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How to Find Your Birth Tarot Card

Have you ever heard of a birth tarot card? Many people know about their zodiac signs, astrology readings, and birth chart readings, but knowing how to find your birth tarot card can reveal yet another layer about you.

Think of your birth tarot card as an energetic signature from the day you were born. Studying this can unearth truths about your personality and give the answers you’re looking for.

What is a birth tarot card?

Despite the name, your birth tarot card is actually made up of two or three cards. They are taken from the Major Arcana cards in the tarot deck and are associated with your date of birth.

Your tarot birth card holds a unique meaning for you. It gives an insight into your soul's purpose and highlights the key life lessons that you are here to learn.

Steps to finding which tarot card you were born under

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Knowing your birth tarot chart can help to guide you towards understanding what you need for fulfillment and healing. So, ready to find yours? Follow these simple steps to discover your birth card:

1. Convert your birthdate into a number

It’s time to get mathematical. Begin by breaking down the month, day, and year you were born into individual digits and adding them together. Follow this formula: MM+DD+YY+YY.

For example, if you were born on the first of January 2001, you would do 01 + 01 + 20 + 01 = 23. Likewise, if your birthday were October 6th, 1979, you would calculate 10 + 06 + 19 + 79 = 114.

2. Add the numbers again

If your answer is a two-digit number…

Take them and add them again. For example, if your number was 23, you would take the two and three, which equals five. This new single-digit number corresponds to your first Major Arcana birth card — in this case, it is card number five, The Hierophant.

If your final number ends up being a single digit, there is a special shortcut to find your secondary birth card. Take your single digit and add nine to it. If your birthday were January 1st, 2001, this is what your calculation should look like:

Initial sum: 01 + 01 + 20 + 01 = 23 First card: 2 + 3 = 5 (The Hierophant) Second card: 5 + 9 = 14 (Temperance)

However, if your final number has two digits after doing the sum to find your first card, then you simply add those together to uncover your second birth tarot card.

If your answer is a three-digit number…

If you’re left with a three-digital number, you take the first two digits and add them to the third. Then take this result and add the digits to find your second card.

For example, if your total was 114, your calculation would look like this:

First card: 11 + 4 = 15 (The Devil)

Second card: 1 + 5 = 6 (The Lovers)

If you end up with the number 19 at any point…

There is one special exception when finding your birth tarot cards. Should your number total ever equal 19, whether at the initial sum or when reducing down, you will end up with three cards instead of two.

This is because it takes another sum to condense 19 into a single digit, 1 + 9 = 10, and then 1 + 0 = 1. This means you’ll have The Sun (number 19), The Wheel of Fortune (number 10), and The Magician (number one) as your birth tarot cards.

Quick birth tarot card meanings

While each Major Arcana card contains layers of symbolism and extensive interpretations, here is a quick reference for the primary themes of some of the most common birth tarot cards:

• #0 - The Fool: Beginning of the journey, new starts, innocence.
• #1 - The Magician: Manifestation, resourcefulness, power of will
• #2 - The High Priestess: Intuition, sacred knowledge, the subconscious.
• #3 - The Empress: Abundance, sensuality, motherhood.
• #4 - The Emperor: Authority, structure, fatherhood.
• #5 - The Hierophant: Tradition, conformity, institutions.
• #6 - The Lovers: Relationships, duality, choices.
• #7 - The Chariot: Direction, victory, assertion.
• #8 - Strength: Courage, compassion, self-control.
• #9 - The Hermit: Soul-searching, solitude, inner wisdom.
• #10 - Wheel of Fortune: Cycles, fate, unexpected change.
• #11 - Justice: Fairness, truth, cause and effect.
• #12 - The Hanged Man: Sacrifice, redirection, seeing differently.
• #13 - Death: Endings, change, transformation.
• #14 - Temperance: Balance, moderation, blending energies.
• #15 - The Devil: Shadow self, addiction, materialism.
• #16 - The Tower: Sudden upheaval, shattered illusions, trauma.
• #17 - The Star: Hope, renewal, serendipity.
• #18 - The Moon: Illusion, dreams, the unconscious.
• #19 - The Sun: Vitality, success, joy.
• #20 - Judgment: Rebirth, calling, absolution.
• #21 - The World: Completion, integration, accomplishments.

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Tips for working with your birth tarot card

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What do you do after you find out your birth tarot card? Here are a few ideas:

Reflect on their core meanings

Start off by researching the central meanings of your cards, one by one. Think about how these themes and lessons could apply to your specific challenges and goals.

Learn their astrological and numerological significance

Each tarot card corresponds to zodiac signs, planets and number meanings. Once you know what the card itself means, dive into the implications of which signs are connected to it. This can help give an even more rounded answer to any of your questions.

Meditate with your cards

Tarot cards aren’t just useful in psychic readings, but can help with meditation too. Try sitting with one card at a time while you meditate. Tune into its distinct energy, look at the visuals, and try to connect with the imagery.

Use them during tarot readings

Try out giving yourself tarot readings focused on growth related to your birth cards. Make sure you note down what messages you receive and when you receive them. This will allow you to spot if there is a recurring message coming through.

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