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You can avail of a consultation with a online fortune teller at any time, day or night. Sometimes, we just need gentle reassurance about where we are headed.


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Beginners guide to Fortune Telling


Discover fortune telling on your mobile and desktop on PsychicWorld Fortune telling is the practice of diving into a person's life and cosmic energy today to understand where they will be tomorrow, using a variety of methods and techniques to gather information from the material world (what we see and feel now) and the spirit world (what we can’t materialize but can instead sense: energies and spirits).


The classic dictionary definition reads as follow:


[ fawr-chuhn-tel-ing ]

noun the act or practice of predicting the future.

Fortune-telling is the forecasting of events that will occur in the future, or when it is conducted on you, it’s the process of unravelling today what will occur in your life in the near and far future.

The evolution of your life path and identifying significant events that will affect you in the future is done by tapping into your energy, your aura and your different personalities.

Babylonian priests and oracles, fortune telling in antiquityFortune telling has an ancient and rich history and has been part of all major civilizations from antiquity to modern days. History teaches us that fortune-telling was practiced in ancient China, Egypt, Chaldea, and Babylonia as long ago as in 4.000 BC (that’s over 6.000 years ago!).

Prophetic dreams of highly intuitive shamans, priests, witches and ordinary people have played an important part in the creation of ancient beliefs, religions and medicine.

The global acceptance and popularity of the basic concept of fortune telling can be found in popularized mainstream artefacts such as fortune cookies (generally offered at the end of a meal in an Asian restaurant), the highly popular magic 8-ball toys, or the origami fortune teller used in children's games (also known as a whirlybird, cootie catcher, chatterbox or salt cellar).

Commonly known predictive methods of fortune-telling include astrology, numerology and the use of objects such as playing cards, pendulums, tea leaves, crystal balls, coffee, dice, fire and water, even blood has been used to predict the future in ancient pre-columbian civilizations.

Recent history of fortune telling.

In more recent history, fortune telling has grown from its roots in Renaissance magic, specifically associated with gypsy travellers. During the 19th and 20th century, methods from non-western cultures, such as the I Ching from China, were also adopted in western culture. Today, fortune telling is practiced around the globe by readers using a variety of eclectic tools from different cultures and continents.

Statue of angels, experience an angel card reading on PsychicWorldIn ancient cultures and civilizations and during the high middle ages, seers, or soothsayers were some of the most honoured and influential members of society and royal courts.

Their divinations were not only the subject for serious debate, but you couldn’t host a banquet if you didn’t have some druids, seers, priests or priestess at your disposal to make unique and bold predictions.

Some ancient traditions of fortune telling derived from pagean and polytheist religions were adopted in slightly new forms by European courts during the early Christianisation of the indo-european continent.

It was a way to continue, under a new veil, ancient practices that were banned by the expansion and newly found influence of christianity:

“Originally, Tarot had been devised as a secret means to pass along ideologies banned by the Church. Now, Tarot's mystical qualities were passed on by modern fortune-tellers.”

Increased interest in fortune telling

Experience an empowering fortune telling session on PsychicWorldOver the last hundred years and more specifically over the past 40 years (with amongst other trends, the advent of the New Age movement) there has been a resurgence of these ancient methods of divination and forecasting and renewed interest in these lost mystical and esoteric traditions.

The experts available on this platform are part of this renewed tradition and connection with the intangible and how to tap into energies that surround us to predict the future.

Our online psychics, fortune tellers and card readers offer amongst others, their fortune telling services through online chatting and video call as an alternative to face to face readings.

On high quality fortune telling websites like PsychicWorld, keen psychics, psychic source and other platforms offering accurate readings you get access to an eclectic directory of mediums, seers and fortune tellers to get answers to all your questions.

Some of you will ask, what is a fortune teller, can they be trusted? Where do you find reputable ones and so on. We’re going to try to answer these questions in the following paragraphs.

What is a fortune teller?

As explained above, it is the act or practice of predicting the future using one of many tools available to facilitate a reading. Note that psychic is not a synonym of fortune teller. The primary difference is considered to be based in the method of forecasting, with fortune tellers relying on guidance through the practical affirmations of the tools they use.Extra sensory perceptions and the third eye of seers

Simply said:

What does a fortune teller do?

She or he predicts future events.

Who is a fortune teller?

Anyone with the ability to tap into her or his extra sensory perceptions to feel, understand what is going to happen in the future.

Is fortune telling real

Skeptics and believers will have very different answers to this question. What everyone can agree on, is that the mere mention of the term generates strong emotions.

We know that the general public's opinion of people who describe themselves as such is not always positive.

In contrast with this negative perception of fortune telling, a recent survey conducted by the scientific review Springer shows that well over a third of the population in the USA are firm believers in extrasensory perception.

Although one cannot formally derive the argument we are about to make from the research, we make the case that positive experiences with seers of all sorts explain why more than 35% of the population believe in fortune telling. Their positive views on the matter are based on empirical evidence and experience.

Skeptics often merely lack the actual experience, they never took the time to investigate the question or actually consulted a fortune teller, which is why, they are in fact, skeptics.

Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum of belief in fortune telling, we are strong advocates of trying something out before discarding it as futile or untrue.

Believe in paranormal phenomenaIn that sense we stand along the same line as French scholar Blaise Pascal who offered a pragmatic reason for believing in God. If you don’t believe, but extra sensory perceptions are actually real, you have much more to lose than if you believe and their existence cannot be proven in a material way.

Therefore, our open-minded and esoteric approach to life coupled to positive and life changing experiences with fortune tellers make it relatively easy for us to answer this question in the affirmative.

Yes, we can openly say based on empirical evidence, shared experiences and historical accounts that fortune telling is real.

Are fortune tellers always accurate, and do fortune tellers always tell the truth in the slightest details? That depends on many factors, their experience, but also your openness, theirs and your physical and mental form of the day and many other external factors such as environment, noise etc.

However, if the conditions are right, yes they're real and yes they tell the truth.

How to become a fortune teller

The question is often asked on fora’s, on blogs and a quick google search will reveal that many glossy's have tried to answer this question (that's more common than one might think).

tools of the trade, fortune telling on PsychicWorldThe process of becoming a fortune teller is complicated. It’s a calling more than a hobby one decides to picks-up during a pandemic, like baking cakes.

People strongly in touch with their extra sensory perceptions have generally been so for most of their lives. When Individuals possess these gifts they generally end up teaching themselves how to channel, understand and use these powers.

Over time they learn how to interpret their perceptions and how to put them to good use to tell someone's fortune and help others better their lives.

How do fortune tellers operate ?

Fortune tellers use one of many methods available to them. Her is a non-exhaustive alphabetical list of methods used to read someone's fortune:

Astromancy, Bibliomancy, Cartomancy, Chiromancy, Extispicy, Hydromancy, Lithomancy, Nephomancy, Numerology, Palmistry, Pendulum, Pyromancy, Runecasting, Taromancy, Tasseography...

We could write pages (if not books) about any of those and others that are not listed but for the sake of clarity we’ll keep it simple and investigate three common methods of reading.

How to tell fortunes with playing cardsUsing tarot cards to tell fortune

Playing cards as well as Tarot cards have been used for centuries now by seers, soothsayers, oracles and prophets of all sorts.

Cards are placed on a table or other plane surface according to what is referred to as a “spread” in the Fortune teller’s jargon.

There are countless spreads and we won’t elaborate on them now. For more in depth information on tarot card spreads and prophecies consult our page on the subject, the same holds for angel card readings.

Cards are shuffled, placed in a spread and then drawn by the person being read. Based on the topic that requires an answer or the type of spread the card that is drawn either represents the past, the present or the future.

Using the intimate knowledge of all the cards, the reader will make an analysis of the meaning of this card in the context of the card draw.

This means that drawing a certain card will not have the same meaning whether it is a past, or future draw.

You can consult amazing resources available online to find out how to read cards for fortune telling and you can also purchase cards suitable for tarot card readings on all major online bookstores. If you are looking for experience and true knowhow, you are better-off consulting one of our top readers.

Yes or no fortune teller

Another method of fortune telling consists in asking a continuous series of binary questions, or yes / noyes or no fortune telling on psychicworld questions that the fortune teller answers with yes or no. You decide whether you want her or him to continue reading.

The seers use their extra sensory perception to walk you through what could be compared to a decision tree, eventually leading you to an outcome in the future that is likely to occur.

This approach is ideal for people who have very specific questions about future occurrences in their love life and want to know in the simplest of ways how it will affect them.

Accurate crystal ball fortune

For these readings, actual crystal balls are used by the oracle or prophet to focus and read directly from the Crystal ball.

Fortune tellers see visions and images in the Crystal ball and interpret the signs and images to answer your life's questions.crystal ball fortune-telling

Who consults fortune tellers and why ?

Anybody (aged 18 and above) can ask one of the readers answers to pressing questions.

There are many reasons why you would want to consult a fortune teller, you might want to know whether you will be pregnant, if you will marry, how your current love relationship will unfold.

Common questions during love readings are: am I pregnant? Who will I marry? and other love and relationship related matters.

But questions about personal finance and fortune can also be addressed. Will you get a promotion, will the investment you have in mind pan out the way you want it to, and so on.

Seeking a higher purposeseeking a higher purpose

It is part of the human condition to be inquisitive about the future and how our lives will unfold.

We dream about it and hold big personal and family aspirations. It's normal to want to be in control of our fate and destiny.

We therefore need to know what lies in store for us and in doing so get rid of unwanted and unnecessary anxiety, ensuring our best physical and mental health.

You can communicate with an advisor at any time, day or night. Sometimes we just need a gentle reassurance about where we are headed.

At other times we want to know the larger cosmic plan for us. There may even be occasions when we have a sense that we are heading in the wrong direction and fortune telling can be very helpful in confirming our intuitions.

Why should I consult a fortune teller online ?

This is a legitimate question. Now that we have determined that it makes sense to consult a qualified fortune teller, you might wonder if you can get as much out of reading online or through a mobile app than offline.

Rest assured, the answer to this question is yes.

Fortune teller websites give you access to the same qualified readers that have their own brick and mortar practice. Fortune telling is a powerful tool that requires concentration, your spiritual presence (and not necessarily your physical presence) and an open mind.

If both you and the reader are “present” during Fortune tellings sessions, the outcome will be exactly the same as if you meet in person, satisfaction guarantee.

Where can i find a fortune tellerfortune telling session on your mobile with PsychicWorld

Through local psychic directories you will find Psychics and fortune tellers in your area. Alternatively you can find readers and get consultations online through some of the best chat platforms available online.

Why should PsychicWorld be your go to mobile site over other fortune telling sites?

Whatever advice you seek, it's never too late to change or alter your life’s path and align-it with your higher purpose. The only constant in life is change. Change is the best thing that can happen to us.

At PsychicWorld we carefully process all our fortune teller's applications.

Good psychic mediums and seers can provide comfort and solace to those experiencing a loss as well as answers for people fighting depression, social anxiety, loneliness and people in complicated relationships.

We believe you should be able to discuss your hopes, dreams and aspirations at length with someone you trust, someone who listens.

When you select and conduct a reading with a fortune teller on PsychicWorld, you can rest assured, your consultation will be dealt with in a discreet and confidential manner.

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