2024 Psychic and Horoscope Predictions

2024 Horoscope predictions: radical changes and chaos

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It’s an end of the year tradition on PsychicWorld! Like every year we’ve asked some of our top psychics, mediums and astrologers to consult the stars, tap into cosmic and divine energies in order to make bold, fun and yes let’s be honest: provocative predictions for 2024 (we’ve asked AI to rank our experts previous predictions and you’d be surprised to see what it had to say about it!).

This article compiles the future-gazing analysis and predictions of eight of the most experienced members of the PsychicWorld community. From space travel, celebrities, climate change, AI, the new multipolar world order, elections, the olympic games, science and more our top experts have examined what the universe has in store for us in 2024.

Let’s look at the significant movements of planets for 2024 that will holistically affect everyone.

A good year financially and in love for...

These zodiac signs will have a great year.

In 2024, it's good to be a ...

  • According to PsychicWorld Astrologists, Capricorns will have a fantastic 2024! Capricorn
  • According to PsychicWorld Astrologists, Taurus will have a fantastic 2024! Taurus
  • According to PsychicWorld Astrologists, Gemini's will have a fantastic 2024! Gemini
  • According to PsychicWorld Astrologists, Aries's will have a fantastic 2024! Aries

Bottom line

2024 is just around the bend and it promises to be an impactful and eventful year from an Astrological perspective. Next year's buoyant cosmic activity will in turn significantly affect our daily lives as well as the world around us.

The global political pecking order will be shaken and some historical changes in the balance of powers will occur. Expect radical changes in the world as we have known it for decades, maybe even centuries

We will experience a restructuring of political systems, manifestations of new political trends and transformations in the way authorities and government’s function. Also expect radical changes in the economy, monetary systems and further erosion of old industries and established economic systems.

Key astrological events

Three events to watch closely:

  • Pluto transitioning in aquarius for the coming 20 years

  • Jupiter catching up with Uranus and forming a conjunction, an event that happens only every 14 years

  • Mars transitions through the year

Mercury Retrogrades in 2024

  • #1 Pluto in Aquarius will impact everyone

What is the cause of these drastic changes? A celestial movement that occurs (only) every 12 to 30 years, namely, Pluto changing signs. During a person's lifetime, Pluto moves in three to (maximum) seven signs for the average person, which gives you an idea of how rare and significant this long term event is.

This transition of Pluto in Aquarius is a unique generational event and it is set to happen on the 23rd of March 2024, where it will remain for the next 20 years (19 and a half years to be exact). Buckle-up and expect fireworks in March!

  • #2  Jupiter <-> Uranus conjunction

Uranus in Taurus heralds a time of remarkable astrological revolution and transformation from 2024 to 2026. Economic and financial systems will undergo a change during this time, which could also elevate cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Significant changes will occur in relationships, upending long-standing dynamics and promoting significant transformations. Greater awareness of the environment, conservation of species at risk of extinction and sustainable living initiatives.

People will be motivated to embrace personal freedom and authenticity as well as a boom in creativity and innovation in the arts. This is a momentous time for breaking away from traditional standards and fostering innovations in a variety of spheres of life.

  • #3  Mars transitions all through 2024

Mars's movements through the signs in 2024 will re-energize the world's energies, igniting ambition and activity in a variety of fields. Increased competitiveness and assertiveness in both the personal and professional spheres may result from these changes. But they also advise against acting rashly and in favor of a well-rounded strategy to handle disagreement and in decision making.

Mercury retrogrades in 2024.

Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the sun. Planets like Mercury that appear to move backward in the sky, which is what we refer to as retrograde, are caused by an optical illusion. This illusion occurs because Earth and other planets orbit the Sun at different speeds.

During retrograde periods, a planet's energies turn inward, often leading to a sense of intensity, as if it's hiding something or showing awkwardness in expressing its usual energies. This inward turn causes processes to slow down and affects the daily routine and activities related to the planet.

Planet Mercury will undergo its retrograde phases in 2024 on the following dates:

  • In Sagittarius from December 13th 2023 to January 1st 2024

  • In Aries from April 1st to April 24th 2024

  • In Virgo and Leo from August 4th till August the 27th of 2024

  • In Sagittarius again from November 25th till December the 15th

Mercury is retrograde, which can cause potential disruptions and turmoil in the areas it regulates, including communication, business relationships, travel and negotiations.

The houses most affected by the retrogrades of 2024 will be the fourth house that impacts our happiness. The sixth house that rules hardships, foes and other negative influences. This house also controls political ideologies. Finally the eighth house, the house of transition that rules unforeseen and disruptive events of life.

Be extra cautious during these periods, and especially so during what we refer to as the "shadow periods" that precede the retrograde, when taking on new endeavors or projects that normally bring on many challenges, like for example moving or building a new house. It's preferable, if possible of course, to hold-off big projects and/or new initiatives until Mercury turns direct.

Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time for reflection and introspection, they’re also good moments to catch-up with old friends, deal with unresolved conflicts and settle loose ends in your love life. Tray to stay away from social media, Make amends! We navigate our day to day lives during these rough periods more smoothly and with more inner peace if we honor these cycles.

The eclipses chart of 2024

All the eclipses of 2024are here on PsychicWorld

  • The penumbral lunar eclipse Libra: March 25th, 2024

  • The total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th, 2024

  • The partial lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 18th, 2024

  • The annular solar eclipse in Libra on October 2nd, 2024

Chinese horocope 2024

The year of the wood dragon.

 (Illustration: paffy, Photo Library via Adobe Stock, ref:670148459)

The year of the Wooden Dragon in Chinese astrology is a time of energy, growth, and change. The Dragon, a powerful symbol, brings luck, strength, and courage.

Wood, as an element, adds qualities of growth and renewal. Together, they create a year where people can expect big changes, new beginnings, and progress in various aspects of life. It's a great year to start new projects or chase dreams, as the Dragon's energy helps overcome obstacles.

However, it's important to be careful and not take unnecessary risks. The year of the Wooden Dragon is a time to be bold but thoughtful, harnessing this dynamic energy for positive change and growth.

The key astrological dates and movements of planets for next year give us an general idea of the forces that will be at play and as such, what the year will be like for the different signs as well as the dynamics it will create in different areas of interest which we look at now.

Astrological predictions for the world in 2024

This year we look at the lives of Elon Musk … again! No British royalty in the spotlights this year. No Kim Kardashian or Kendall or Kylie Jenner but real talented artists like Taylor Swift and (ex) diva’s, Britney, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion. Upcoming rappers, Trippie Redd and Ice Spice. Famous youtubers and many whistleblowers and outstanding journalists like Piers Morgan, Russel Brand and Tucker Carlson. But Also, bitcoin, superbowl 58, the war in Israel, in Ukraine and the Olympics in Paris.

These Aries starlets will make headlines

  • Celine Dion will make headlines in 2023 Celine Dion
  • Piers Morgan Uncensored will make headlines in 2024 Piers Morgan
  • Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Lady Gaga

Celine Dion,For the shining Aries diva, Celine Dion, 2024 will bring hope and rejuvenation. Pluto will be in her 11th house on January 20th, bringing transformative energy that will envelop her and offer opportunities to redefine her aspirations and self-image. The celestial dance of the North Node signals a pivotal shift, particularly significant for her battle with stiff person syndrome.

It's a time of healing and remarkable lifetime achievements, where her unbreakable spirit and relentless optimism will lead her to new heights. Expect Celine to harmonize her challenges into a symphony of triumph, as 2024 unfolds into a year where her voice, stronger and more resonant than ever, continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

Her journey, marked by resilience and grace, will not only be a testament to her strength but also a beacon of hope for many, proving once again why she remains an unparalleled singing diva

Piers Morgan, For the dynamic Aries, 2024 unfolds as a canvas ripe with opportunities for profound personal growth and professional evolution. As Pluto enters into his 11th house on January 20th, it announces a period of transformative change, particularly influencing his public persona and career aspirations.

Under the guiding light of the North Node, Piers will embark on a journey of self-redefinition, leveraging his innate Aries tenacity and passion.

Expect to see him break new ground in his professional endeavors, where his sharp wit and often polarizing perspectives will find new resonance and perhaps, a more tempered expression. 2024 will be a year where Piers not only challenges the status quo but also reshapes his own narrative, emerging as a more nuanced and influential figure in the public eye. His journey through this year will be a compelling blend of introspection and outward achievement Piers Morgan Uncensored, marking a significant chapter in his already illustrious career.

Lady Gaga, As 2024 dawns, Lady Gaga, an Aries luminary, steps back into the limelight, ready to captivate the world once again after a period of relative absence. With Pluto's transit into her 11th house on January 20th, we can expect an imminent and profound transformation in her public image and creative pursuits

This year, under the auspices of the North Node, she will redefine her artistic identity, blending her fiery Aries spirit with the introspective lessons from her time away from the spotlight. Expect a resurgence of her avant-garde style, yet infused with a newfound depth and maturity.

Gaga's journey this year will be nothing short of meteoric – a renaissance of her artistry that will not only enchant her fans but also redefine what it means to be an iconic figure in contemporary culture. 2024 for Lady Gaga is a year of rebirth, where her talents, resilience, and flair for the dramatic will coalesce into a dazzling display of creativity and influence. The world should be ready for this new chapter of Gaga, which promises to be as groundbreaking and awe-inspiring as her initial rise to stardom.

These Taurus celebs will make headlines

  • Mr. Beast will make headlines in 2024 Mr. Beast
  • Taurus
  • Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is an American conservative political commentator. Tucker Carlson

For Mr. Beast, the spirited Taurus, 2024 holds the promise of reaching unparalleled heights in his already remarkable career. As Pluto re-enters his career zone in January, a profound shift in his public persona and professional standing is on the horizon.

This year he will harness his unique blend of creativity and philanthropy to make an indelible impact, further solidifying his position as a trailblazing YouTuber.

The March lunar eclipse calls for a strategic reassessment of his daily routines, optimizing his energy for maximum productivity. Expect Mr. Beast to break new ground in digital content creation, pushing the boundaries of innovation and generosity, and in doing so, he will not only captivate his global audience but also inspire a new wave of digital philanthropy and creativity.

For Tucker Carlson, the tenacious Taurus, 2024 is a year of significant professional evolution and increased public influence. With Pluto's pivotal return to his career zone in January, Tucker will deepen his commitment to journalism, reshaping his public image and enhancing his standing in the media world. This transit signals a time for Tucker to leverage his insightful perspectives to make a substantial impact in the realm of political commentary and news reporting.

The March lunar eclipse invites him to recalibrate his daily schedule, enabling him to tap into his full potential. In 2024, expect Tucker Carlson to emerge with more pronounced and influential viewpoints, potentially leading to groundbreaking stories and discussions that resonate deeply with his audience and beyond, marking a key year in his journey as a journalist.

These Gemini A'listers will make headlines

  • Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, presenter, activist, and campaigner. Russell Brand
  • Gemini
  • Michael Lamar White IV, known professionally as Trippie Redd, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Trippie Red

For Russell Brand, a Gemini with a fervent spirit, 2024 is a year brimming with potential and positive developments in his career and personal endeavors. He will flourish financially, especially as he puts into motion long-standing plans that will bolster his economic standing.

Jupiter's influence will be a guiding star, ensuring steady progress in his journey as a freedom fighter and public figure. Venus enhances his creative vision, making him stand out in his professional sphere with unique and impactful ideas. His educational pursuits, fueled by Jupiter, will find robust support, provided he's willing to invest extra effort.

However, the South Node may bring some turbulence in his personal relationships, demanding careful navigation. Russell will be cleared of past rape allegations and his reputation will be restored, he will embody his motto more powerfully than ever: "stay free, everyone." His journey through 2024 will be a testament to resilience, freedom and the relentless pursuit of truth.

The dynamic Gemini and SoundCloud sensasion Trippie Redd, will blaze through 2024 with his unapologetic style and raw talent. This year promises to be particularly fruitful for his career, with his financial status receiving a significant boost. The beginning of 2024 is the perfect time for Trippie to launch ambitious projects that could skyrocket his financial success.

Thanks to Jupiter's influence, he'll experience a steady climb in his musical journey, marked by consistent progress and recognition. Venus's impact will be evident in his work, as his creative vision sets him apart in the rap scene, accentuating his unique style and flair. While his academic endeavors, if any, will also benefit from Jupiter's support, it's his love life that might face some challenges due to the South Node's influence.

Throughout the year, expect Trippie Redd to navigate these waters with his characteristic resilience, keeping it real and staying true to his roots, as he ascends to new heights in the world of rap.

These Capricorn VIPs will make headlines

  • Ice Spice will make headlines in 2024 Ice Spice
  • Famous capricorns
  • RFK Jr. RFK Jr.

For Ice Spice the magnetic Capricorn and rising rap sensation, 2024 will be a year filled with growth, success and new opportunities. The influence of Venus at the year's start brings a wave of favorable chances for her to expand her influence and gain significant ground in the music industry.

She will face complex challenges due to the North Node, but her skills and resilience will guide her to success. Mercury encourages a reevaluation and strategic overhaul of her financial plans, a move that will eventually lead to financial reward.

Ice Spice should be cautious with financial dealings, especially around the end of February, to avoid complications. Throughout the year, expect her to exude a blend of confidence, allure, and sharp acumen, further solidifying her place as a powerful force in the rap world. 2024 for Ice Spice will be a testament to her prowess, not just as a rap artist, but as a formidable, independent force in the music industry.

For Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the influential Capricorn and a beacon of hope in environmental advocacy, 2024 heralds a year of promising developments and significant achievements. Venus’s early influence in the year opens doors for growth and positive change in his environmental endeavors. While the North Node may present some complex issues, Kennedy’s steadfast commitment and clear vision will steer him towards the success he is striving for. If Trump is elected President, RFK will be part of his cabinet.

Mercury’s impact suggests a need to revisit and refine his financial strategies, particularly in the context of his environmental campaigns and initiatives. His perseverance and clear public positions are likely to yield positive results and his ability to make a larger impact.

Kennedy should exercise caution in financial matters, particularly towards the end of February, navigating this period with his usual prudence. In 2024, expect Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to inspire hope and drive significant progress in environmental advocacy, his actions and voice resonating with a sense of urgency and optimism.

These Cancers will make headlines

  • Kylie Jenner will make headlines in 2023 Elon Musk
  • Cancer
  • Is Margot Robbie on Psychic World?  Margot Robbie

For Elon Musk the Cancer visionary and most profiled celebrity here on Psychic World 2024 will be a year of navigating through a mix of challenges and triumphs. The planetary alignments may bring a breath of fresh love and personal connections, but hidden resentments and external backlash, particularly around his stance on free speech and societal issues, could surface, especially around late March.

However, Venus promises to restore harmony from mid-April onwards, smoothing over some rough patches. Musk will need to balance his professional endeavors with personal introspection, sharing his thoughts and feelings to find peace amidst the storms.

This year, expect him to display resilience as he confronts these obstacles, continuing to make strides in his ambitious projects while also focusing on personal growth and harmony.

Margot Robbie the talented Cancer actress, will find 2024 a year of emotional highs and lows. The influence of the planets suggests new beginnings in love, but she may face challenges due to rising resentments, particularly around late March. However, relief comes with Venus’s influence from mid-April, bringing harmony and stability in her personal relationships.

Margot will benefit from expressing her emotions and seeking a balance between her demanding career and personal life. Expect her to navigate these waters with grace, finding a newfound sense of peace and fulfillment as she moves through the year, both in her personal journey and her thriving acting career.

These Sagittarius celebrities will make headlines

  • Britney Spears and her infamous instagram account Britney Spears
  • Sagittarius
  • Taylor Swift is in the PsychicWorld Predictions for the second time Taylor Swift

For the passionate and controversial Britney Spear, 2024 will be a year rich in love and personnel growth. As Venus visits her sign she will have plenty of opportunities for pleasure and connection, especially between January 1st to the 22nd and October 17th to November 10th, suggesting a harmonious period in her relationships.

If Britney wants to progress she must explore new creative endeavors. Saturn will affect her fourth house, she might find herself addressing more home and family matters, balancing domestic responsibilities with her (new?) career aspirations.

For Taylor Swift, 2024 offers a blend of professional success and deepened personal connections. The year is set to be favorable for her love life, with potential for lasting harmony and passionate experiences. Career-wise, Taylor is likely to see significant progress, possibly exploring new avenues in her music or venturing into uncharted creative territories.

Like Britney, Taylor will also experience the influence of Saturn in her fourth house, indicating a focus on home and family, perhaps bringing a more introspective and grounded dimension to her life and work. We can expect Taylor to announce a pregnancy in 2024. Yes, you’ve heard here first!

Scorpio 2024: Ryans in the spotlight!

  • Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling
  • Ryan reynolds Ryan Reyolds
  • Joaquin Phoenix J. Phoenix

For Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, the Scorpio duo known for their charisma and wit, 2024 is a year of navigating through professional challenges and personal opportunities. Both may find themselves swamped with added responsibilities at work, thanks to the North Node's influence early in the year. They should be wary of complicated matters, especially in business dealings, avoiding undue risks until mid-February.

Financially, February will bring many opportunities, though not all may be as promising as they seem. Fortunately, Jupiter promises a stable income, aligning with their expectations. On the romantic front, 2024 advises caution in expressing deep feelings, particularly in new proposals. However, for relationships that have recently sparked, February offers a chance to deepen these connections.

Health-wise, mid-February might present some uncomfortable moments, but nothing too serious for either Ryan. Overall, 2024 for Gosling and Reynolds is a mixed bag – a year of professional growth, cautious financial and romantic endeavors, and maintaining their signature humor through it all.

For the Scorpio star of Ridley Scott's 'Napoleon', Joaquin Phoenix, 2024 is marked by professional intensity and personal introspection. As the North Node brings added responsibilities, especially in his acting career, Joaquin will navigate complex challenges with his characteristic depth and commitment.

Early in the year, he should approach financial and business decisions with caution, avoiding risks until after mid-February. Jupiter's influence promises a steady flow of income, aligning well with his expectations and efforts. In his personal life, 2024 advises a careful approach to expressing deep emotions, especially in new relationships, with February offering a window for deepening existing bonds. Health might require attention around mid-February, but nothing that overshadows his relentless spirit.

For Joaquin Phoenix, 2024 will be a year of balancing the demands of a high-profile role with his personal journey, all while maintaining the profound authenticity he's known for.

and also...

The economy

Lithium is mainly used in batteriesIn 2024, as the cosmos undergoes significant shifts, the economic landscape on Earth is poised for radical change, viewed through the lens of astrology. The clean energy transition, aligned with the transformative energy of Uranus in Taurus, is creating new 'green superpowers,' altering the traditional map of energy resources.

The rising importance of lithium, copper, and nickeThe global price of copper is increasingl, and the declining dominance of oil and gas, signify a major astrological shift in global resource dynamics. This transition will stir geopolitical and trade currents, bringing forth unexpected winners and losers in the green resource race. A 'greenlash' among voters, skeptical of climate-friendly policies, echoes the societal upheaval indicated by Pluto's movement into Aquarius.

The economic uncertainties lingering from 2023 continue under celestial influence. Western economies, still recovering, face the astrological challenge of enduring high interest rates. Astrological insights suggest a watchful eye on the banking sector, especially concerning commercial property exposure, hinting at potential turmoil. China’s economic trajectory, shadowed by the risk of deflation, reflects the global economic recalibration under these planetary influences.

Adding to this cosmic narrative, the shift in monetary paradigms becomes evident with the pressure on cryptocurrencies. In this post Sam Bankman Fried era, the focus shifts to Binance, symbolizing the ongoing struggle between traditional financial institutions and the burgeoning crypto movement.

Despite regulatory pressures from entities like the SEC and the European Commission, the grassroots momentum of crypto adoption persists. Expect Bitcoin to hit $80k before the end of the year.

But beware, astrological patterns in 2024 advise a cautious approach to cryptocurrencies – suggesting removal from exchanges and advocating for secure personal storage on drives or USB encryption keys

This era of radical celestial movements marks political and monetary revolutions and announces a time of profound transformation in how the world perceives and interacts with economic systems


In 2024, as Pluto enters Aquarius, we expect major transformations worldwide. This shift in the cosmos is about changing old ways and bringing fresh, innovative ideas. It's a time for progress and rethinking how we live and work together, aiming for more fairness and advanced thinking. Transformative: is the chosen adjective for 2024

But, this change won't be easy. 2024 might bring chaos and conflict as new ideas clash with old traditions. We could see political and social unrest, and people may struggle to adapt to rapid changes. It's a time of testing, where the world might feel unstable and uncertain.

Despite these challenges, there's hope. This period of change is also about building a better future. It's an opportunity for us to improve technology, social justice, and care for our planet. In the end, these transformations could lead to a world that's more united and kinder to everyone.

Health and lifestyle

In 2024, influenced by significant celestial movements like Uranus in Taurus and Pluto entering Aquarius, global health and lifestyle trends will emphasize holistic wellness and technology-driven health solutions. For the first time since 2020 there will be little to no more concerns about the covid-19 pandemic by global health organizations.

There will be a growing focus on mental health awareness and eco-conscious living, with a shift towards natural health practices, tech-based healthcare innovations, and sustainable lifestyle choices.

The year also promises an increased interest in physical fitness, particularly outdoor activities, aligning with a broader theme of Earth connection and personal well-being.

These will be some of the health and lifestyle trends of 2024:

  • Holistic health practices

Uranus in Taurus, a sign that governs physicality and wellness, will lead to a surge in alternative and holistic health practices. People will turn more and more to natural remedies, yoga, meditation and other forms of holistic care for both physical and mental well-being.

  • Technology driven health solutions

Pluto's transformative energy in Aquarius, a sign associated with innovation and technology, also means we can expect a rise in tech-driven health solutions. This could include advancements in telemedicine, wearable health tech, and AI in diagnostics, making healthcare more accessible and personalized.

  • Mental health awarness

The introspective influence of Mercury retrogrades and the inward energy of retrograde planets in general will likely bring mental health into sharper focus. There will be a greater emphasis on understanding and addressing mental health issues, destigmatizing them, and integrating mental well-being into daily life.

  • Eco-conscious living

Uranus in Taurus also emphasizes a connection to the Earth and sustainability. There may be a growing trend towards eco-friendly lifestyles, with more people adopting plant-based diets, sustainable fashion, and environmentally conscious living habits.

  • More outdoors...

The energetic influence of the Wooden Dragon in Chinese astrology suggests an increase in physical activity and fitness trends. People increasingly gravitate towards outdoor and nature-based activities, aligning with the broader theme of connecting with the Earth.

This year's trends indicate that health and lifestyle choices will be intertwined with technological advancement, environmental consciousness and a holistic approach to well-being.

Politics and international relations

Masters of apocalypse

  • Володимир Зеленський, the 6th president of Ukraine Zelenskyy
  • בִּנְיָמִין נְתַנְיָהוּ, Benjamin"Bibi" Netanyahu, serving as the prime minister of Israel since 2022 Bibi
  • Xi Jinping (Chinese: 习近平; pinXí Jìnpíng Chinese politician who has been the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Xi

In the realm of world affairs a group of influential leaders face a tumultuous 2024, each shaped by the stars under which they were born:


  • Volodymyr Zelensky (Aquarius): Innovative yet unpredictable, Zelensky’s Aquarian traits may lead to unconventional strategies in 2024. The year challenges his visionary ideals, demanding adaptability amidst ongoing conflict and global scrutiny.


  • Benjamin Netanyahu (Libra): For Netanyahu, a Libra known for seeking balance, 2024 intensifies diplomatic and political tensions. His decisions may sway between peace and strife, reflecting Libra's inherent duality and the global pressures of leadership.


  • Xi Jinping (Gemini): Gemini’s duality in Xi Jinping heralds a year of complex, two-faced diplomacy. 2024 may reveal more of his strategic maneuvers on the world stage, underlined by Gemini's cunning and adaptability.


Controversial opinion leaders

  • Will Donald John Trump serve as the 47th ? Trump
  • Geert Wilders Wilders
  • Cenk Uygur Cenk Uygur
  • Donald Trump (Gemini): 2024 will amplify his controversial and unpredictable nature. The year could bring forth more divisive rhetoric, reflecting the dual aspects of his Gemini personality.


  • Geert Wilders (Virgo): For the meticulous Virgo, 2024 is a year of sharpening his critical viewpoints. His actions may further polarize debates, driven by Virgo’s detail-oriented and sometimes critical approach.


  • Cenk Uygur (Aries): Next year, Uygur will take even more impassioned and aggressive stances. His fiery approach to debates will escalate conflicts in discourse, reflecting the confrontational nature of his sign.


Each leader, influenced by their astrological sign, faces a year where their strengths and weaknesses could dramatically sway the balance of global power and peace.

The nine-dash line crisis:

South China Sea crisis(Illustration: Tuna salmon, Photo Library via Adobe Stock, ref: 489460414)

As Pluto transitions into Aquarius, the already volatile Nine-Dash Line Crisis escalates further, foretelling a deepening of tensions in the South China Sea.

This astrological shift portends a radical restructuring in regional power dynamics, exacerbating territorial disputes. Nations involved will likely harden their stances, leading to increased militarization and aggressive posture.

The quest for dominance in this strategic maritime region becomes more violent, with each party asserting its claims more forcefully.

Diplomatic efforts will fail as the year progresses, setting the stage for a lasting conflict where any form of compromise will be off the negotiation table.

Israel-Palestine conflict

the Israel Palestine war(Illustration: Barks, Photo Library via Adobe Stock, ref: 660381075)

The perennial Israel-Palestine conflict enters an even darker phase in 2024 under Pluto’s influence in Aquarius.

This transition suggests a significant upheaval in political ideologies and strategies, possibly leading to more extreme actions from both sides. Attempts at peaceful resolution might be overshadowed by a surge in hardline policies and a renewed cycle of violence and retaliation.

The year could witness a significant transformation in the longstanding conflict, with both parties adopting more radical approaches and the international community struggling to find effective interventions.

There is little hope for resolution as entrenched positions become even more pronounced.

Ukraine - Russia war

The Russo-Ukrainian War(Illustration: Barks, Photo Library via Adobe Stock, ref: 482806801)

In 2024, the Ukraine-Russia war sees no respite, with Pluto’s movement into Aquarius signaling a deepening crisis and a shift in warfare tactics. This astrological phase indicates a drastic transformation in the conflict's nature, potentially involving wider geopolitical implications.

The year may witness new and unexpected alliances forming, as global powers reassess their positions and strategies in this evolving chessboard. The war could escalate to new heights of intensity, with both nations digging in, unwilling to yield, and the humanitarian (and ecological) crisis worsening.

The shadow of Pluto looms large, suggesting a year where peace remains elusive, and the specter of a prolonged conflict becomes ever more real.

Election year

Election year- 2024(Illustration: Barks, Photo Library via Adobe Stock, ref: 626008353)

In 2024 the transformative planetary movements will deeply affect the global landscape of democracies around the globe through a series of elections, starting with the Presidential election in the US.

These elections, spanning over 70 countries and encompassing about 4.2 billion people, mark a cosmic milestone as, for the first time, they involve over half of Earth's population.

However, this unprecedented surge in electoral participation will not necessarily correlate with a flourishing democracy. Amidst these astrological shifts, many of these elections will fall short of the ideals of freedom and fairness, reflecting a complex interplay of cosmic influences on human affairs.

Sport, all the predictions for 2024

Super bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVII is the upcoming championship game of the National Football League (NFL) for the 2022 NFL season. The game is scheduled to be played on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.(Illustration: Nomi2626, Photo Library via ShutterStock, ref: 2389907177)

Most successful athletes of 2024

  • Nikola Jokić (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Јокић; born 19 February 1995) is a Serbian professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Jokic
  • Jude Bellingham Bellingham
  • Jaden Hurts Jaden Hurts
  • Nikola Jokic (Pisces): , dominates the 2024 NBA season, captivating fans with his unique blend of scoring, passing, and rebounding, solidifying his status as one of the league's top players

  • Jude Bellingham (Cancer): impresses at Real Madrid and with the Ethree lions at the soccer EURO 2024 with his exceptional midfield play, combining tactical intelligence with skillful ball control. Will England win the EURO?

  • Jalen Hurts (Leo): emerges as a powerhouse quarterback in the NFL, combining his agile mobility and accurate passing to lead his team to remarkable victories and setting new standards for quarterback excellence

Most successful Olympians of 2024

  • Victor Wembanyama is a Capricorn Wembanyamé
  • Kathleen Genevieve Ledecky (born March 17, 1997) is an American competition swimmer Ledecky
  • The Honourable Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce OJ, CD, OD, OLY Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
  • Victor Wembanyama (Capricorn): ;Victor Wembanyama leads France to a historic victory, setting new records in scoring and blocking.

  • Katie Ledecky (Pisces): astounds the world once again, shattering world records in multiple swimming events and securing her place as one of the greatest swimmers in Olympic history

  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Capricorn): with her lightning speed and exceptional agility, clinches gold for Jamaica in the 100m and 200m sprints, further cementing her legacy as a sprinting legend

2024 winning outfits in major sports

  • It's a Philly Thing NFL
  • The team was founded as the Denver Larks in 1967 NBA
  • Mia San Mia UEFA
  • The Philadelphia eagles will win Super Bowl 58

  • The The Denver nuggets will win the NBA championship

  • Bayern Munchen will win their first ever UEFA Champions League trophy 



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About the 2024 predictions and celebrity predictions.

Like we have seen in past editions of this blog, many of the predictions seem to materialize in some way or another. We have actually asked an AI engine to look back at previous predictions and the 2022 edition got an accuracy score of 75% which is quite impressive and highlights the talent of our top Astrologers here at PsychicWorld.

However, you should not see or read these predictions as something absolute and real that cannot play out differently.

Celestial movements and shifts in planets into zodiac quadrants affect the immaterial and it is on the basis of this knowledge of energies and influences that the Astrologers at Psychic World make predictions. They are, in the end, only conjecture based on incomplete information. There is what the astrologers know, planet movements and the impact these celestial shifts have on the different signs. Then there is the reality in the daily lives of the people who are affected by these energy fluctuations. These predictions are mere opinions: not hard statements.

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