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Whether you're unsure what to do with your life or looking for solutions to ongoing issues, an Akashic Records reading could provide you with the answers and guidance you're looking for. Open the doorway to a secret library in another dimension, where you can retrieve information about your soul.

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Each soul is believed to have its own Akashic Record, which contains information about that soul's journey from the moment it was created. The term ‰Akashicª is taken from the Sanskrit word for ether (‰Akashicª) and the records are said to be held in the etheric dimension, in what's known as the Akashic Library or Hall of Akashic Records. This hall can be visited astrally by entering a meditative state.

Each record contains detailed accounts of a soul's various incarnations on Earth ‰ÛÒ essentially it is the ‰Û÷Book of You'ª. Like our souls, the records are eternal. They are constantly updated and the Akashic Library is never closed for business. The records are said to be protected by entities known as Record Keepers or Guardians, who ensure that they are only seen by people with permission to do so, and that nobody discovers information that they aren't ready to know yet.

What are Akashic Records Readings?

You can view your own records but, if you don't have the experience or esoteric gifts to do this, you can also ask a professional psychic to access them for you and give you an Akashic Records reading.

Akashic Records readings can be helpful in many ways. The records are said to hold:

  • information about your past lives
  • information about your current life
  • information that can give you insight into potential future developments, should you continue along the path that you are currently taking.


By having an Akashic Records reading and studying the data provided in your records, you could:

  • identify patterns of negative behaviour
  • discover your spiritual path
  • find the root sources of destructive thoughts
  • locate energy and chakra blockages.

Making use of the sort of information revealed in Akashic Records readings could enable you to move past obstacles in your life and become more fulfilled.


Some people believe that we choose some of aspects our lives before we incarnate, including lessons we wish to learn and challenges that we are prepared to face. The agreements that we make about these are known as soul contracts. When you have an Akashic Records reading, your psychic will be able to investigate these soul contracts for you.

Soul contracts can also be made with other people. We may, for example, have agreed to meet up with someone in this life to make up for the way we that treated them in a previous life, or to help them to achieve their goals. Sometimes, these soul contracts stop becoming beneficial to us and, therefore, the Akashic Records can be handy sources of information for anyone having issues with other people - whether that's with friends, work colleagues, or people with whom you are romantically involved. By looking into your Akashic Records, a psychic can tell you whether or not you have any soul contracts in place with anybody, and help you to identify and release yourself from those that are no longer serving you.

Online Akashic Records Reading -

Akashic Records readings don't need to be done face-to-face, so you can opt to have a telephone reading or even an online Akashic Records reading.

At, we have a host of gifted psychics and esoteric advisors for you to choose from, many of whom can provide you with Akashic Records readings. When you use our online Akashic Records reading service, you'll be able to pick the psychic you feel drawn to and chat to them in real time. We also offer a selection of practical payment options.

So what are you waiting for? Reveal the secrets of your soul's journey so far and make sure you're on the right track for the future with an online Akashi Records reading from one of our friendly and insightful professionals.

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