Chakra cleansing

Chakra cleansing is the key meditative process to ensure your main receptors remain open and clear to the passage of this energy.


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Beginners guide to Chakra Cleansing


woman meditating outside on the terrace

Before we get started with determining the best methods to cleanse your chakras, we must first understand what they are and where the main chakras are located throughout your body. Then we can start to examine the best ways in which to keep those key passageways open through meditative chakra cleansing.

What are chakras?

Tracing its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism esoteric traditions, chakras, from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel, are energy centres and channels aligned along your spine that promote the flow of positive energy through the body. Together this chain of chakras allows the continuous spinning of the wheel of ‘subtle prana’ (*1) energy, allowing us to stay healthy and at peace.

the seven main chakras

It is widely recognised that there are seven (7) main chakras (*2) that correspond to major organs and nerve hubs in the body where a fluid movement of energy brings balance to both mind and body.

Where are your chakras located? What do they represent and cleansing methods for each of the seven Chakra's

The 7 chakras from bottom of your spine all the way to the top of your headKeeping in mind that each chakra combines to form a whole, it is highly recommended that the process of chakra cleansing through meditation, breathing techniques, use of palo santo and other essential oils (*3), as well as crystals and gemstones, should be focused on each chakra individually. The crystals and stones can also be cleansed in different ways.

Getting fluid energy flowing throughout the body will elevate us to a higher physical and mental level of peace and tranquillity.

Ascending from the base of your spine all the way to the top of your head, the seven main chakras (*4) and cleansing techniques for them are:


The root chakra

The root chakraRepresenting our grounding to Earth, this primary chakra can be found at the bottom of the spine below the coccyx connecting us to what we hold dear and providing us with security and stability.

It is symbolised by the colour red and the four-petaled lotus flower. The 1st chakra or Muladhara, as it is also called, is the foundation of our survival. It connects us to Earth.

Cleansing your root chakra is about ensuring you remain in touch or re-connect with Earth, thus stabilising your mind. Meditate and concentrate on letting the waves of energy rise through your body whilst contracting the perineum (*5).

Be outside, be in direct contact with the land and nature. Allow the energy to flow up. Seek the red light within you.

Essential oils such as Patchouli and Vetiver can help you tune in to the Earth element. Crystals such as Ruby and Red Jasper can be used in this process and these stones can be cleansed as well by burying them in the Earth in order to absorb its energy before use.


The sacral chakra

The sacral chakraCreation through sexuality and desire, this chakra is located just above the root chakra between the coccyx and sacrum and represents the notion of ‘self’ and is widely regarded as the second primary chakra.

Sexual energies promote creative thinking and cleanse the soul. The Svadhishthana or spleen chakra is represented by a six-petaled white lotus and the colour orange linking us to the moon and the fundamental element of water.

Liberating yourself from fear by elevating your conscious state is the main pillar to cleansing the sacral chakra. Ridding yourself of the feeling of guilt. Allow yourself to taste desire. Be positive in your affirmations.

Swim, bathe or simply be in touch with water and let yourself be free. Sex and intimacy as well as sensory stimulation are also perfect releases for the creative energy stored within you. Lemongrass, Orange and Neroli are the main essential oils to reconnect with your sensuality.

Citrine and other orange crystals are essential to the sacral chakra. These gemstones can be cleansed themselves through contact with water.


The solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakraThe city of jewels represents the ability to control one’s confidence with the Manipura chakra, located in the abdomen above the navel, promoting power and self-esteem.

The third primary chakra is the centre of energy and will-power. It is the doorway to your digestive system and your gut, the seat of your personal power and confidence. The ten-petaled lotus containing and inverted triangle represented by the colour yellow depicts the solar plexus chakra with the element of fire.

Being decisive and bringing control to your life by ridding yourself of doubt is central to cleansing the Manipura chakra. Allow yourself to be in the driving seat of your destiny. Take deep breaths and focus on your energy system. Imagine being by a fire and enjoying the crackling of the wood, focussing on all those stagnant energies will boost your energy level.

The process will allow your physical body to be at one with this element, bringing further balance through meditation and inviting wisdom and confidence to strengthen your sense of self-worth.

Put fire into your belly. Palo santo grapefruit and rosemary are essential oils that can further stimulate the digestive system and invite more light into your life. Use Amber and Sunstone gemstones as part of the ritual. Place these above a fire before use to help with the cleansing process.


The heart chakra

The heart chakraThis sacred point brings together love and compassion to awaken spiritual kindness. Located at the middle of your chest level with your heart, the Anahata chakra is the centre between the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) that link the physical world to the higher chakras that connect us to the heavens.

A lotus flower with twelve petals and at its centre a six-pointed star signifies the union of male and female around the element of air. It is associated with healing and health, the colour green and chakra crystals such as amazonite and emerald.

Cleansing the heart chakra enables you to open yourself to love. Chakra healing through love brings unparalleled joy and happiness. Visualising a light that emanates from your heart and radiates outwards to free you from judgement and be replaced with a sense of purity and appreciation.

Become unstuck, balanced and serene. Achieve higher levels of cleansing by breathing onto your gemstones as you meditate.


The throat chakra

The throat chakraDefining communication, self-expression and truth, the Vishunddha chakra is located as its name states in the throat and is the purification centre essential for growth and maturation.

Associated with ether, the element of space and the colour blue, the throat chakra is represented by a lotus with 16 petals and at its centre an upside-down triangle with a circle. Turquoise crystals such as apatite and celestite along with oils like birch and lavender are significant for the throat chakra.

Sharing your emotions, speaking the truth and knowing when to talk and when to listen are key to cleansing the throat chakra.

Simply being honest with yourself and others, telling the truth and being ‘pure’ with your expressions.

Other meditative exercises like singing and chanting are known to have healing powers too. Play sounds around your crystals before use.


The third eye chakra

The third eye chakraBeyond wisdom, the chakra third eye or Ajna chakra represents insight and innate knowledge. Located between your eyebrows, it is the command centre for perception and intuition.

Opening your mind to achieve higher levels of consciousness, the third eye chakra allows you to command your intellect by linking the physical body to the spiritual world.

This sixth chakra is represented in illustrations by as transparent two-petaled lotus with a downward triangle and symbolises light. Indigo coloured chakra stones like blue quartz and purple fluorite that you have placed in light will get you in tune with the sixth chakra along with star anise essential oil.

Solitary meditation to energise the Ajna chakra is important when wanting to become witness to your inner thoughts and to be able to be guided closer to the Divine. Listen to the spirit within.


The crown chakra

The crown chakraThe seventh primary chakra Sahasrara is where your body and consciousness meets universal energy. Located at the top of the head or as the name states at the crown of the head, it is the portal to the highest of spiritual wisdoms from one’s central nervous system.

The crown chakra is referred to as the thousand-petaled lotus flower, either white or violet in colour, signifying the connection between spirituality and self. Clear quartz, diamond, sapphire and moonstone are just a few of the crystals associated with the crown chakra along with oils like Jasmine, Lavender and Sandalwood.

The Sahasrara chakra is cleansed only once all other six have been cleansed beforehand. You can only focus on the crown chakra once the others have been tended to. Finding the balance from within and peace through meditation and opening each chakra clears up the path to pure consciousness and enlightenment. Use meditation to cleanse your gemstones as well.


Keeping your chakras open and aligned allows the free flow of energy and for your centre to remain balanced and fluid. Invite happiness and joy into your life by regularly cleansing your chakras.

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