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What will May 17 bring you?

You must listen to what those who are close to you say, their opinions can be of great worth to you going forward. Your brain is working overtime, others are impressed, and you can include any suggestions you receive, helping you complete the tasks you need to finish quickly. If you feel restless, take a break to relax your mind.


If you're unable to concentrate on your projects, instead think about doing something special for someone else. First, consider the person you're closest to and exactly what you can do for them. Using your imagination, you're able to thoughtfully create a surprise that's warmly appreciated by the person you love.


You’re able to apply your talents and abilities enthusiastically; you’re dedicated and clever enough to take on board ideas which bring you much closer to your professional objectives. It’s important to work on projects that are truly close to your heart, if not you find it difficult to be enthusiastic and instead are rather frustrated.


You're somewhat lazy where love-making is concerned. That doesn't mean your feelings have waned. You just don't always feel like doing all the hard work, and want to be seduced now and then. If your lover isn't prepared to do it, find someone else. There are more than enough alternatives, and one way or another you'll get what you want.

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Gemini personality traits

In addition to making clear on a daily level in the daily horoscope what is in store for you as a Gemini, you can read here about specific characteristics of the Gemini. Geminis like to be in contact with others and are broadly oriented.

A Gemini often looks at something from two sides, which leads them to doubt. Geminis like to be surrounded by close family members and friends. Geminis can sometimes tend to be fickle and concentrating on something can be difficult.

On the other hand, you are able to deal with several things at once, which can however lead to everything becoming too confusing for you. Communication is important to you, and you like it when others call on you. Because you like to immerse yourself in all sorts of things, you are also a wanderlust type.

Going to the same vacation spot every year is not really your thing. You want to go out into the world and be surrounded by other cultures and landscapes. You can endlessly enjoy new impressions that you gain.

What is the Gemini zodiac sign?

According to Wikipedia, the constellation Gemini is considered a masculine, mobile, positive sign in astrology. According to the doctrine of the elements, it is a sign belonging to the element Air. Read more about the meaning of the Gemini constellation on Wikipedia.

Gemini in love

Your partner, as well as your family and friends, enjoy being with you Gemini. You sometimes find it difficult to commit to one partner, precisely because you like to discover a lot. But when a Gemini meets the right one, you will go for it all and you long to do as much as possible together.

Sitting at home on the couch in front of the TV is something you won't be able to do for long, because you love an active life; also with your partner! You can share your desire for knowledge with a Sagittarius.

Aries also suits you well and since you are easy to get along with, constellations such as Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius and Libra can also be an excellent choice of partner for you.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is a lot to tell per constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day you were born. Here we explain a number of key characteristics per day of birth:

May 21: Strong communicator, always busy and in a good mood.
May 22: Decides by feeling, carefree attitude and pleasant company.
May 23: Warm-hearted, sense of humor and ambitious.
May 24: Realistic, modest and very perfectionist.
May 25: Very social, charming and attaches to friendships.
May 26: Irresistible personality, cheerful and curious.
May 27: Philosophically inclined, travel-loving and adapts easily.
May 28: Serious, impulsive and observant.
May 29: Deeply connected to your soul, progressive and worldly.
May 30: Versatile, entertaining and social networker.
May 31: Good empathy for others' situations, lively and sensitive.
June 1: Energetic, quick thinker and persuasive.
June 2: Rational minded, stylish and has a down-to-earth attitude towards life.
June 3: Very enthusiastic, curious and considers home important.
June 4: Deep family connection, sensitive and elephantine memory.
June 5: Born storyteller, relaxed and has integrity.
June 6: Analytical ability, helpful and humorous.
June 7: Good host/hostess, lively and communicative.
June 8: Witty, good counselor and compassionate.
June 9: Loved by family/friends, adventurous and philosophical.
June 10: Sharp wit, lively and elegant.
June 11: Talkative, organizational and always looking for the truth.
June 12: Highly sensitive, creative and flexible.
June 13: Charming, busy social life and versatile.
June 14: Great imagination, competitive and born leader.
June 15: Comical, intelligent and practical.
June 16: Persuasive, diplomatic and elegant.
June 17: Vibrant personality, seeks out limits and dedicated.
June 18: Optimistic, born storyteller and alert.
June 19: Reliable, carefree and funny.
June 20: Sincere, stable and artistic.
June 21: Group person, elephant memory and curious.