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What will May 28 bring you?

You’re inventive, giving free rein to your creative ability you discover a new side of yourself. It could be a project, with which you can amaze your colleagues at work, or you might persuade your friends to start a new interest or become involved in some group sporting activity, and you have fun together doing it.


Others notice how tetchy you appear to be. There's no point in making an issue over matters of such little consequence; they only result in unnecessary animosity. If you feel you're losing control, regain your composure by adopting a level-headed approach and getting to grips with your potentially bad mood.


If you find it difficult to connect with your colleagues and have the feeling you're constantly saying the wrong things or making a fool of yourself, pay special attention to your choice of words that most likely are the cause of any slip-ups. Don't let your mood affect you, pay extra attention to your working processes.


How attractive and sexy you feel! Don't think that others haven't noticed it too. You've really made a lasting impression on somebody. Erotic adventures and offers of sex are a sure bet. Be daring enough to start a love affair - it could develop into a long term affair or an interesting relationship.

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Leo personality traits

In addition to the daily horoscope which clarifies what is in store for you as a Leo, you can read here about specific characteristics of Leo. Being a Leo you are sensitive in life, an image which a Leo as an animal does not seem to radiate so much.

The animal is seen as the king of the animal kingdom. As a Leo, you also appear strong and proud to others. You like to give guidance in an open and clear way and rarely ask for help, because you think you can do everything yourself. You seek recognition and can feel hurt easily.

You protect the loved ones around you and like to be in the spotlight. At times, you can be quite lazy and this is in stark contrast to the leadership role you exude.

What is the Leo zodiac sign?

According to Wikipedia, the constellation Leo represents the Nemean lion from the Greek legend about Hercules. It was Hercules' first task to kill this lion. After Hercules accomplished this task, Zeus is said to have given the lion a place among the stars as a tribute to Hercules. Read more about the meaning of the Leo constellation on Wikipedia.

Leo in love

Love plays an important role in relationships that a Leo enters into. Romance and passion play a major role and as a Leo you like to have someone next to you to support you. Without a partner you are a little less powerful in life, because your partner makes sure that you feel strengthened in your daily routine.

The female Leo is elegant and likes to make a good impression, even if she is in a relationship. The male Leo, like a lion, radiates strength and self-confidence. This is experienced as very pleasant by the partner. As a Leo, you can enter into a relationship just fine with Gemini or Pisces, but also with a Sagittarius or Aries.

With Capricorn, it can clash, because both star signs want to take the lead in the relationship. An Aquarius is looking for equality in the relationship and this is also difficult for you as a Leo to deal with.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is a lot to tell about each constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day on which you were born. Here we explain some core characteristics per day of birth:

July 23: Confident, positive and likes to be in the spotlight.
July 24: Warm-hearted, confident and a perfectionist.
July 25: Loving, creative and romantic.
July 26: Ambitious, persistent and enthusiastic.
July 27: Adventurous, positive and generous.
July 28: Loyal, positive and serious.
July 29: Enterprising, resourceful and likes to find peace and quiet.
July 30: Spontaneous, confident and warm-hearted.
July 31: Charismatic, compassionate and affectionate.
August 1: Vibrant, passionate and loyal.
August 2: Flamboyant, creative and stylish.
August 3: Positive, lives from your heart and humorous.
August 4: Perfect leader, purposeful and loving.
August 5: Inspirational, goes all out for something and friendly.
August 6: Strong, loyal and sometimes likes to be alone.
August 7: Loves luxury, sincere and loving.
August 8: Enthusiastic, loves challenges and passionate.
August 9: Exuberant, heart on the sleeve and adventurous.
August 10: Performance-oriented, tender and wants to be treated with respect.
August 11: Creative, stands for something and loves to travel.
August 12: Loves art, compassionate and gullible.
August 13: Likes to be the center of attention, friendly and confident.
August 14: Big heart, sunshine in the house and sometimes fiery.
August 15: Independent, honest and sometimes comes across as reserved.
August 16: Energetic, positive and extroverted.
August 17: Mysterious, dynamic and needs space on a regular basis.
August 18: Open-minded, theatrical and adventurous.
August 19: Charismatic, confident and makes high demands on oneself and others.
August 20: Theatrical, passionate and commercially minded.
August 21: Communicatively strong, curious and creative.
August 22: Imaginative, self-confident and warm-hearted.
August 23: Hard worker, mischievous and sometimes shy.