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The Best Tarot Spreads For Your Career

Have you ever considered using tarot to influence your career path? If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to give it a try.

By tapping into the ancient wisdom of tarot cards, it’s possible to gain insights and guidance to confidently navigate your professional journey.

Come and explore with us as we uncover the art of laying tarot cards to boost and elevate your career. We'll guide you in manifesting a roadmap to success by decoding hidden wisdom, enabling your career to reach new heights.

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The five best tarot spreads for your career

Let’s explore a variety of tarot spreads tailored for career guidance — whether it's charting a path to success, finding work-life balance, or navigating transformative career shifts. These spreads act as your guiding compass toward a more fulfilling and purposeful professional journey.

Path to Success Spread

This career spread serves as a roadmap to help you achieve your professional goals, providing insights into your current position, potential challenges, and the necessary steps for success. To execute the Path to Success Spread, follow these steps after shuffling:

  1. Shuffle and focus on your career goals while doing so.
  2. Draw three cards and lay them in a horizontal line.
  3. Interpret the spread:
  • Card 1: Where you are currently in your career.
  • Card 2: Obstacles you may face.
  • Card 3: Steps to take for success.

Career Crossroads Spread

Use this career spread to make decisions. It helps you explore different options and potential outcomes, guiding you to choose the best path when facing a crossroads in your career. Perfect for decision-making moments in your professional life!

  1. Shuffle and concentrate on the decision at hand.
  2. Draw four cards and arrange them in a cross shape.
  3. Interpret the spread:
  • Card 1: The nature of the decision.
  • Card 2: Option 1 and its potential outcomes.
  • Card 3: Option 2 and its potential outcomes.
  • Card 4: Advice or hidden factors to consider.

Skills and Talents Spread

This tarot card spread helps you pinpoint and improve your strengths, skills, and talents. It guides you in developing your professional capabilities and suggests areas to focus on for career advancement.

  1. Shuffle and reflect on your professional strengths.
  2. Draw four cards and place them in a square.
  3. Interpret the spread:
  • Card 1: Your primary skill or talent.
  • Card 2: How to enhance this skill.
  • Card 3: Additional skills to develop.
  • Card 4: The potential impact on your career.

Work-Life Balance Spread

This tarot spread is designed to help you achieve a balance between your work and personal life. It allows you to evaluate your work-life balance, identifying factors that positively contribute to or disrupt it. The aim is to utilize this spread to create a more fulfilling and well-rounded professional life.

  1. Shuffle while contemplating your work-life balance.
  2. Draw three cards and lay them vertically.
  3. Interpret the spread:

  • Card 1: Current state of your work-life balance.
  • Card 2: Factors affecting balance positively.
  • Card 3: Factors that may disrupt balance.

Career Transformation Spread

This career tarot spread is for times of change and transformation in your working life. It enables you to delve into various aspects of transformation, including new opportunities and challenges. By using this spread, you can gain a comprehensive view of the potential direction your career might take.

   1. Shuffle and focus on areas of potential change.
   2. Draw five cards and arrange them in a pentagon.
   3. Interpret the spread:

  • Card 1: Current state of your career.
  • Card 2-4: Aspects of transformation (e.g., new opportunities, challenges).
  • Card 5: Overall outcome or direction after transformation.

How can tarot spreads enhance your career?

Employing tarot career spreads can benefit your professional life in numerous ways. Here are some of the most common and impactful advantages:


Utilizing psychic chat and tarot spreads focused on your career can offer insights and much-needed guidance in your professional life. This can help professionals develop a deeper understanding of their current career, its challenges, and potential opportunities.

Clarity in decision-making

Tarot spreads, especially those tailored for career crossroads, help with decision-making by clarifying the available options and potential outcomes. They guide us in making well-informed choices, transforming uncertainty into informed decisions.

Personal development

Exploring tarot card spreads for careers, especially those concerning skills and talents, contributes towards professional and personal development. This deeper awareness serves as a guide, aiding us in recognizing and refining our abilities and staying relevant in our chosen fields.

Goal setting and road mapping

Tarot card spreads can serve as a roadmap, assisting us in setting and achieving even the smallest career goals. Career tarot spreads, in particular, guide us in taking necessary steps for success and warn us about potential obstacles. They underscore that there's always a way to move forward, provided we are willing to seek it.

Boosting confidence

The more we engage with career tarot spreads, the more our confidence builds. We can cultivate a positive mindset by drawing on spreads like the ones we've listed as the best. This positive outlook empowers us to approach our careers with resilience and enthusiasm. It's a powerful and beneficial cycle.

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Selecting the right tarot spread for your career path

Choosing the right tarot spread for your career path requires assessing the aspects of whatever career questions you want to be answered. Here are tips to guide you in selecting the most suitable spread for your inquiries:

1. Define your question clearly

Before selecting a tarot spread, clearly define your career-related question or concern. Be specific about the guidance you seek, whether it pertains to a problem, a project, or your overall career path.

Find out more on how to ask tarot cards a question.

2. Identify key areas of interest

Break down your career concerns into areas, such as relationships at work or potential obstacles and opportunities. This approach will assist you in selecting a tarot spread that addresses each specific aspect, or you can focus on the area that is most interesting and important to you.

3. Customize spreads based on goals

Remember, you have the power. Why not create a tarot spread aligned with your specific goals? Assign positions for elements like challenges, opportunities, influences, and advice. Customizing the spread can result in a more personalized and accurate reading.

4. Timing and seasonal considerations

If your career question relates to a specific timeframe or season, choose a spread that takes timing into account. Certain spreads delve into the past, present, and future, while others concentrate on shorter time frames, such as weeks or months.

5. Trust your intuition

Ultimately, trust your instincts when choosing a tarot spread. If a specific spread feels right for you and aligns with your question, go with it. Your intuition can guide you in selecting a spread that resonates with your energy and the nature of your career concerns.

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Can the tarot tell me whether I should quit my job?

Tarot serves as a tool for guidance and self-reflection but is not definitive or predictive. If you're contemplating quitting your job, tarot can provide perspectives on factors influencing your decision, potential outcomes, and considerations. However, the decision to leave your job is ultimately personal, involving other factors like your feelings, practicality, and plans.

In such significant decisions, it's beneficial to seek advice from trusted friends, family, and career professionals to gain additional perspectives.

If this speaks to you, consider consulting a career psychic. These professionals are specifically trained to focus on our professional lives and can assist with work-related concerns.

Will a tarot reading reveal whether I will secure a job in the future or not?

Similarly, the tarot can offer guidance, but it doesn't definitively determine or predict future events. Securing a job in the future depends more on practical actions, such as networking, skill-building, and actively searching for opportunities.

While tarot provides unique perspectives, approach readings with an open mind, using them to explore thoughts and feelings rather than expecting a definite outcome.

What tarot cards are a good sign of career success and advancement?

In the realm of tarot, certain cards are commonly linked to themes of career success and advancement. Here are a few cards that are generally seen as positive indications in the context of a career:

The Sun: Symbolizing success, positivity, and clarity, The Sun is a card that suggests a bright and successful future in your career endeavors.

The World: This card signifies accomplishment, fulfillment, and reaching a significant milestone in your career. It often indicates a successful conclusion or completion of a project.

The Ace of Pentacles: As a card of new beginnings and opportunities, the Ace of Pentacles is associated with material and financial success. It can represent a new job, promotion, or a prosperous venture.

The Ten of Pentacles: Representing long-term success and stability, this card is often associated with financial security, legacy, and the fulfillment of goals.

The Emperor: Signifying authority, leadership, and organization, The Emperor suggests that you are in control of your career path and have the potential for advancement through discipline and structure.

The Six of Wands: This card is a symbol of recognition, victory, and public acknowledgment for your efforts. It suggests that your work is being appreciated and that success is on the horizon.

The Three of Pentacles: Indicating collaboration and recognition for your skills, the Three of Pentacles suggests that your hard work is paying off and that others value your contributions.

The Wheel of Fortune: Symbolizing positive change and destiny, this card can indicate a turning point in your career that leads to success and advancement.


When using tarot to navigate your career path, choosing the right spread acts as a powerful compass. Whether you're seeking guidance, development, or confidence, the cards can provide valuable insight.

Remember, the magic isn't just in the spread you choose but in your connection with the cards. As you shuffle and lay them out, trust your intuition and let your energy flow, permit the tarot to weave its power into your professional journey.

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