation that provides support to individuals in distinct ways. It is crucial to understand what it is not:

  1. Not voyeuristic: Intuitive reading places emphasis on respecting privacy. It avoids intrusive practices that delve into personal matters without explicit consent, ensuring that the process is both ethical and respectful.
  2. Not predictive: Unlike some practices, intuitive reading does not claim to provide absolute predictions of the future. Instead, it centres on the present moment, offering insights into potential paths and choices, and fostering a more grounded and open-ended approach.
  3. Not a replacement for therapy: While it can offer valuable insights and perspectives, intuitive reading is not a substitute for therapy. It lacks the structured guidance and expertise necessary for mental health support.

Clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience explained

Let's delve into three remarkable abilities that surpass our usual senses: clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

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These extraordinary senses open doors to an intuitive understanding, providing unique perspectives beyond our everyday touch, sight, or hearing.


  • Clairsentience involves perceiving or feeling information beyond ordinary human senses. It encompasses an intuitive sense of emotions, energy, or physical sensations.
  • Individuals with clairsentient abilities may empathically connect with the emotions of others, feel energetic vibrations, or receive intuitive impressions through physical sensations.
  • In an intuitive reading, a clairsentient practitioner might sense a client's emotional state or identify areas of energetic blockages by discerning subtle shifts in energy.


  • Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information through extrasensory visual perception, commonly known as "clear seeing".

  • Those with clairvoyant abilities may receive vivid mental images, symbols, or scenes beyond ordinary vision.
  • In an intuitive reading, a clairvoyant practitioner might visualise symbolic images or scenes that provide insights into the client's past, present, or potential future, offering a visual narrative to aid understanding.


  • Clairaudience involves receiving information through extrasensory auditory perception, described as "clear hearing."
  • Individuals with clairaudience abilities may hear sounds, voices, or messages not audible to the ordinary ear. This can include inner thoughts, spirit voices, or symbolic sounds.
  • During an intuitive reading, a clairaudient practitioner might receive guidance through inner voices or auditory cues, providing specific messages or insights that contribute to the overall reading.

These abilities collectively contribute to the intuitive reading experience, offering a multi-sensory approach to gaining insights and guidance.

What can intuitive reading do for you?

There are many ways an intuitive reading can help you and transform your life. Here are perhaps the five most common ways:

Insightful self-reflection:

Intuitive readings offer a distinctive viewpoint that helps individuals understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. This introspection can reveal concealed aspects of one's personality and bring subconscious patterns to light, fostering both self-awareness and personal growth.

Clarity in decision-making:

Intuitive readings frequently guide crucial life decisions. By accessing intuitive insights, individuals can attain clarity in various life aspects, such as relationships, career paths, or personal goals. This newfound clarity empowers them to make well-informed and confident decisions.

Validation and confirmation:

Intuitive readings act as a validating source for individuals. When the intuitive insights align with their experiences, it provides a sense of confirmation, reinforcing trust in their instincts and boosting confidence in their life choices and path.

Energetic healing:

Certain intuitive readings incorporate practices for energetic healing. This may involve identifying and addressing energy imbalances or blockages in the body, mind, or spirit. Through such practices, intuitive readings contribute to overall well-being and a sense of alignment.

Seekers interested in energetic healing might also be interested to learn how to work with the selenite crystal, or perhaps find out more about aura cleansing practices.

Connecting with a higher purpose:

Intuitive readings aid individuals in connecting with a higher purpose or spiritual guidance. This is especially meaningful for those seeking a deeper understanding of their life's journey, purpose, or the interconnectedness of their experiences.

In summary, intuitive readings offer a comprehensive approach to personal development, delivering insights, guidance, validation, healing, and a connection to a broader sense of purpose.

Find out more about how to choose a psychic reader who best fits your needs.

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How does an intuitive reading differ from a psychic reading?

An intuitive reading and a psychic reading both involve tapping into non-physical insights, but the key distinction lies in their focus and approach.

In an intuitive reading, the focus is on innate perception and understanding. It relies on the reader's ability to tune into subtle cues, feelings, and insights, drawing on their own intuition and empathetic skills.

The primary goal is to interpret the present moment and provide guidance based on a deeper understanding of the individual's emotions and experiences.

On the other hand, psychic readings typically go beyond normal human perception, claiming to access insights from the spiritual or metaphysical realm. Psychics may use extrasensory skills like telepathy or precognition to gather information about the past, present, or future.

Psychic readings aim to offer specific details or predictions that extend beyond intuitive interpretations.

What happens during an intuitive reading?

Here’s what you can typically expect from an intuitive reading:

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  • The practitioner may prepare themselves through meditation or grounding exercises to enhance their intuitive abilities.
  • They may also cleanse any tools they use, such as tarot cards or crystals, to ensure a clear energy connection.

Connection with the client:

  • The session begins with the practitioner establishing a connection with the client, either in person or remotely.
  • The client may be asked to focus on their questions or concerns to help direct the intuitive insights.

Energy reading:

  • The intuitive reader taps into subtle energies, often visualising or sensing information beyond the immediate physical surroundings.
  • This may involve picking up on emotions, symbols, or images related to the client's situation.


  • The intuitive reader interprets the gathered information, providing insights and guidance based on their intuitive or psychic perceptions.
  • They may offer explanations, potential outcomes, or advice depending on the nature of the client's questions.

Closure and reflection:

  • Toward the end of the session, the practitioner summarises key points and ensures the client has a clear understanding of the insights.
  • The client may be offered an opportunity to reflect on the information and ask any final questions.

It's important to note that the structure of intuitive readings can vary widely based on the practitioner's methods and the client's preferences. The experience is subjective and may incorporate different spiritual or metaphysical beliefs.

Clients should approach intuitive readings with an open mind and a willingness to explore the insights provided.

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