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Are Psychic Readings Dangerous?

Let’s step beyond the surface as we delve into the complexities and potential dangers of psychics and the readings they conduct, shedding light on whether psychic readings, tarot readers and mediums, are dangerous, with a candid exploration of the risks that may lurk behind the other-worldly veil.

In this blog, learn how to avoid psychic tropes and pitfalls, and gain valuable advice on conjuring a healthy connection to the mystical arts.

The danger surrounding psychic readings

Before we begin, it’s important to say there are many different beliefs surrounding psychics, with opinions on their legitimacy being highly subjective.

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While there are real psychics out there, there are potential dangers associated with fraudulent practices that we want to shine a light on. These include:


Sadly, some take advantage of others by pretending to have psychic powers. They offer services like removing curses or promising specific future outcomes for a fee, but they don't deliver any results. If a psychic consistently requests money without showing any real evidence of their abilities, it indicates that the psychic reading poses a danger.


Dishonest psychics can skillfully pinpoint their clients' emotional weak points. They use persuasion to make people believe that they urgently need services, like energy or aura cleansing, for their well-being. If a psychic is pushing for urgent action, take a step back, give yourself a moment, and carefully think about the situation with a clear and balanced mindset.


Certain psychics tell clients that they're under curses or surrounded by negative energies. To deal with these supposed threats, the psychics suggest doing regular rituals. Fueled by fear, clients might continue these rituals even if they don't see any real improvements. This can lead to financial stress and increased anxiety based on unfounded beliefs.


Deceptive psychics may promise clients a sudden fortune and advise them to make big investments in risky ventures. Believing these predictions, clients might invest their savings without doing research, leading to financial disaster when the promised windfall doesn't happen.

If you receive advice like this, it is a clear indicator of a potentially dangerous psychic reading. Seek a second opinion before making any significant decisions.


Relying excessively on psychics for decision-making can result in developing a dangerous dependence on psychic readings. It can prevent people from taking charge of their own lives. In some cases, psychics might even discourage clients from trusting their instincts and judgment. Always remember, it's perfectly fine to trust your gut and make your own choices.

If the possible dangers surrounding psychic readings cloud your judgement, fear not, advice on finding reliable online psychics is available.

The dangers of tarot readings

Certain dangers specific to tarot readings include:

Manipulation through symbols

Exploiting the emotional impact of tarot card imagery, a reader might use ominous cards to create fear or urgency. This manipulation can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, or a feeling of hopelessness, especially if the client believes these interpretations are definite predictions. This may lead the client to misinterpret everyday events as significant omens.

Dependency on dark arts

A tarot reader could consistently emphasise cards linked to dark arts, suggesting the client is under a curse or facing inevitable hardship. This can create psychological dependence and a potentially unhealthy perspective on psychic readings, where the client relies on the reader for ongoing sessions to counteract perceived negative forces.

Unhealthy attachments

Another specific danger associated with tarot is the development of unhealthy attachments. A tarot reader could highlight the significance of a particular card, implying it holds special meaning or power for the client. This emphasis can lead to the development of unhealthy attachments or obsessions, impacting the client's mental well-being.

The dangers of mediumship readings

Concerns and risks specific to mediums include:

Portrait of a woman in a mirror with a candle.

Exploiting grief

A medium could target individuals grieving the loss of a loved one, claiming to communicate with the deceased and offering messages for a fee. This exploits emotional vulnerability for financial gain.

Additionally, this may lead to false claims of contact. A medium could assert detailed messages from a specific deceased person, potentially providing inaccurate information or general statements. This preys on the client's desire for connection and can cause emotional distress if the information is incorrect.

Overreliance on mediumship for closure

One of the most dangerous aspects of mediumship readings is overreliance. If a person becomes excessively dependent on a medium for closure, they may start to neglect other forms of support and hinder the natural grieving process. This can result in unhealthy attachments to the past too.

A false medium might encourage constant contact with the spirit of a deceased loved one, suggesting an ongoing connection is necessary for the well-being of both the living and the dead. This impedes the client's ability to move through the natural grieving process and manifests unhealthy emotional dependencies.

Encouraging belief in evil spirits or entities

Another danger linked to mediumship readings is the suggestion that the client is troubled by evil entities or spirits, fostering fear and paranoia. The medium could then offer expensive services or rituals to remove said entities, exploiting the client's fear for their gain.

Find more advice on determining if a psychic medium is legitimate here.

How to avoid potentially dangerous psychic readings

Avoiding psychic tropes and pitfalls can help us to achieve an authentic experience and escape the possible danger of psychic readings. Here’s some practical advice.

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Research and verify

  • Before engaging with a psychic, thoroughly research their background.
  • Look for reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from trustworthy sources.
  • Verify the psychic's reputation and track record to ensure they have a history of providing reliable and ethical services.

Set boundaries and limits

  • Establish clear boundaries for your interactions with psychics.
  • Consider the average price of a psychic reading and define your budget.
  • Be cautious of psychics requesting additional payments without providing concrete results.
  • Setting financial limits helps you avoid potential exploitation.

Seek multiple opinions

  • Don't rely solely on one psychic for major decisions.
  • Consult multiple psychics or experts to gain diverse perspectives.
  • This approach helps you cross-reference information and reduces the risk of being influenced by biased or unscrupulous practices.

Embrace scepticism

  • Approach psychic readings with a healthy dose of scepticism.
  • Ask questions, seek clarification, and critically assess the information provided.
  • Avoid blind belief in extreme predictions or promises.
  • Genuine psychics value clients who engage thoughtfully, asking for evidence or explanations when needed.

Trust your gut

  • Pay attention to your instincts and emotions during psychic interactions.
  • If something feels off or you're being pressured, trust your gut feeling.
  • Authentic psychics respect your boundaries and won't emotionally manipulate you for their gain.

Six ways to safely navigate psychic readings

Check out our six tips for safely navigating your journey, enhancing your well-being and spiritual growth, and guarding against the potential dangers of psychic readings!

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  1. Be realistic: Recognise that psychic insights aren't absolute or guaranteed. Avoid expecting specific details or outcomes. Instead, keep an open mind, allowing for various interpretations and perspectives. Remember, it's not about certainty but exploring possibilities.
  2. Ask empowering questions: Shift away from yes-or-no questions and ask ones that empower you to make informed decisions. For instance, inquire about actions to improve your current situation rather than seeking a direct answer about future success. This approach emphasises that the ultimate decision and path are yours to choose.
  3. Balance spiritually with practicality: While seeking spiritual guidance is rejuvenating, maintain a balance with practical actions in your daily life. Avoid using psychics as a substitute or relying excessively on them, as this is when readings can become dangerous. Take responsibility for your choices, actions, and life path to maximise impact and true worth.
  4. Fluidity is key: Understand that time in psychic readings isn't rigid, and predictions may not unfold linearly. Avoid fixating on specific outcomes or timeframes. Instead, absorb the advice given and let it naturally unfold through your life, allowing for flexibility and adaptation.
  5. Variety is the spice of the supernatural: Recognise that psychics aren't one-size-fits-all. Treat your psychic journey as an exploration; try different practices and readings to find what resonates with you. Avoid sticking to a single method, especially if you're a beginner. Diversity in approaches can offer a more comprehensive perspective.
  6. Feedback for improvement: Don't hesitate to provide feedback to the psychic after your reading. This constructive input helps them refine their skills and enhance the quality of their services. Remember, it's not about criticism but contributing to mutual growth. Sharing feedback benefits both parties involved and helps reduce the likelihood of others encountering dangerous readings in the future.

Are psychic readings dangerous? The conclusion

Embrace curiosity and caution as you navigate the labyrinth of psychic readings, tarot readers, and mediums. Recognise potential dangers but always hold onto the understanding that you have the power to shape your own decisions and life journey.

This awareness empowers you to confidently engage with psychic services, radiating enlightenment while staying vigilant for any risks or warning signs.

Armed with this awareness, now is the time to choose a psychic that’s right for you.

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