Different psychic readings

types of psychic reading

It can seem as though a psychic is a “one size fits all” type of deal to the uninitiated, and that they all have similar skills and stories. But in actuality, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are different types of psychic reading — each offering unique insight and answers. Each psychic will have their own individual approaches to their preferred style of different psychic readings.

When it comes to online psychic readings vs offline, the main difference is client preference. Online psychic readings, such as those available on PsychicWorld, are more easily accessible and convenient, as well as often cheaper than real-life meetings. They also offer anonymity, if that is something you’re concerned about when it comes to consulting a psychic.

Different types of psychic readings

How psychic readings work depends entirely on the type you pick. There are hundreds of different types of psychic readings out there, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you at this stage of your life and to achieve the results you want from a reading.

Here we have created a rundown of the different psychic readings, how these readings work, and what to expect from your reading.


tarotThe art of reading tarot cards, also known as cartomancy, has been around since at least the 18th century. A tarot deck is made up of 78 cards, falling into either the major or minor arcana. Each of the cards holds a different meaning, and they are not always as they appear. Famous in film and literature is the “Death” card.

Whilst it sounds ominous and could lead you to believe there are dark things ahead, in actuality Death is a fascinating card. It symbolises change and new beginnings and, when used in conjunction with other cards, can help inform you on how best to deal with those changes.

At your online tarot reading, you will discuss what answers you are seeking if they are about past/present/future and what area of your life they are pertaining to. This will allow the reader to decide which deck and spread would be best to answer you. You will then choose a selection of cards, and the reader will interpret your fate.

Love readings

Love is a many splendored thing, and as such deserves its own category for psychic readings. The energies surrounding love can be passionate, heady and intense, or forlorn and require a knowledgeable psychic to decode them correctly.

Psychics from all disciplines can specialise in love readings—all it means is that the psychic performing the reading is well practised in picking up on the unique energies associated with love and interpreting them. You may prefer to ask a clairvoyant what the future holds for your love life or ask the cards to explain what happened in the past.

Astrology readings

astrology An astrology reading can assist you in discovering your unique personality and provide motivational guidance so you can deal with life's challenges and successes. People have used them for centuries to learn more about themselves, their personalities, and how to plan for a better future.

An online astrology reading will connect all the puzzle pieces. An adviser explains all about your personality, helping you to determine your life purpose and understand your struggles.

Today, online astrology readings make access to ancient wisdom more accessible and are deemed effective due to modern technology. You may not know why you need a professional birth chart reading, but you can be certain it’ll be useful in your life.


The art and science of numerology helps solve life's mysteries through numbers. This science of self-discovery provides direct knowledge of the inner self, which in turn allows us to choose a specific path in life, based on the awareness of who we are inside.

PsychicWorld's numerology readings give you added assurance that there is order to life. As you develop a deeper understanding of this fascinating psychic science, you might become aware that random events have comprehensible meaning via the study of numbers.

We provide online numerology readings by expert numerologists who have extensive experience in deciphering hidden meanings. As time passes, and the forecasts you received from your reading become more evident, you will gain a deeper insight into the intricate meaning of life.

Angel readings

angel readings In order to channel the spiritual energy of the angels, you will need a guide or reader to help you find the frequency that you need in order to receive messages and guidance from them. Through angel readings, there are many ways to open yourself up to this higher dimension.

They are able to offer a path for overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and your goal of reaching a greater sense of accomplishment. With their understanding of cosmic forces, angels can help you understand the power you already possess.

Picture readings

Photo readings are a great way to seek guidance and understanding, whether you're interested in discovering more about yourself, your relationships and family, or if you want to connect with a deceased loved one.

You simply upload a picture and one of our talented psychics will get to work.

Pet readings

Our mediums' abilities are not only applicable to humans, but also to animals and pets.

Getting an animal reading for your pet can be a very powerful experience.

True empathy and sensitivity are shown by your companions, as they really do understand you deeply. In addition to strengthening your connection with them, readings can help you in times of need and allow you to connect with those special pets who have passed.


During the Viking era and before the Christianisation of central Europe, the runic alphabet, or futhark, was used in variations of the Germanic language. As a consequence of their historical importance in deity, cosmology, and divination, they have since then been credited with magical properties.

PsychicWorld's experienced experts can always provide you with a rune reading session with someone skilled in interpreting the magical significance of these mystical artefacts.

Akashic Records reading

In cosmic terms, the Akashic Records constitute the highest level of reality, where time and space do not conform to the laws of physics and all human information is stored forever.hand psychic

We can use Akashic Records readings to understand our life's purpose, our soul's journey, where we came from and where we might be going in the future. Everything is tied together in this astral plane, where the conscious meets the divine.

Cartomancy reading

Throughout history, cartomancy has been used to accurately predict the future and is still one of the most reliable ways to determine a person's future path.

The spread of cards during a cartomancy reading can delve deep into the psyche of a person and provide a comprehensive personality analysis by illuminating the infinite potential that exists within all existence.

Symbolon card reading

With Symbolon card readings, you can access the depths of your subconscious mind, where the majority of information pertaining to your emotions and logical reasoning is stored so that you can understand your character and utilise your strengths and weaknesses effectively in life.

We only hire the most experienced and knowledgeable psychics to do our Symbolon card readings. Their sessions are highly accurate since they have been thoroughly vetted and tested.

This kind of reading may be a great option for you if you are looking for answers to the hard questions in your life.

Other types of reading

Dream analysis

Psychics can take a closer look at the themes in your dreams and determine how they relate to your waking life to help you better understand their meaning during a dream analysis reading.

Our experts will be able to offer you practical and profound solutions to issues that may be bothering you, decoding the symbolic meaning of your dreams and guiding you on your journey to self-discovery.

Vedic astrology

As well as astrological symbols, Vedic astrology readings are based heavily on karmic laws. The karmic system asserts that the events and actions of any life are influenced by previous lifetimes.

Consequently, the Vedic astrology reading reveals when these karmic reactions are likely to take place in your lifetime and why.


reikiAlthough not a traditional type of psychic reading, Reiki is still a form of powerful spiritual healing. Reiki was founded over a century ago on the belief that every individual has the ability to self-heal by tapping into energies that are all around us.

Various meanings can be assigned to the term reiki, from the mysterious to the vital and to the spiritual. Still, primarily, it is known as a technique to help the body connect to a higher vibrational healing force within.

Why get different psychic readings at PsychicWorld?

Getting different psychic readings from the comfort of your own home couldn’t be more convenient– you might not have a psychic near you or one that could be deemed an expert in the exact type of reading you’re after. PsychicWorld makes that simple, by grouping psychics from all over the world into one place.certified

All of the psychics are screened before they can be contacted by customers, so you can remain sure that you’re getting the best and safest experience possible. The psychics are also regularly tested to ensure the accuracy of their predictions. You can start different types of psychic reading in mere minutes, with a complimentary welcome voucher, once you have decided which type of reading you would like.