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How do you spell physcic? ... well not like that!

It might be simple for some of you but for many around the world, including native english speakers, spelling the word psychic is not easy. As shown by the 1.000's of people who ask Google every month ...

Trivia about 'how to spell psychic'

Every month, in the US alone, over a 1000 people specifically look for the proper spelling of the word psychic. If we take into account the variations on the proper query (most probably as suggested by the Google autocomplete function ;)) such as: 


  • how do you spell phsycic

  • how do you spell sikick

  • how do you spell psycic

  • how do you spell physcic (as we suggested)


Google search gets over 2.400 monthly queries from households based in the United States. Now, adding the montthly search volume for the same queries in other english speaking countries like: Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia & New Zeeland we see that over 6.000 people look for the proper spelling of psychic every single month. That's 72.000 people per year! 

Now consider the fact that we have not crunched these numbers to include Bing or Yahoo users, that we have not added the numbers for other places across the globe where English is an official language. Lastly if we also take into account the fact that a lot of people, who cannot spell the word psychic properly, simply can't be bothered to search for the adequate spelling, we can easily assume that over a 100.000 people do not know, or at least are not sure about how they should spell the word correctly. 


How do you spell it? 

The correct spelling is: 

P - S - Y - C - H - I - C 

Although the word only contains 2 syllables, psy-chic (the 1st one psy is the one that should be stressed), the complexity of the word lies in the fact that the P is silent, the CH is pronounced K and the phonetic 'ick' at the end has no K. 

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How do you pronounce psychic? 

As I said above the P is silent, phoenetically you pronounce it as follow:  sahy-kik

This is how you say it (click on play to listen to audio fragment):


Do you want to know more about the ethymology of psychic? How and when to use it as an adjective or a noun? Here's the Wiktionary entry for psychic:


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