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The Best Questions To Ask a Psychic

Over 3,000 years ago, the kings of ancient Greece paid the Oracle of Delphi thousands of gold coins to gain insights into what their future holds. At times, they even made human sacrifices to gain the favour of the priestesses of Apollo.

Thankfully, today, gaining insights into our future has become much easier. We could find psychics online, on the phone and even walk into their offices. All we need to know is how to ask the right things.

Here are some of the best questions to ask a psychic about love, family, your career, money, and health.

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What are psychic readings?

Psychic readings involve a psychic or medium claiming to use extrasensory perception (ESP) and remote viewing to provide insight into a person's life. The psychic may use tarot cards, palm reading, astrology charts or other tools to supposedly tap into psychic energy and spiritual forces.

How psychic readings work is a tougher question. Psychic ability is a thing of the soul. It can neither be taught nor learned — a person is born with the gift. When psychics are reading you, they are basically observing your soul. Your soul can manifest in different ways, either aurally, spiritually, mentally or even symbolically.

Many people go to a psychic to get answers to some of their biggest questions, and some even view readings as a form of spiritual self-care.

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Types of psychic ability and psychic readings

There are different types of psychics in the world, and choosing the right psychic is a deeply personal matter.

Perhaps the most well-known type of psychics are those who can delve through the shroud of time and see visions of the future. We call such gifted people seers.

Arguably the most famous of seers are Prophet Samuel and Michel de Nostradame, better known as Nostradamus. His books are still popular to this day because of the accuracy of his predictions.

But aside from seers, there are eight other types of psychic readings, including:

Tarot readers

These enlightened souls are capable of deciphering the messages contained in tarot cards. A tarot reading involves a reader assigning meanings to different cards, which they use to provide guidance or perspective on a person's life situation.


Since ancient times, astrologists have understood the impact that the sun, moon and stars in the sky can have on our fate and well-being. Armed with just birth dates, they are able to decipher and discover things that will blow your mind during an astrology reading.


Mathematics, or rather, numbers, carry the secrets of the universe. Mastering the science of numerology can take years, even decades, but you will be awestruck the day you meet a master numerologist.

Aura readers

Every single one of us projects auras, but only a very, very small number of us can see them. This is why aura readers are worth their weight in gold — they can see everything about your present self, unlike anyone else.

Rune readers

Ancient Germanic warlords (and warlocks) that seeded much of Western Europe relied heavily on the magical properties of runes to guide their decisions and see the future — and the mystical art of rune reading and rune writing continues to be practised today by a select few.


Psychometrists simply have to touch objects or, at times, people to gain instant insight into their lives. When you're seeing one, be sure to bring along your oldest and most treasured possessions so they can provide you with all the advice you require.

Crystal gazers

Crystal gazing, sometimes known as crystallomancy, is an incredibly rare ability to see visions through crystals.

We are very familiar with the concept of psychics gazing at crystal balls, but it's not just balls — they can also see visions from other types of crystals. This is a form of earth magic of the Romani people that can be traced back hundreds of years.


This is quite possibly the rarest psychic ability — the ability to converse with the spirits of the departed. For many, being able to communicate with loved ones offers the only possibility to find closure and true happiness in life.

Additionally, some very, very special psychic mediums are also capable of traversing time to glimpse at your past lives. Learning of our past selves and the decisions we made, or didn't, could prove to be incredibly useful to our present selves.

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What questions should we ask psychic readers?

The type of questions we ask our psychic readers can greatly help them to discover not just the answers we want to hear, but also the answers we need to hear. To help you get started, we've prepared a quick guide below on good questions to ask a psychic. Feel free to modify these psychic reading questions to meet your particular circumstances.

Questions to ask psychic readers about love, romance and sex

Love is one of the greatest and sweetest aspects of life. Yet, it is also the most complicated and painful. Sometimes, we just need a helping hand to help us navigate the pitfalls of love.

If you're seeking advice about relationships from your psychic reader, these are the kinds of questions to ask a psychic about love:

  • What kind of qualities and energy should I look for in a prospective partner?
  • Is my soulmate already in my life? If yes, how do I spot them?
  • Is this the right time to start a new relationship?
  • Should I reconnect with my soulmate?
  • What can I do to improve my sex life?

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Questions to ask psychic readers about family

They say you can't choose your family, but you can certainly make an effort to ensure you have a loving and respectful relationship with every family member.

To do this, what sort of questions should you ask?

  • Will my parents reconcile after their separation?
  • Why is X so critical about everything I do?
  • Do my children want to rebuild my relationship with them?
  • Why does my brother appear more supportive of my sister compared to me?
  • Should I lend money to my uncle?

Questions to ask psychic readers about work, professional life and career

Most of us spend more time with our work colleagues than with our own family. So we owe it to ourselves to ensure we are better equipped to deal with our workplace issues and relationships.

You can start with the following career questions to ask a psychic:

  • Is this the right career for me? Or should I change to another field?
  • How do I attract the attention of my boss and show them my value to the company
  • How do I eliminate the negative energy in my office and improve interpersonal relationships with my colleagues?
  • Should I pursue a professional certification or a postgraduate degree?
  • What can I do to improve my chances of promotion?

Questions to ask psychic readers about money, finance and property

No, psychic readers don't have any stock tips or winning lottery numbers. But they can help you develop positive habits and steer you to the right financial path.

These are the best questions to ask a psychic about finance:

  • What is my financial outlook in the immediate and short term?
  • What habits should I develop to achieve financial independence? Should I be patient or aggressive with my financial strategy?
  • Should I get a second job or start a freelancing gig?
  • Should I apply for a bank loan to invest in a specific opportunity?
  • Is there any specific industry that financially resonates with me?

Questions to ask psychic readers about health

You should see a doctor immediately if you are in pain or suffer from any affliction. For other concerns, your psychic reader may be able to provide some clarity.

Start by asking these questions about your health:

  • Apart from the obvious (smoking, drinking, etc.), are there any habits which I should get rid of to improve my long-term health?
  • What type of nutrition must I focus on?
  • How do I create and maintain a proper balance between work and home?
  • What steps should I take to reduce my anxiety and improve my overall mental health?

It’s worth bearing in mind that these questions to ask a psychic are just the tip of the iceberg; however, we hope they will help to get you started on the right path. As you spend more time with your psychic consultant, you will be able to better gauge the type of questions that will improve their connection with you.

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