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What will April 15 bring you?

You approach everything you do with a sense of fun and playfulness., which make for a totally pleasant experience. Nothing can upset the way you feel. You are surprised by the way others turn to you, value what you say and seek your advice, helping you improve your relationships and gain a deeper understanding.


You're unusually distracted, and it’s hard for you to respond positively to others. These distractions are mainly about luxury but predominantly concern sensual fantasies. It may help if you examine these ideas more precisely. It’s possible that there's a deeper meaning you're unaware of that needs to be resolved.


If you find it unusually difficult to concentrate on business and must force yourself to do something useful, then with such an attitude pervading your thoughts, it's probably best for you to focus on the important tasks you’must complete and make sure they're finished satisfactorily, to avoid unnecessary problems.


You are seen where beautiful people go to celebrate life. This not a coincidence! Your magnetic charm casts its spell over others, especially when they discover what a great lover you are. A word of caution: don't get mixed up in too many affairs at once. You could end up short of explanations!

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Scorpio personality traits

In addition to the daily horoscope which clarifies what is in store for you as a Scorpio, you can read here what specific characteristics Scorpio has in store for you. As a Scorpio you have a strong power of persuasion, and you go all out for something.

You like to investigate things, but because of your somewhat distrustful approach you sometimes look for something behind something that is not important at all. And although you can forgive someone, you will never forget what has been done to you. You may even be tempted to take revenge on someone if you feel you have not been treated properly.

Be a little careful with that, though. You feel hurt easily, even if the other person didn't mean it. You like to follow your feelings when you meet someone, and you practically sail blindly on them. Therefore, you can sometimes be mistaken in another. Once you see someone as your friend, you are there for them day and night.

You have a great willpower and like to have a grip on a situation.

Scorpio in love

Your distrustful nature can also be a game changer in your relationship. You like to take the lead in your relationship and want to be aware of your partner's comings and goings. This can sometimes be oppressive to him or her.

When you think you have met your partner for life, you go for it full force. It takes a while to declare your love to someone, so once you do with someone, it's a good sign. Taurus and Aquarius have a great attraction for you, but Capricorn and Virgo are also great to have alongside you.

On a soul level, you seem to click the most with Pisces and Cancer. Keep in mind not to claim the other too much, because your partner should not feel like he or she is suffocating in the relationship. That could lead to a breakup, and it would be a shame if you lost your true love as a result.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is much to tell about each constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day on which you were born. Here we explain some key characteristics per day of birth:

October 23: Charismatic, likes to be in the spotlight and career-oriented.
October 24: Conscientious, dedicated and romantic.
October 25: Passionate, rich imagination and sometimes indecisive.
October 26: Dynamic, helpful and brimming with self-confidence.
October 27: Straightforward, positive and philosophical.
October 28: Determined, thoughtful and disciplined.
October 29: Honest, urge experimenting and analytical.
October 30: Good-humored, curious and talented.
October 31: Nostalgic by nature, protective and strives for success.
November 1: Passionate, determined and looking for challenges.
November 2: Good-hearted, living in harmony and nature lover.
November 3: Upbeat, humorous and sometimes hides deeper emotions.
November 4: Bursting with energy, survival instinct and independent.
November 5: Extraverted, purposeful and seeking recognition.
November 6: Critical, benevolent and strives for honesty.
November 7: Eloquent, harmonious, stands strong.
November 8: Philosophical, sensitive and sometimes builds wall around you.
November 9: Powerful, adventurous and loyal.
November 10: Determined, pragmatic and convinced of your own success.
November 11: Unconventional, eccentric and passionate.
November 12: Emotional, likes to dream away for a while and compassionate.
November 13: Highly sensitive, ambitious and sometimes has difficulty staying balanced.
November 14: Enchanting, afraid to expose yourself and hard worker.
November 15: Witty, efficient and an eye for detail.
November 16: Idealistic, caring and charming.
November 17: Loyal, big heart for others and sometimes suspicious.
November 18: Curious, enthusiastic and in search of the truth.
November 19: Dedicated, hard worker and seeks new challenges.
November 20: Concerned about others, purposeful and common sense.
November 21: Creative, charming and sometimes mysterious.
November 22: Protective, sincere and will not be intimidated.