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Should You Tip a Psychic? Psychic Reader Tip Etiquette Explained

Knowing when to tip in any walk of life can be confusing. But when it comes to tipping psychics, it can be hard to know what is best practice. Is it viewed as an expectation or a treat, a welcome surprise or part of the day job? And even then, how much is appropriate to tip to someone who has helped you delve into your past, present and future?

We’ve investigated the nuanced and often personal decision of whether to tip after a psychic reading, considering the cultural norms of tipping and investigating when a psychic is deserving of a tip, and when they are not.

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What is the tipping convention for psychic readings?

Ultimately, tipping your psychic is a matter of personal preference. It may depend on how you feel about tipping anyone who provides a service, whether they communicate with those from the beyond or not.

Another factor to consider is how satisfied you are with your psychic experience. If it has fulfilled your wishes and made you feel at peace with those who have passed, then it is natural to want to reward the person who has delivered the service.

That said, you should never feel obliged to tip a psychic. It is not an expectation. The decision to tip a psychic should be based on how you feel about them and the service they have provided.

How much should you tip a psychic?

It is a matter of preference and depends on the quality of the experience. The tipping scale for a psychic is very similar to anyone who works in the service industry, such as waiters or hairdressers.

Customers, who have had a very worthwhile experience with a psychic they trust, have been known to tip as much as 25% of the overall fee in instances where the psychic has gone above and beyond. However, to tip this much is not the norm.

After that, it is a sliding scale. People may want to tip around 20% for an excellent service, 15% for a good experience, and 10% for a satisfactory experience.

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Where the reading takes place could affect whether you should give a tip

The location of a reading can have an impact on whether or not you should tip your psychic. We’re going to look into how tip etiquette varies based on whether the reading is at a home, a party or a fair.

Readings at home

If a reading takes place at your home, and the psychic has made the effort to come to your house and set up their apparatus, there may be a greater expectation of a tip. Psychics who provide this kind of personal service generally receive more tips than those who do it over the phone or online. That said, tipping is still only at the discretion of the client.

Readings at a party

If you’re attending a party with a psychic present, it’s important to remember that they will have already agreed to a flat rate fee with the host in advance, which takes the onus off tipping. Generally, in these circumstances, the expectation is not on you to tip. But, sometimes, the psychic will have a tip jar on display if you wish to make a small contribution.

Readings at a fair

At a fair, a psychic’s price is often set in advance by the organisers of the event. This limits them to a standard price. In this instance, tipping is more than appreciated, unless the venue in question explicitly indicates that they are prohibited.

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Readings abroad

Across the world, countries have very different perceptions about tipping. In the US and Canada, tipping for a service is commonplace and largely expected. In restaurants, bars and taxis, a 15-20% tip is standard. Given this cultural expectation, it would be expected to influence how American psychics perceive tips in comparison to their European or Asian counterparts.

Elsewhere, tipping of psychics may be less frequent, particularly in the UK or other parts of Europe where tipping even in restaurants can be a fraught topic. In certain parts of Asia, such as Japan or China, tipping can even be perceived as rude, so it is very unlikely that a psychic will expect a bonus in those circumstances.

Dangers of tipping a psychic

On the whole, there are no problems associated with tipping a psychic. But there are some instances where you should question whether to tip a psychic is appropriate.

If they are too insistent that they want a tip

A red flag to watch out for is if the psychic seems to expect a tip, or will mention receiving a tip before the reading begins. This is a warning sign as it suggests that the psychic is more interested in the money than providing a reading that is engaging and valuable for you. Psychics are passionate about what they do and perform readings because of the positive effects they can have on others. The money, particularly a tip if it is forthcoming, is a bonus.

In addition to this, while there are plenty of real psychics, some do exploit the medium for their own ends. Asking for a tip early could be a sign that the psychic is not all that they seem, and may be a scammer.

If they ask for a tip in advance

This is another warning sign to look out for. If you do want to reward your psychic with a tip, this should only be done at the end of the service. Only then can you make a judgment as to whether the reading is deserving of a tip. A psychic who demands a tip in advance isn’t necessarily a scammer, but it should raise alarm bells that either they don’t have great faith in the quality of their reading, or they have little drive or interest in delivering a service that you will appreciate.

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Reasons to not tip a psychic

If you’ve had a disappointing experience with a psychic, there is no reason why should give them a tip. Here are reasons why you might not want to tip a psychic after a reading.

You’re not satisfied with the accuracy of their reading

There are various reasons why you may be dissatisfied with a psychic’s reading, but one of the most common is that you may feel that, throughout the reading, they have been inaccurate or vague.

You may have felt that they have been searching for signs from you that they can latch onto and create a performance, reminiscent of a genuine psychic. If their readings seem overtly general, or non-specific, it may be a sign that they lack a genuine psychic ability and therefore are not deserving of a tip.

If they demand money for a specific outcome

A psychic who demands a fee or a tip to deliver a specific outcome or perform a miracle is one you cannot trust. Not only does it betray the trust of the client, but it is a sign of an unethical or fraudulent psychic. Good and bad outcomes should appear naturally to a psychic, they cannot be influenced by a $20 bill.

Using fear tactics to earn a tip

Dishonest psychics have been known to predict tragic events or claim that an aura needs cleansing, and then demand a tip. This is a classic trait of a scam psychic, so you should take no heed in what they say.

Find more advice on determining if a psychic medium is legitimate.

They show a lack of empathy or sensitivity

Clients often turn to psychics in the wake of a tragedy, to communicate with lost loved ones and to know that they are ok. A good psychic treats this burden and privilege with incredible delicacy, offering empathy and understanding, before, during, and after the reading. A psychic who fails to do this, who seems insensitive to the emotions that the client is expressing, is rarely deserving of a tip.

Reasons why you may want to tip a psychic

There are plenty of reasons why honest and trustworthy psychics deserve a little bonus in addition to their customary fee. Here are some of the top reasons as to why a psychic may deserve a tip.

They offer exceptional insight and an accurate reading

You may feel that your psychic deserves a tip if they have provided particularly insightful, helpful guidance to assist you with a problem or dilemma in your life. They may have enabled you to communicate with a lost loved one in a meaningful way. Therefore, after such an experience, it would feel only right to offer them an added award as a show of thanks.

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You received a high-quality, emotionally respectful experience

If you received a reading that felt respectful, empathetic, and attentive, you may feel more comfortable about tipping the psychic. A psychic who goes above and beyond, by making extra time for the client, or putting greater effort into the reading is certainly more deserving of a tip than a psychic who fails to do these things.

For creating a comfortable environment

For a first-timer, having a psychic reading is a nerve-wracking experience. Not only are there concerns over what the psychic finds, but there are also lingering doubts over whether this particular psychic is the right one for you. A psychic who goes out of their way to create an ambience that feels calm and relaxed, where you feel at ease in their company, is more deserving of a tip.

You’ve used them before

It takes to build up trust with a psychic. But if you’ve partnered with them before, and been pleased with the accuracy and personalised nature of the readings they have provided, then it’s only natural to reward them with a tip. This is not only a generous thing to do, but can also boost the bond you have between you and your psychic.


All things considered, giving a tip to a psychic is ultimately at the client’s discretion. And there are plenty of reasons why a psychic may or may not deserve a tip.

Now you’ve got your head around tipping etiquette for psychics, why not find out how else you can prepare for a psychic reading?

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