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What will April 22 bring you?

Refrain from involvement in any strenuous tasks. Instead, you must allow yourself time to give free rein to your thoughts and most importantly, your feelings. Something completely new has a dramatic effect on your circumstances, it is waiting to be discovered and is capable of being the catalyst that eventually brings about dramatic changes in your life.


Bringing openness and warmth to your relationship you're able to resolve any previous misunderstandings. Without hesitation, others are ready to forgive and forget, and your good fortune is likely to have an inspiring effect. If single, you're attracted to certain people who normally you don't find as appealing as they seem to be now.


You settle past disagreements and make up for any wrong-doing. If there're tensions, you smooth them out and fix the situation. Not hesitating to arbitrate when your colleagues disagree, you assume responsibility, apologizing for any possible bad decisions in the past, and consequently rise in their estimation.


You can think of only one thing at the moment - total, passionate sex. The way things are going you're likely to get exactly what you want. Potential partners adore you and flaunt their charms in a big way. The next singles party will turn out to be a big hit, and you'll spend the night with someone special.

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Taurus personality traits

Besides the fact that on a daily level the day horoscope makes clear what is in store for you as a Taurus, you can read here what specific characteristics are in store for the Taurus. As a Taurus, you value standards and values and sometimes find it difficult to establish that your standards and values are not necessarily those of someone else.

You have difficulty with changes in your daily life. You work hard and have a practical mind. Furthermore, you are reliable and expect the same from others. At work you like to put in effort, but you want everyone to do their best equally.

You can easily get irritated if you think a colleague is cutting corners. You value a good home base, love good food and can be materialistic. Not only that, but you like it when everything goes as it should and you like certainty and simplicity.

What is the Taurus zodiac sign?

According to Wikipedia, Taurus is often compared to the Greek myth about the god Zeus, who conquered the heart of Europe in the guise of a bull. The sign Taurus was already a part of the Babylonian zodiac. Read more about meaning of the Taurus constellation on Wikipedia.

Taurus in relationships

To get to know your partner, you take all the time. In your relationship, you are both mentally and physically oriented. Thus, making love is a great thing for you. You are faithful and expect the same from your partner. Honesty plays a big role.

When you are disappointed in this by your partner, it comes as a bolt from the blue and you are totally upset. As a male Taurus you are steadfast and the female Taurus knows the art of seduction.

Both like to hold on to their relationship as soon as they realize that the partner of their life has come their way. You value that your partner remains vain, even in the relationship, just as you are.

Scorpio suits you well, as do Capricorn and Virgo. But a Libra, Aquarius, Leo or Pisces also goes well with you.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is a lot to tell about each constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day on which you were born. Here we explain some of the key characteristics per day of birth:

April 21: Great adaptability, poetic and curious.
April 22: Inventive, creative and likes to offer a listening ear.
April 23: Lively, sociable and strong opinionated.
April 24: Detail-oriented, patient and sets the bar high.
April 25: Diplomatic, good manners and romantic.
April 26: Observant, strong convictions and passionate.
April 27: Practical minded, likes to take risks and travel.
April 28: Ambitious, traditional and reliable.
April 29: Strong personality, independent and artistic.
April 30: Charming company, spontaneous and communicative.
May 1: Determined, charismatic and likes to be in control.
May 2: Honest, great stamina and physically inclined.
May 3: Flexible, perfect negotiator and down-to-earth.
May 4: Caring, attaches to family ties and successful.
May 5: Does everything with heart & soul, sincere and respectful.
May 6: Loves nature, makes high demands on herself and faithful.
May 7: Pleasant company, sympathetic and rational.
May 8: Engaging, powerful personality and strategic.
May 9: Wise, seizes new opportunities and impulsive.
May 10: Tender, appreciates old values and passionate.
May 11: Eccentric, open-minded and helpful to others.
May 12: Spiritual, creative and love high.
May 13: Nurturing, gentle and attaches to family ties.
May 14: Generous, huge imagination and reliable.
May 15: Practical minded, realistic and an organizer.
May 16: Peaceful, loves nature and elegant.
May 17: Enjoys entering into discussion, loyal and loves change.
May 18: Visionary, wanderlust and seeks meaning in life.
May 19: High sense of responsibility, reliable and dignified.
May 20: Stylish, steadfast and loves rituals.