Numerology reading

Numerology is the study that attempts to unravel the mysteries of life through numbers. It is the science of self-discovery that provides direct knowledge in the inner self and this awareness or self understanding. 

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Beginners guide to Numerology


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Numerology is the study that attempts to unravel the mysteries of life through numbers. It is the science of self-discovery that provides direct knowledge in the inner self and this awareness, or self understanding so to say gives us the ability to choose a certain path through life. 

Because Numerology is a complex and multi-dimensional topic we’ve designed a complete beginners guide to the science of numbers that explains the key concepts behind numerology. This guide draws from The Complete Book of Numerology by David A. Phillips, Ph.D.

Understanding numbers

Numerology recognises that numbers are vibrations. Numbers are energy. Each vibration is different from the next due to the number of cycles it oscillates at per second. All sounds colours, fragrances and thoughts are vibrations that dance to the tune of their inherent number. Human life, thus, has an intimate connection with numbers for there are the essence of the expression of life. 

Therefore, understanding numbers provides us with a simple and accurate meaning of our lives and life in general, just like a map helps us to navigate a certain route. 


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Understanding the three aspects of self:


The basic self

The primary level of human expression is through the body. The initial cry of the newborn baby, the adult’s yell for help, the last gasping word of the dying – they all emanate from and through Basic Self. It is at this level that the child attains practical familiarity with its environment. Expression of the five physical senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling) constitute the primary functions of Basic Self, together with talking, laughing, crying and all other physical activities.

As we learn to control Basic Self, it becomes our faithful physical servant. Ego is then motivated by compassion and wisdom, our physical lives become organised, and we become more patient with ourselves and others. Our lives become less sacrificial as we become more philosophical. We evolve from the victim to the victor.


three circles overlapping diagram

The conscious self

Conscious Self is the home of our thoughts and attitudes. It can also be the home of our joy and sadness as well as our ability to choose either joy or sadness. It is the domain of memory, creativity and idealism.

Conscious Self is the bridge between Basic Self and High Self, integrating our reactive and instinctive aspects with our spiritual values. It is the connection between the left and right lobes of our brain.


The high self

High Self includes our moral virtues, philosophical ideas and spiritual values. It is the essence of sensitivity and feeling, the aspect of our being that recognises and determines our needs. It expresses itself as intuition, love and wisdom. It is our highest form of expression, the God within. 


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Understanding the birth chart 

The key to discovering the inner self through numerology is the Birth Chart. The primary purpose of the Birth Chart is to reveal at a glance the overall formula or pattern of our strengths and weaknesses. Each different birth date results in a different Birth Chart – there are almost endless variations, but the construction is always the same.purple grid

  • The Birth Chart is constructed of four short, straight lines: two drawn horizontally, two vertically. 
  • Convert your birth date to its full numerical equivalent.
  • Each of the nine spaces is the permanent home for each of the nine numbers. Whenever a number appears in a birth date, it must always be placed in its own space, nowhere else. If numbers are absent from the birth date, the corresponding spaces of the Birth Chart remain empty.
  • With your Birth Chart now constructed, you have your basic individuality formula in place. We are now ready to analyse its many and various aspects. But first we need to observe the overall Birth Chart in its entirety, as a key to unlocking vital secrets of the inner self.

purple grid with numbers 

Here we see the balanced Birth Chart with its three Planes and their meanings. The degree of concentration of numbers on each Plane gives a general indication of which Self is most fluently expressed.purple grid with numbers

This knowledge is extremely beneficial in human relationships, for it reveals the level of communication most favoured by each person. How much better would be our rapport with our spouse, children and work colleagues if we instantly knew their preferred Plane of expression, i.e., with which Self they most identified.

How to fill in your birth chart? Let's say you are born on 02/12/1981. You have the following numbersin yout DOB: 2,1,2,1,9,8,1. if you group them in you have: 111, 22, 8, 9. Now fill the numbers in the chart. 

Do you want to know what triple 1, double 2 and single 8 and 9 say about your character, where your from, where you're headed? Consult one of our numerology experts on Psychic World today and get a detailed birth chart analysis. 

Understanding identity arrows

Arrows are found on the Birth Chart where any three numbers exist in a straight line or where any three empty spaces exist in a straight line. Arrows of numbers are those of strength. Arrows of empty spaces are those of weakness, which can be overcome by using the strengths provided by the numbers on the Birth Chart.

One of the most difficult lessons for these people is to accept that not everything they determine is intended for them to do. So often they will regard obstacles as inconvenient stumbling blocks that must be overcome whatever the costs. Whereas, were they to use their intuition and wisdom, they would recognise if that were so or whether the obstacles were intended to divert them to another, more suitable course of action. This could avoid later disappointment or frustration.


 Do you want to know your life path number, identity arrows and what they mean?

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Understanding ruling numbers

At varying speeds, we are all travellers on the Path. Some have stopped and are resting, indeed too many have rested for too long. Some are making discursive tours on tracks that lead away from the Path, tracks that appear to offer many a rich inducement, yet dissipate into nothing more than a confirmation that we have only one primary Path. And this we must transit before further growth can be successfully undertaken.

Some people never evolve beyond their Ruling Number, yet if they have secured the lessons of their Ruling Number in one lifetime, at least they have made progress. Others are not content with such constraints, recognising the emerging potential for growth, excitement and joy that inspires their life as they evolve beyond the agenda of their primary pathway, their natal Ruling Number. Before a tree can bear fruit, it must grow in strength and maturity. So it is with human life. Our strength and maturity emerge as we fulfil our primary purpose in life, as simply revealed by our Ruling Number.

Our Ruling Number is found by first adding each individual number in our birth date together. Your Core Numbers:




Only one total of numbers in the birth date will result in a Ruling Number 2, that is the total of 20. (Totals of 29, 38 and 47 result in Ruling Number 11’s.) Therefore, we find far fewer people with a Ruling 2 (and Ruling 22/4) than any other of the Ruling Numbers. Not surprisingly, both Ruling Numbers suggest a special significance. The Ruling 2 is generally the sensitive, unassuming, supportive person, while the Ruling 22/4 is far more assertive and self-confident.




When we note its commanding position at the head of the mind plane, we realise why so much emphasis is placed on thinking and on reasoning by people whose Ruling number is 3. These are people whose birth date numbers total 12, 21, 30, 39 or 48.




In the modern world, where so much general emphasis is placed on material concerns, the basic expression of most people with a Ruling 4 can be easily gratified. But there is more to them than materialism, though their major emphasis certainly lies on the physical, the 4 located in the centre of the physical plane.




In practice, we find that people with the Ruling Number 5 invariably strive to be free from constriction. This is a natural expression of their highly sensitive nature and their inherent need to express their feelings. It is not surprising when we realise that 5 is the centre of the Soul Plane and of the Arrow of the Will. Birth dates whose component numbers total 14, 23, 32 or 41 have a Ruling Number 5.




This is a Ruling Number of extremes. These people have the potential for great creative power when living positively, yet they become incessant worriers when living negatively. The position of this number at the centre of the Mind Plane and at the head of the Arrow of Will gives Ruling 6 people tremendous potential to perceive and create brilliantly. Regrettably, they rarely achieve lasting success in their lives due to their ever-present tendency to worry (their self-destruction). Birth dates with component numbers totalling 15, 24, 33 or 42 have a Ruling Number 6




Under the influence of this Ruling Number, people gain maximum experience from life’s lesson book, both through the personal sacrifice of learning and through teaching or sharing (teaching being the consummate means of learning). Both facets of human growth are intimately related to physical expression, symbolised by the position of the 7 in the Birth Chart at the intersection of the Arrows of Practicality and Activity. Birth dates with component numbers totalling 16, 25, 34 and 43 have a Ruling Number 7.




These are people who regard independence as one of the most important aspects of life. They can be very complex people who invariably possess great wisdom and strength or character. Their power derives from the position of the 8 as the number of wisdom on the soul plane, as well as being in the centre of the Arrow of Activity. Ruling number 8 birth




The humanitarian qualities of ambition, responsibility and idealism are the three-fold aspects of Ruling 9 people, whose prime motivation is to put people before things. They are individuals whose birth date numbers total 18, 27, 36 or 45.




Most Ruling Numbers can be expressed in a variety of ways, depending on the degree of awareness of the person. But there is no greater range of expression than that found in the potential of the Ruling 10. They vary from the most likable, personality-plus people when living positively, to lost, floundering, insecure beings when negativity takes over. They are the most adaptable people. They have the potential for brilliant success or they can languish in mediocrity. Birth dates with totals of 19, 28, 37 or 46 are Ruling 10’s.




An especially high level of spirituality surrounds this Ruling Number, offering those born to it a unique potential for developing the awareness of the high self. Unfortunately, more people fail to live up to this potential power than develop it, but this pattern is changing with the rapid approach of the New Age of enlightenment (New Age). Though we do not find many Ruling 11’s as most of the other numbers, they certainly proliferate in domains where personal growth and spiritual upliftment predominate (and they will all be reading this book!). In practice, only two birth date totals commonly qualify for Ruling number 11 – that is, 29 and 38 – though an occasional birth date total of 47 will be found.




This is the master number. People born as 22/4’s have almost limitless potential and often make their mark in life by achieving seemingly impossible goals. But there are two distinctly different Ruling 22/4’s – the aware and the unaware. The difference between them is as extreme as the power of the number. The former benefit from the successful mastery of any aspect of life into which they are directed; the latter drift into a lazy indifference, becoming almost useless misfits, many of them drifting into mental institutions. Only one total of birth date numbers resolves to a Ruling Number 22/4 and that is the total of 22, occurring only with some one to two percent of the population.


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Understanding day numbers

Just as it is important for us to develop the understanding of our eternal being, the inner self, so is it necessary for us to understand the manner by which we express to the world through the outer self. We do this through our Day Number and our name. 

With most birth dates, the Day Number is different from the Ruling Number. Yet for some people it is the same number. In these instances, the apparent need to strengthen your Ruling Number clearly outweighs the need to divert from it, circumstances derived from the previous one or two lifetimes. (If you find this explanation incredible, do not dismiss it until you have had the opportunity to investigate it for yourself. Most Westerners have not recognised the significance of karmically created traits in their current personality.)


Birth day Day number 
1st  1
2nd 2
3rd 3
4th 4
5th 5
6th 6
7th 7
8th 8
9th 9
10th 10
11th 11
12th 3
13th 4
14th 5
15th 6
16th 7
17th 8
18th 9
19th 10
20th 2
21st 3
22nd 22/4
23rd 5
24th 6
25th 7
26th 8
27th 9
28th 10
29th 11
30th 3
31st 4



People born on the first day of the month always do their best when allowed to work on their own. They need ample freedom to fully develop and express their unique initiative. The direction in which to channel this expression is indicated by their Ruling Number, though they are sometimes tempted to depart from its direction if they want to do things their way. Because of their preference for individual effort, these people can appear aloof or detached for certain periods. This is especially noticeable in children born on the first day of the month – it should cause no alarm, for it is merely their other self enjoying its seclusion.



This brings with it added intuitiveness, which is a valuable benefit in decision-making. It also stimulates the desire to work closely with someone who has a bright, happy disposition. These people enjoy light entertainment, especially if humorous, preferring to be entertained than do the entertaining. They are reliable, supportive people who are generally happy and lighthearted, preferring the natural to the artificial.



Opposite of the previous Day Number, these people are the fun-loving entertainers. Most of them only want to be involved in projects on a part-time basis, for they often have other more vital things to pursue in line with their life purpose (as indicated by their Ruling Number). They are people who thoroughly enjoy all forms of humour, especially satirical humour. They are generally bright extroverts with a very active brain and a ready answer, but they do have an underlying tendency to be critical of more sombre people without attempting to understand the nature of these different personalities. Care should be taken to resist the destructive urge to criticise. Instead, subtle humour can be used to get a point across if they believe the other person needs help. Sometimes it is they who need the help.



A practical and capable flair helps these people to express themselves well with their hands or feet. If their Ruling Number is an odd number, this Day Number will assist them in creating balance, with the adoption of a predominantly artistic or philosophical approach to life. Should their Ruling Number be an even number, they need to take care to avoid any undue emphasis on materialism, and learn that they will achieve the best results from their actions when they employ the patient ability to organise, which is second nature to the Day Number 4.



These are caring, compassionate people for whom it is essential to have the freedom to express their deep feelings. They are sensitive and yet possess a balance that underlies their ability to achieve success and happiness, provided they do not develop a fear of being misunderstood. This could produce a shyness that inhibits their true self-expression, causing an inward intensity due to suppressed natural expression. They need to engage in plenty of outdoor exercise and activity, and to select bright company with whom they can freely share laughter and the joy of living.



Though this is a number of creativity, for most people such expression seems to be restricted to the domestic sphere. This is especially so in the case of women, though men also tend to prefer to stay at home, doing little things of a creative nature rather than be out with their mates. Its positive expression is of love and beauty, qualities that make the Day Number 6 a person to brighten up the home or the workplace. When living negatively, these people take on the worry syndrome, over-dramatising domestic problems and developing all sorts of fears and anxieties with a dreary, almost never-ending habit of complaining. Their panacea is readily found by replacing the worry habit with creativity. For example, by engaging in some form of productive hobby such as painting, pottery, music, and so on.



No number provides a more active understanding of life’s lessons than the 7. Its special purpose is to induce personal involvement where the person learns the lessons of life in the most indelible way – through personal sacrifice. This will usually affect the pocket more than health or love, though the latter two will be involved if the lessons are not readily recognised. As these people mature in wisdom, they will feel drawn to share their life’s experiences in a practical way through teaching. In this way, the profound lessons of this number can be successfully instilled upon the soul.



Humans tend to work and act as part of a group, so accustomed are they to being organised and directed. But this ultimately becomes the antithesis to the development of personal independence, the primary purpose of this Day Number. As these people grow in personal awareness, they will recognise an emerging need for the independent expression of their feelings, emotions and intuition. This essential independence is the basis upon which all other forms of personal expression will. However, some people will tend to misconstrue financial independence as the basis and to go resolutely for this, rather than recognise it as a development of the successful acquisition of independence of the self. Unless financial success is based on a mature understanding of their personal life, such prosperity will be somewhat temporary.



In its more limited role as a Day Number, the 9 expresses itself primarily as the symbol of responsibility, motivated by idealism. As such, it assists us in realising the purpose of our experiences with other people. This tends to imply a rather serious role in our affairs, but it is not intended that we be constantly serious, as are so many people with this Day Number. If such is the case, they should seek bright and happy company, learning to have fun and laugh more to maintain that vital emotional balance. Some people tend to become overly ambitious under the influence of the Day 9, but if this is not directed toward the common good, it can produce its own form of instability through dissatisfaction. People with this Day Number should be careful to avoid intense arguments, for their over seriousness tends to induce a fanaticism that borders on mental instability as they lose control of reason. Better they learn to express any personal differences within the context of a discussion.



That power of happy adaptability at the foundation of easygoing friendship is profuse with these people. They are gregarious, energetic, generous and easily pleased, usually with an abundant number of acquaintances whose similar desires provide constant physical gratification. But they need to guard against a tendency toward superficiality, for this inhibits the development of worthwhile friendships and restricts their personal understanding of the real purpose of life. Extravagance with their time, energy and/or money might make them the centre of attention for a time, but such protracted wastefulness will inevitably result in emptiness. They should be prepared to use their talents to develop their primary purpose in life, as revealed by their Ruling Number.



The high level of spirituality with which this number is identified usually finds its best expression through intuition as a Day Number. This is potentially a thoroughly reliable guide to the understanding of people and events, but only when free of high emotion. Unfortunately, a tendency of so many Day Number 11 people is to become involved in emotional extremes, such as are expressed in moodiness, anxiety or abruptness. These emotions are extremely enervating and unhealthy. They should be controlled as soon as they are recognised, for they can be easily transformed to become positive spiritual guidance. This allows the Day Number 11’s intuition to develop to its ultimate glory as thorough reliability.



The potential power of this number is second to none, for it combines intuition with the practical, leading to the ready recognition that the achievement of anything is possible. But this will only become a reality if the person has achieved a comprehensive integration over the three Planes: Mind, Soul and Physical. Otherwise, the use of this power can become lopsidedly motivated by the base desire to attain control for the sake of the power it brings. Such is the temptation for people of this Day Number. But such reliance can only lead to ultimate fragmentation, with resultant loss intended to convey the lesson that one’s Day Number is essentially an alternate power and is never intended to be the primary seat of influence.


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Understanding 9 year cycles

There are two significant aspects to the understanding of personal numerology: the basic and the flexible. The numbers of our birth date provide the basic aspects, while the flexible aspects are the cyclic variations that fall within the ambit of the Personal Year Cycles and, within them, the monthly cycles.

Our memory seems to cling to these extremes. However, were the memory more reliable and more cognizant of other than extremes, we would also recall those years of stabilising quietude when no significant material progress or frustration occurred. We would also have detected cycles of change running through our lives.

These Cycles facilitate the progress we are able to achieve as we evolve through that endless lesson book entitled Life on Earth. Recognising as we do that the purpose of human life is to evolve toward perfection, it is fundamental to our understanding that such evolvement imply growth. And growth demands change.

The recognition of our Personal Year Cycles and guiding our lives successfully through them distinguishes the exceptional from the average person. We have all known exceptional people in whose presence we feel uplifted; at times their success may cause us to experience a touch of envy. 

It is clearly seen that the Personal Years 9 and 1 collectively form the major peak in the cycle, while the Personal Year 6 forms a minor peak. The trough years are represented by the Personal Years 4 and 7. Remember not to regard those trough years as “bad” years, but as consolidating or stabilising years that only become difficult if we attempt to move against the flow and make major changes or seek continued progress in those years.

Another vital observation is that each successive cycle progresses higher than the previous.

Astrology and Numerology

The close relationship between astrology and numerology is evident to all who have studied both. They both provide an insight into life, yet we always find an explicit preference with students and counsellors for one over the other. The basis for such preference will not always be apparent, nor does the reason really matter – an academic scientist might exert a similar preference for the study of physics over chemistry, yet they are so related that no worthy scientist can afford to be without a sound working knowledge of both.


Planets    Numbers
 Sun    1
 Moon    2
 Jupiter    3
 Uranus    4
 Mercury    5
 Venus    6
 Neptune    7
 Saturn    8
 Mars    9


This analogy between the two metaphysical sciences and the two physical sciences is appropriately illustrative, for it offers many parallels to our discoveries. Numerology and astrology are the two most scientific and reliable metaphysical sciences for the investigation into human personality and the discovery of our individuality. Physics and chemistry are two of the most essential physical sciences that involve the study of the material universe, the understanding of the outer self, the “doing” aspects of life. It is impossible to thoroughly understand human health without physics and chemistry, just as it is impossible to thoroughly understand the purpose of human life and how it can be best lived without numerology and the support of sun sign astrology.


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What’s in a Name? Name numerology

Our names have become a very important sound to us, whether it be our given names, pet names, nicknames, or whatever appellations we prefer to use. Actually, our names must be regarded as an adopted part of our personality and expression. A name is important because its vibrations become fused with our own. The term “vibration” implies to not only the audible wave frequencies but, even more broadly, the symbolic vibrations of the name as indicated by its numerological pattern. These vibrations exert an influence on our very personality and individuality.

Many people overlook the influence exerted by their name on the overall expression of their personality, but let us not dismiss this subject too hastily. Names are not given to us by chance or by accident. They attach themselves to us according to our need, though we are rarely aware of this. Parents will choose a name for their child guided by some preference. What created that preference? Nothing occurs by chance – there is always a reason, whether we are aware of it or not. Likewise, there is always a reason for those who change their name – often a far deeper reason than initially suspected. Numerologically, we can reveal that reason and, in so doing, we discover a deeper side to our personality.

To assess the power of a name, we must start by obtaining its numerological values. This is achieved by translating the letters of the name to their equivalent numbers using the following table:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  



From the foregoing analysis, it is clear how helpful the name Elizabeth is to the Queen. When we analyse successful people, we find this to be a consistent fact: almost without exception, their name will be in harmony with, and a source of strength to, their natal powers.

In practice, we find some surprisingly inspired instances of parents who unconsciously chose ideal names for their children. It is as though they were strongly impressed to choose such names by some power of which they had little or no cognizance. Unfortunately, all too often we find that people have names that create something short of ideal harmony or balance for their personality. Some people have themselves recognised this problem and have changed their used name with subsequent success. This often occurs in the acting and literary professions.


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Love numerology for relationships

With numerology at our disposal, we are equipped with a laser technique for honing into the very core of the situation to understand and unravel its complexities with accuracy. These complexities are invariably far deeper and more intricate than the clients would have believed possible, as the following real-life example indicates.


Numerology life path compatibility 

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 * ** *** * *** ** ** * ***
2 ** * ** * ** *** * *** *
3 *** ** * * ** *** * ** ***
4 * * * * ** *** *** ** *
5 *** ** ** ** ** * * ** **
6 ** *** *** *** * * * ** ***
7 ** * * *** * * ** ** ***
8 * *** ** ** ** ** ** ** *
9 *** * *** * ** *** *** * *

*** Very compatible couple

** Could make a good couple

* Terrible couple

How to use this table? This table is very easy to use. Look up your life path number and that of your partner and see how much compatibility stars there are.  

A marriage partnership is the most important association we establish in life. So we should be far more conscious of it than to believe that emotional love is the only prerequisite. But total love – spiritual, mental and physical – is another matter. Without it, a marriage will not last.

Many people marry in anticipation of discovering love, or they hope to have the love of their intended to satisfy their own lack of it. This does not auger well for a solid relationship. The ideal marriage is based on each partner having individually found deep, inner love and feeling so attuned to it that they seek to share it.

Basically, there are two types of relationship: the supplementary and the complimentary. Our use of these two classifications makes rather liberal use of the words, but it is important to realise the difference and recognise the types of marriages to which they refer.

The supplementary marriage is one where the opposites prevail – the weaknesses of the one partner are negated by the same traits being strengths in the other partner and vice versa. These people are constantly finding exciting differences in each other and are constantly learning and strengthening their individual characteristics from the exchange. Karmic relationships fall within this category. More long-term marriages exist in this group, characterised by each partner having many separate interests from the other.

Complimentary marriages are those where the two participants have very similar characteristics. They are attracted by their similarities, but these can wear thin after some years. Such marriages need considerable stimulation to keep them exciting and avert the boredom that might otherwise take over. The partners generally share similar interests, and it is in this area where the marriage either survives or fails. In fact, it is in these marriages where numerological guidance can be the most beneficial, for it assists the partners in developing aspects of their individuality they did not realise existed, deviating from those similarities upon which they have been constantly focusing. No matter how similar two people are, significant differences can always be discovered that enable them to expand into areas of expression they have not previously contemplated. This is specially so in the case of “identical” twins.


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Pythagoras and number symbolism

Born in 608 B.C., Pythagoras sought to free the human mind from political and religious confinement. Pythagoras gathered about him an ever-increasing number of students keen to aspire toward personal independence, and to discover the meaning of love and life. The essence of his teachings was enshrined in the axiom: “Know thyself, then thou shalt know the universe and God.”

painting of Pythagoras holding a small pyramid in GreecePythagoras founded his own university at Crotona, a Greek colony in southern Italy, around 532 B.C. Admission was open to all who sincerely sought to learn. There was no distinction between sex, race, colour or creed. However, every person who entered had to make a commitment to intense study.

The major course taught was in self-development, and was provided in a three-part curriculum. The primary component was known as “Preparation.” It consisted of intensive training in the “ten mathematical disciplines,” designed to provide the student with “empire over the self.”

The second trimester was called “Purification.” Its essence was the understanding of life, its purpose and how to work in harmony with that purpose, as taught through the “Science of Numbers,” more commonly known today as numerology.

In the final trimester, students were taught the concept of “Perfection.” Perfection embraced the integration of the physical, mental and spiritual components of each person and of life.


 Do you want to know your life path number and what it means?

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Further information on numerology readings

A numerology reading is centred around the mystical relationship between numbers and physical events. Patterns of these numbers can likewise be interpreted to signify certain events within your life. Although the process can be rather intricate, there are still a few areas that our psychics will interpret during any of our numerology readings.

Your birthday number describes the overall path that you will take in life. This is also sometimes referred to as your destiny number. Challenge numbers refer to the issues and obstacles that you will be required to face and overcome from birth until death. Pinnacle numbers are closely related to challenge numbers. These predict the different segments within your life and which themes are thought to dominate each one. Other figures include name numbers, personal numbers and karma numbers which represent the areas in life that you may need to address in order to become a stronger individual. As you can see, a great deal of time will be devoted to any of our numerology readings. 

This article only scrapes the surface of the science of numbers. We reccomend you read the The Complete Book of Numerology by David A. Phillips, Ph.D. for more insights in Numerology or that you consult one of our experts today 

Your online numerology reading

You will find your online Numerology Reading from gives you added confidence that there is order to life. Your conviction that random events are in fact broken into comprehensible meaning via the study of numbers will grow as you learn more about this fascinating psychic science. Your online Numerology Reading will be provided by an expert Numerologist with plenty of skill at teasing out the hidden meaning within your personality. As time goes by and the forecasts you received from your Reading become more apparent, your understanding of the intricate meaning to life will increase by leaps and bounds. Take the first step today and check out just how much information is hidden within your date of birth and your names.

What is your life path number? 


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