Today's free Capricorn horoscope

What will April 16 bring you?

Long overdue visits are on the agenda as well as important decisions. Your sympathetic approach inspires the people you care about most to be open to new suggestions and want to clear up any existing problems that exist between you. You willingly take on new challenges both at work and home proving to others that their trust in you is well-founded.


If asked to give your opinion you may later very much come to regret the thoughtless choice of words used in your conversations with those you're closest to. The provocative approach you take is unlikely to be well received, and you may find you have to apologize later to improve relationships.


Be careful what you say when in talks with colleagues. The uneasiness you feel may lead to irreconcilable disputes. Instead whenever possible avoid working in a team and do your best to find a quiet place where you able to work alone. As a result, you don't get involved in any time-wasting disputes or discussions.


Your life is complicated. You have plenty of admirers, but no time for them. When you do manage to get going, you become sex-obsessed. You find it difficult to stop, even if it's no fun anymore. Show some restraint, otherwise this lack of sensitivity might turn you off sex altogether.

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Capricorn personality traits

In addition to the daily horoscope which clarifies what is in store for you as a Capricorn, you can read here what specific characteristics are in store for Capricorn. As a Capricorn you have a high sense of responsibility.

You are practical and have a broad social interest. You don't like to do anything wrong, which leads to you being quite a perfectionist. Likewise, you like certainties in life and make sure you can make a good living. Not only that, but you tend to build a wall around yourself so that not everyone can fathom you.

You are cautious by nature and do not like to take a risk. Furthermore, you spend your well-earned money wisely and don't throw it away. You prefer to spend it on something that will benefit you for a long time.

You are always there for your friends and family when they need you. Conversely, you expect the same, but you can sometimes be disappointed. They seem to be there for you, but sometimes you set your expectations too high.

Capricorn in love

You like to pamper your partner as a nurturing Capricorn. You love to do fun things with your partner. Once you have chosen your partner, you will not let go of him or her easily and you expect the same from the other.

If the relationship in which you have invested a lot of energy ends unexpectedly, it will take a long time before you can come to terms with this and enter into a new relationship with another person.

As a male Capricorn you like to look well-groomed. The female Capricorn likes to be in control to some extent. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio are good partners for you. But don't forget the combination with an Aries! And you can also have a good click with Pisces.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is a lot to tell about each constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day on which you were born. Here we explain some of the key characteristics per day of birth:

December 22: Dedicated, sensitive and strong.
December 23: Assertive, willing to work hard and creative.
December 24: Skilled, humorous and quite shy.
December 25: Likes logic, just and sometimes doubts.
December 26: Charismatic, strong personality and penchant for traditions.
December 27: Adventurous, humanitarian and enthusiastic.
December 28: Common sense, sets high life goals and witty.
December 29: Eccentric, intelligent and goes to goal.
December 30: Flexible, keen powers of observation and sense of rhythm.
December 31: Determined, artistic and practical.
January 1: Initiative, competitive and sometimes bad loser.
January 2: Reliable, pragmatic and you love beauty.
January 3: Humorous, intelligent and communicative.
January 4: Caring, well-mannered and an eye for detail.
January 5: Confident, creative and hard worker.
January 6: Expressive, often comes off as hilarious and dedicated.
January 7: Purposeful in life, elegant and you find it hard to say no.
January 8: Makes powerful impression, attractive and smart.
January 9: Optimistic, ambitious and open-minded.
January 10: Caring, diligent and a sense of humor.
January 11: Independent, organizational skills and you like to be in control.
January 12: Sensitive, artistic and sometimes a dreamer.
January 13: Down-to-earth outlook on life, self-confident and likes to be alone.
January 14: Vibrant personality, professional and sometimes vain.
January 15: Ethical, tireless and communicative.
January 16: Dry wit, stylish and romantic.
January 17: Passionate, ambitious and comical.
January 18: Extravagant, intuitive and wise.
January 19: Reliable, attaches importance to status and traditional.
January 20: Peaceful, calm and elegant.