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How Much Do Psychics Make?

Let’s explore the financial landscape of psychics, uncovering the potential earnings that can reportedly reach up to $105,000 in the USA!

Based on Glassdoor data, the average annual salary for psychics in the US is $82,863 (227 dollars a day!), with an average annual base pay of approximately $56,000 for beginners and up to $105,000 for seasoned and specialized psychic services.

These figures highlight the earning potential within the industry. However, beyond the numbers, we will explore the factors that influence psychic income, address the potential financial challenges that psychics may face, and discuss practical strategies for setting fair pricing.

Come with us as we demystify the financial aspects of the psychic profession!

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The factors shaping psychic income

Naturally, some factors have the potential to influence a psychic's income, and these factors can be categorized into the following areas:

  • Expertise
  • Specializations
  • Reputation
  • Presence
  • Adaptability

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.


The level of expertise and the breadth of knowledge in different psychic readings can significantly impact income. Experienced psychics who have honed their skills over time may command higher fees.


Psychics who possess unique or specialized skills, like expertise in specific divination tools or uncommon techniques such as Alectryomancy (observing a bird pecking at grains for insights), can attract a niche audience willing to pay a premium for their services.

What’s more, psychics who work on niche areas like love and relationships, careers, or the paranormal may get clients looking for help in those exact things — proving how important it is for psychics to provide a range of services.

Diversity can help to maintain a steady income when the demand for services ebbs and flows.


Collating positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients is a powerful way for a psychic to build a strong reputation and attract more clients.

Moreover, establishing lasting connections with clients is crucial for building a loyal and returning customer base, contributing to a consistent income for many working in this profession.


Psychics can increase income by establishing a robust online presence and employing strategic marketing, such as a well-designed website and social media, to attract a global audience.

Alternatively, those with a strong offline presence in local communities can generate income through local events and word of mouth.

Ultimately, success lies in maintaining a presence, whether online or offline. For those focusing on online psychic chat, optimize your digital presence. Likewise, if you prefer traditional methods, invest the same effort in creating a conducive environment.

Building an authentic and trustworthy personal brand sets psychics apart, potentially resulting in higher income.


In today’s world, psychics can stay ahead by embracing technological trends like online consultations, mobile apps, and AI tools to attract a tech-savvy client base. This helps to safeguard psychic services and potential earnings amid the ever-evolving ways we access and consume these services.

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Financial challenges psychics may face

Similar to various professions, psychics may encounter challenges in their line of work, which are sometimes out of their control and can impact how much they earn.

Below are some of these challenges, along with guidance on navigating them and maintaining financial stability:

Seasonal fluctuations

Psychics may notice fluctuations in customer demand corresponding to changing seasons. For instance, there might be increased demand during holidays like Halloween or the New Year, followed by slower periods.

Anticipate the seasonal nature of the business by budgeting and saving during peak times. Additionally, consider implementing promotions or special packages during slower months to attract clients and maintain a flow of business.


Many people wonder if there is such a thing as real psychics and this skepticism can affect the credibility of the field and the ability to attract genuine custom.

Why not offer discounted or free introductory sessions to allow skeptics to experience your services firsthand and build trust in your abilities?

Find out more on how to determine if a psychic is legitimate.

Psychic burnout

Psychics may experience burnout from the emotional and mental strain of using their gift, ultimately impacting the quality of their services and overall business performance.

It's advisable to schedule regular breaks to recharge. Practice spiritual self-care, establish clear boundaries for working hours, and avoid overcommitting.

Exploring diverse services beyond psychic readings can also be beneficial, reducing reliance on a single service and enhancing overall well-being.

Economic sensitivity

In times of economic downturn, people might view psychic services as non-essential. This is when the significance of implementing tiered pricing and services becomes clear.

By offering more budget-friendly options like mini readings or package deals and aligning your focus with popular skills of the moment, you guarantee a suitable service for every individual and budget at any given time.

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Keep in mind that achieving success in the psychic industry, much like any other, involves a blend of business skills, adaptability, and maintaining a solid reputation through exceptional customer service.

Guidelines for fair psychic pricing

If you're considering making money as a psychic, it's crucial to carefully plan your pricing strategy. This ensures success in the psychic business and helps establish a fair and mutually beneficial relationship with your clients.

Here are some guidelines to help you navigate this process:

  • Take expertise into account: If you have special skills or expertise in the psychic field, price your services to reflect the extra value they bring. For example, if you're skilled in dream interpretation, why not charge a higher fee for this expertise? Clients looking for unique or advanced readings are usually willing to pay more for specialized knowledge.
  • Do the research: Conduct thorough research and compare pricing in your field or location, taking into account psychics in your community with similar expertise.

    For instance, if you specialize in career advice, make sure your rates are in line with industry standards and client expectations by comparing them to what other psychics focusing on careers are charging.
  • Balance affordability and value: Establish a tiered system for your services to find a balance. Provide budget-friendly introductory packages for basic readings and premium packages for clients seeking in-depth insights.
  • Communicate clearly: Build trust by clearly stating your pricing and any additional fees. Communicate any extra charges for extended sessions or specific divination tools during the initial consultation or on your website.

Ultimately, tailor your rates to reflect your expertise, specializations, and services, while also considering the dynamics of the psychic market.

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Other ways to make money as a psychic

If you're intrigued by the psychic profession and want to know about other ways to make money, consider the following:

  • Live classes and events: Psychics can host paid live sessions on topics such as meditation or energy healing.
  • Writing: Psychics can earn income by writing articles, blogs, or books within their area of expertise.
  • Paid sponsorships or advertisements: Psychics can collaborate with brands for paid sponsorships, featuring ads or sponsored content on their platforms to diversify their income.


In the end, making money as a psychic isn't solely about the finances. It encompasses the richness of experience, forging meaningful connections with clients, and building resilience through overcoming challenges.

Those who blend their gifts with business acumen not only navigate uncertainties but also carve out their unique path in the ever-changing landscape of psychic success.

Find out more about how to get a job as a psychic today!

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