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What will May 17 bring you?

Particularly sensitive and feeling that you know exactly what you want, the clarity of your emotional state helps you bring rationality to your existing relationships. Strengthen those you want to maintain and separate yourself once and for all from those not working for you. Doing this sensitively and with understanding is the best approach for all concerned.


Those you are close to admire and appreciate your confident attitude. It’s easy for you to get to know people and to win their affection. Don't give up on existing attachments, cultivate the one you feel an affinity towards. Getting together for a romantic meal can be a great way to start things going again.


Self-confident and composed, you and your colleagues can work well together, any activities you're involved in run smoothly. You reach an agreement and make compromises far easier and quicker than usual. People you work with, especially women and those in authority react positively towards you.


You're often not thinking of your own pleasure, but your partner's. It makes you happy to see them satisfied enjoying what you do for them, even if you don't always achieve your own desires. It's well worth practicing your technique to reach heights of shared ecstasy and experience simultaneous orgasm!

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Cancer personality traits

Besides the fact that on a daily level the horoscope makes clear what is in store for you as a Cancer, you can read here what specific characteristics are in store for Cancer. As a Cancerian you are sensitive and very caring towards others.

You always say what you think clearly and can feel offended or hurt fairly quickly. This is related to your sensitivity. You can sometimes be inclined to dwell too much on the past, something you should not do. You need security around you.

You are attached to family ties and like to be at home. Your modesty and caring nature leads you to check the cat out of the tree first, before exposing yourself to another person.

What is the Cancer zodiac sign?

According to Wikipedia, the constellation Cancer is often associated in mythology with the Greek myth of the Hydra of Lerna. It was one of the twelve works of Hercules to kill this hydra. Read more about meaning of the Cancer constellation on Wikipedia.

Cancer in love

When you are hurt in your relationship, you will quickly crawl into your shell. Again, this can be traced to your sensitivity. You like to take care of the other person in the relationship. As a female Cancer, you feel the need to have a partner beside you, who you can mother a little.

As a male Cancer, you usually love your mother and look for in a partner characteristics that your mother also has. When you think you have found your partner, you are eager to marry him, because you value firmness and stability in your relationship. Being faithful is a high good for you, not only in your relationship. Friends are also very important to you and you put a lot of energy into them. A perfect partner can be the Capricorn.

He or she can give you the secure feeling, which you are looking for and this provides structure in your life. Things can also work out well with a Pisces, as well as Virgo and Taurus. With an Aries it can be passionate and a Leo is also a good choice, as long as the Leo gets the space to be himself in your relationship.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is much to tell per zodiac sign in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day you were born. Here we explain a number of core characteristics per day of birth:

June 22: Imaginative, oversensitive and an eye for detail.
June 23: Full of energy, self-confidence and a warm heart.
June 24: Helpful, organized and well-groomed appearance.
June 25: Charming, elegant and sometimes indecisive.
June 26: Reliable, sometimes difficult to fathom and charming.
June 27: Inspiring, makes contact easily and sometimes likes to be alone.
June 28: Strong personality, romantic and likes to share wisdom.
June 29: Stands for justice, communicatively strong and protective of loved ones.
June 30: Humorous, straightforward and sometimes finds forgiving someone difficult.
July 1: Caring, sometimes shy and on the other hand spontaneous towards acquaintances.
July 2: Loves nature, creative and caring about loved ones.
July 3: Flexible, sensitive to the atmosphere around you and impressionable.
July 4: Helpful, offers a listening ear and sometimes sensitive to moods.
July 5: Born leader, balanced and loving.
July 6: Honesty held in high esteem, easily hurt and likes to seek safe haven.
July 7: Intelligent, determined and perfectionist.
July 8: Observant, sometimes insecure and seeking confirmation from others.
July 9: Spiritual, positive and sometimes vulnerable.
July 10: Reliable, high sense of responsibility and considerate of others.
July 11: Interested in others, generous and sometimes bottles things up.
July 12: Imaginative, helpful and creative.
July 13: Loyal, compassionate and sometimes oversensitive.
July 14: Inspirational, adapts easily and welcoming.
July 15: Sympathetic, likes to be balanced and considerate of others.
July 16: Caring, hard worker and well-groomed in appearance.
July 17: Sentimental, likes to build wall around you and can be seductive.
July 18: Honest, generous and shy in some situations.
July 19: Self-confident, determined and never rush into anything.
July 20: Helpful, seeks stability and friendly.
July 21: Good counselor, communicative and seeks moments of rest.
July 22: Open-minded, sensitive to others' emotions and helpful.