Today's Virgo Horoscope

What will May 28 bring you?

You approach everything you do with a sense of fun and playfulness., which make for a totally pleasant experience. Nothing can upset the way you feel. You are surprised by the way others turn to you, value what you say and seek your advice, helping you improve your relationships and gain a deeper understanding.


You are sociable as well as being innately cool, calm and collected. You enjoy your relationships and experience prolonged periods of light-hearted pleasure. It’s an ideal opportunity to strengthen present bonds or to get to know others. It has never been as easy before, for you to be so amenable, and open-minded.


With very little effort on your part, whatever project requires your attention you adeptly accomplish what's needed. Your expertise makes you popular with your colleagues, and they respect you for your ability to take on almost any task. Credited with success don't let all this go to your head, remain approachable.


Things are running smoothly where your sex life is concerned. Plenty of people wouldn't mind getting up close with you. Go along with fun stuff but don't feel forced to do things. If you just feel like a cuddle and want to leave the sex till later, your partner of the moment will have to accept it. Anticipation only serves to heighten the pleasure.

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Virgo personality traits

In addition to making it clear on a daily level in the day horoscope what is in store for you as a Virgo, here you can read about specific characteristics of the Virgo. As a Virgo, you are very discerning and orderly. You have an eye for detail, and you like to stick to the rules.

At work, you like to push yourself hard, even to the point of perfectionism. You also keep a critical eye on how colleagues work and have no problem working under a manager, provided he or she also does a good job in your eyes. You worry regularly and examine all pros and cons before you decide on something.

This can lead to getting bogged down in unraveling details, making it difficult to see the forest for the trees. At some point you have to make a decision, to prevent losing it altogether. You pay a lot of attention to how you can best be healthy in life, and you value hygiene.

Virgo in love

As a Virgo, you are looking for the prince on the white horse, but in practice you find out time and again that it does not exist. You probably won't find a partner who fully meets your ideals.

So you'd better go for what you consider to be the best achievable alternative and with that partner you can be very happy. So it requires some adaptability from you, but with mutual understanding you will come a long way.

Good partners for you are Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus. But you can also get along well with a Virgo, because you both seek the same thing and find recognition in each other. Sagittarius and Gemini are also potential candidates, so you see that there are plenty of partners to be found for you.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is a lot to tell per constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day you were born. Here we explain some core characteristics per day of birth:

August 24: Disciplined, takes good care of yourself & others and sober.
August 25: Integrity, attaches to justice and avoids conflict.
August 26: Hard worker, strong sense of duty and loves challenges.
August 27: Respectful, travel-minded and has an eye for detail.
August 28: Efficient, ambitious and sometimes doubts yourself.
August 29: Reliable, likes to observe others and modest.
August 30: Artistic, likes to analyze and loving.
August 31: Warm-hearted, can be alone well and sensitive.
September 1: Motivated, exuberant and spirited.
September 2: Practical minded, likes to show affection and loyalty.
September 3: Adapts easily, spontaneous and almost always friendly.
September 4: Accessible, supportive of others and independent.
September 5: Talented, sets high standards and warm-hearted.
September 6: Helpful, organizational skills and attaches to family ties.
September 7: Idealistic, charming and critical.
September 8: Irresistible, inquisitive and independent.
September 9: Friendly, vivid imagination and optimistic.
September 10: Determined, high concentration and responsible.
September 11: Original, open-minded and avoids conflict.
September 12: Intuitive, non-impulsive and mood-sensitive.
September 13: Likes to take care of others, friendly and efficient.
September 14: Intelligent, straightforward and courageous.
September 15: Hard worker, astute and broad-minded.
September 16: Honest, enjoys life and easy to get along with.
September 17: Helpful, loyal and attaches to friendships.
September 18: Philosophical, communicative and sometimes acts impulsively.
September 19: Self-aware, hard worker and is good at being alone.
September 20: Modest, down-to-earth and ready to help others.
September 21: Enterprising, an eye for detail and sometimes restless.
September 22: Independent, critical and adapts easily.