What is a Clairsentient?

It is someone not only in touch with their feelings, in tune with all their senses and with an innate capacity to make decisions based on an intrinsic and practical understanding of the relationship between all things.

As complex and intellectually advanced beings, we humans are taught to apply logic and our minds when making everyday life decisions and we often suppress our feelings in these situations because we are led to believe that emotions cloud our judgement.

However, if we have enhanced sensory faculties, why should we not trust our instincts?

A clairsentient is someone not only in touch with their feelings, in tune with all their senses and with an innate capacity to make decisions based on an intrinsic and practical understanding of the relationship between all things, they have developed the ability to perceive these in others and can offer insightful advice on how to understand human behaviour and the energy that connects us all.

Being a clairsentient, translated from the French for ‘clear feelings’, means allowing yourself to be guided by your heart, by sensations that come from within, being aware of the vibrational energy that flows through all matter. As a result, a clairsentient can take decisive actions based on gut feelings.

This is not simple intuition, it is much deeper than that, it is an acute sensitivity that resonates way beyond what is normally perceptible, feeling emotions at the very core level of being.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” ― Helen Keller

Clairsentience: gift or curse?

When it comes to psychic abilities, a clairsentient can be seen as having highly amplified empathy and sensitivity, enabling them to absorb a whole host of subtle energy waves that attune them with the environment they find themselves in and the people they are in proximity to.

This extrasensory perception could be viewed, especially in the modern age where stress and negativity seem to be an everyday occurrence, as a curse.

Whereby someone bestowed with it will be picking up even the most minute of bad vibes and dark energies, and feeling them deep within themselves. They would sense masked undercurrents of emotions and feel when there is suffering or pain hidden deep within someone else. This level of sensitivity can only be a burden if this ability is not harnessed.

The counterargument however, if this talent is truly embraced, is that it can be used as a tool for good, to be a shining light, to help, nurture and bring balance and clarity to others.

A clairsentient will naturally be kind, thoughtful and practical, wired to be able to make real life changing decisions for both themselves and people who seek their counsel and support.

They can accurately read people faster than most, can sense potential outcomes to specific situations without prior knowledge, and assess vital information that matters immensely but normally cannot not be identified.

This innate ability to feel at such a deep degree provides such real insight into the fabric of life that it has to be considered one of the most precious of psychic gifts.

How can an online clairsentient reading help me?

Our own emotions can often weigh heavy on our shoulders and when there are serious struggles between the heart and the mind, we can easily get overwhelmed, giving way to unease and anxiety, especially when it comes to making decisions and dealing with destabilising circumstances.

Relationships can become strained, our performance at work starts to suffer, life in general feels taxing and we can quickly fall into a spiral of negative thoughts and emotions. To counteract this, it is vital to take back control and find the spiritual balance needed to ensure our mental health and general well-being remain resilient to these adverse influences.

There are various techniques to unburden our souls and cleanse ourselves from all this negativity. Be it through simple breathing, meditation, light exercise, or whatever makes you happy, the key will be to practise it with mindfulness, to be in the moment and find inner peace.

A clairsentient can be a guide to finding that awareness to rid yourself of all that mental clutter and be free from the draining effects of everyday life.

Their ability to feel at the deepest of levels means that an online reading will allow them not only to tap into your emotions and mood but also delve into your most profound state of being and be subjected, through all their senses, to what it is you are experiencing at your innermost spiritual point.

They will feel the energies that you have been receiving and will help you deal with issues and coach you to empower yourself with the ability to self-heal.

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