Aura cleansing practices to live a better life

Aura cleansing is the process of harmonising the subtle energy fields that emanate all around us.

There are simple steps to improve balance and emotional well-being through ritualistic aura cleansing exercises that can make a world of difference to anyone inviting uplifting positive energy into their lives.

What is the aura?

The Aura is a subtle spiritual field of vibrating energy that emanates and surrounds all living matter. Our auric field constantly picks up on small fluctuational frequencies which greatly influences our feelings, moods and mental health. Aura, energy fields affect body, mind and spirit of everyone. 

Each and every one of us constantly radiates and absorbs spiritual energy fields that surround us and the aura is the direct conduit for our bodies to interact and record the vibrational signature of this energy that in turn activates our senses. This means that we are susceptible to both positive and negative vibrations. An aura cleansing ritual will allow you to rid yourself of ‘bad’ energy and increase your innate ability of self-healing.

“The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.” – Lucian Freud

There are many ways to cleanse your aura through simple meditation, deep breaths breathing techniques, white light therapy and therapeutic techniques or by using instruments designed for metaphysical and spiritual practices like healing crystals, gemstones, perfumes and other chakra tools. If in doubt, you can always turn to spiritual healers to guide and enlighten the path.

Aura cleansing techniques

Calm and controlled breathing,

with measured inhaling and exhaling, concentrating on three deep and slow breaths in and out through the nose, is fundamental to beginning the cleansing of your aura as it lets us invite calm and serenity into our minds.


is a central method of the cleansing process and by spending quality time focusing on your emotional and mental well-being you will purify your surrounding and declutter your thoughts of unwanted emotions. Imagine a light surrounding your body, let it envelop you, allow it to settle and visualise it neutralising negativity and evaporating away the vibes that block your receptor channels.


is also a key practise with the burning of sage, with its medicinal properties, promoting grounding and mindfulness through its ritualistic process of air and environment purification. You can also use other aromatic plants and essential oils which will help you relax.


is integral to the aura cleansing process, may it be a shower, a swim, dipping feet in a stream or simply drinking a cold crisp glass of pure water. To amplify the process, a bath should be your go-to, using Himalayan sea salt or other types of essential oils to aid with restoring your body and spirit to a serene state.

Sound therapy

and vibrational medicines, positive affirmations and free-form writing can all be used in your cleansing ceremony. Crystals and gemstones, with their natural healing properties, can stabilise the aura and deflect negative energy away from you. Each and every one of us is unique so different methods can apply to different people. Finding what makes you feel completely relaxed and at peace will enable you to perfect the aura cleansing method that suits you.

Palo santo 

use these therapeutical burning sticks and incenses for pain relief. For thousands of years this tropical wood has been used to treat different types of pain like headaches, arthritis or throat pain.

Chakra realignment

Chakras enable positive energy to circulate through your body and chakra cleansing is the key meditative process to ensure your main receptors remain open and clear to the passage of this energy.

There are seven chakras that correspond to major organs and nerve hubs in the body where a fluid movement of energy brings balance to both mind and body.

By realigning your chakras and concentrating on the heart and crown chakras, you will simultaneously be cleansing your aura.

Reiki healing

This holistic alternative therapy helps us heal by empowering us with feelings of calm and tranquillity, relieving us from the pressures of everyday life that often overwhelm and way heavy on our shoulders.

Allowing you to travel within your subconscious, Reiki will enable you to connect mind, body and soul to make you feel whole again, liberating you from suppressed emotions and cleansing you from negativity.

Reiki empowers you to bring balance to your aura.

Aura cleansing with PsychicWorld

We highly recommend that you regularly practise meditation, reiki and other calming and soothing techniques. You will invite positive energy into your life and get rid of stress and anxiety.

However if you are seeking specialist guidance, at PsychicWorld we have some of the world’s best spiritual experts at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our consultants are on hand whenever you are seeking a simple release and a coach to support you in the healing process.

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