Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are in cosmic terms the highest realm of the universe where time and space do not abide by the laws of physics and where all human information, past, present and future, is forever stored.


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A starter guide to Akashic Records readings

By PsychicWorld.com©

psychic pulling card reading akashic records

What are Akashic Records exactly?

The Akashic Records are in cosmic terms the highest realm of the universe where time and space do not abide by the laws of physics and where all human information, past, present and future, is forever stored. 

With its origins coming from the Sanskrit word Akasha, meaning the aether or ether, a boundless energy that we cannot perceive, the Akashic Records exist on a vibrational plane beyond our perceived dimensions that can be accessed through various meditative and trance channelling processes.

The Akashic Records are where we can go to learn about our life’s purpose, to understand our soul’s journey, where we come from and where we might be heading. This astral plane is where the conscious meets the divine and where everything is connected.

What are Akashic records according to Einstein?

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” – Albert Einstein 

All space has energy, whether there are particles in it or not, and according to Einstein, there is a mysterious force that exerts an infinite push on the universe. This force that modern science does not understand and calls dark energy, does not dilute away and is forever present.

This universal energy connects everything together like the Akasha plane which is all astral light and is eternal. This is where you will find the Akashic Records, a timeless gateway to the soul. 

Accessing the records will allow us to find out more about ourselves and become aware of all the world’s wisdom to help us evolve and grow spiritually. This radiant light can help us heal and learn about the past and future to make the right decisions moving forward.

“The permanent resolution of any problem requires a permanent evolution of the soul.” – Linda Howe

This perception of all the material universe regardless of the constraints of space and time is why access to the Akashic Records allows us to find the answers to specific questions of life and our purpose within the entirety of the cosmos.

hand pulling tarot card

How can a Akashic reading help you?

To find our soul’s purpose and continue our journey of spiritual growth, Akashic Record readings can help us realign our inner compass and attune ourselves to the divine guidance that is readily available to us when searching beyond the physical dimension. 

Healing at a soul level is vital for us to understand our place within the cosmos but more importantly can bring new meaning and a renewed sense of purpose by tapping into the knowledge the records hold, with our destiny never set in stone. 

What is the Pathway Prayer Process?

Empowering and enriching, the Pathway Prayer Process was a method created and developed in the United States by spiritual pioneer Dr Linda Howe to allow anyone to access the Akashic Records and find out their soul’s purpose for themselves. 

Although the Pathway Prayer Process may seem simple, it takes time, extensive knowledge and practise to become an effective Akashic Records reader and there is still debate on how objective one can be when performing one’s own records reading. 

Where to find online Akashic Records readers?

At Psychic World, we have some of the very best Akashic Records readers with years of experience guiding others through the process, helping them understand and navigate the vast swathes of information and ensuring the readings do not overwhelm. 

Opening the Akashic Records can lead to a sensory overload to an untrained mind as inviting so much light requires you to being able to process it all at once. A skilled spiritual reader will be able to navigate the flow of information and channel the path to finding the answers to your questions. 

With the Akashic Records storing all human information, past, present and future, no subject is off limits and the reader will filter all pertinent and meaningful messaging from the Records to deliver the insights to inspire you to a better future. 

A reading is both powerful and engaging, delving into the divine to illuminate the direction your soul can take for spiritual growth and helping you find your place in all this cosmic wonder. Accessing the Akashic Records is an experience like no other, it’s a journey to a dimension where we are unbound and can be truly free.

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