Today's free Aquarius horoscope

What will May 17 bring you?

Combining clever observation and your common sense allows you to evaluate all aspects of any problems. You’re able to rely on your intuition to competently deal with complications without help and personal problems are easily resolved. With increased awareness and sensitivity, you stay in tune with your body, quickly reacting to any obvious health issues.


People help when you share your thoughts and ideas with them in an open and friendly way. You may discover someone else you hadn’t realized also shares similar aspirations to your own. You use opportunities that your network friends offer, and anything you undertake jointly has an added dynamic quality.


You're aware of how to allocate your time, and taking account of other work commitments, you dedicate yourself to a new area of interest you’ve considered tackling before. You feel motivated, finding basic concepts easy to grasp if you give yourself enough time and take advantage of the way you feel to focus your mind.


When your sex-life is rather dull. There's no action and you just don't feel that inspired. Take some time out and wait till those erotic feelings return. In the meantime, if you can't resist jumping into bed with someone, don't let your expectations be too high. Not much will happen. Don't worry, though, change is on the horizon!

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Aquarius personality traits

In addition to the daily horoscope which clarifies what is in store for you as an Aquarius, you can read here about the specific characteristics of Aquarius. Being an Aquarius you like to be independent in life.

You are individualistic, introverted and an idealist. You find it important to find out the truth and are open to many things, such as alternative medicine. Furthermore, you attach great value to friendships and like to do something for others. On the other hand, you also need to be alone regularly.

Sometimes you come across to people as unpredictable, and you can be contrary. This is because you can be quite firm when it comes to your ideals and views. This also means that you find it difficult to accept authority, except from someone you are in awe of. Your creative streak enables you to create beautiful works of art, even if you do not always realize it.

There is more creativity in you than you allow to be expressed.

Aquarius in love

In a relationship you will continue to need freedom and space, to a certain extent of course. As an Aquarius you value being on the same intelligence level as your partner. You like to be surrounded by family and friends and sometimes forget to take care of your partner.

This can lead to your partner getting the impression that you are rather cool to him or her, but that is not how you want to come across to the other person. You just have to commit to dividing your attention between your partner and acquaintances in such a way that your partner does not feel left behind.

A male Aquarius can be eccentric and a female Aquarius can come across as an ice queen, but that's because you do need to show your affection to your partner, family and friends more often. A Libra and Gemini can cope well with your behavior. A Sagittarius and also an Aquarius can be a good partner choice.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is a lot to tell per constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day you were born. Here we explain some key characteristics per day of birth:

January 21: Lively, communicative and great company for others.
January 22: Helpful, warm personality and friendly.
January 23: Creative, sincere and confident.
January 24: Analytical, fascination with alternative medicine and warm-hearted.
January 25: Peaceful, charming and dreamy.
January 26: Powerful, charismatic and great stamina.
January 27: Adventurous, very enthusiastic and independent.
January 28: Hard worker, open-minded and creative.
January 29: Sensible, revolutionary and does not shy away from taboos.
January 30: Intelligent, communicative and socially sensitive.
January 31: Helpful, productive and individual.
February 1: Sharp minded, motivating and makes friends easily.
February 2: Self-confident, friendly and dedicated.
February 3: Upbeat, inspirational and clear-headed.
February 4: Selfless, charitable and pursues ideals.
February 5: Individual, likes to be praised and born leader.
February 6: Organizational, efficient and thoughtful.
February 7: Eccentric, sociable and sense of humor.
February 8: Mysterious, passionate and strong-willed.
February 9: Rich imagination, adventurous and enjoys life.
February 10: Common sense, ambitious and charitable.
February 11: Inventive, innovative thinker and loved by others.
February 12: Imaginative, astute and caring.
February 13: Controversial, challenging and sense of humor.
February 14: Idealistic, lives large and imaginative.
February 15: Dedicated, organizational talent and loving.
February 16: Philanthropist, civilized and loves culture.
February 17: Inquisitive, razor sharp and enjoys life.
February 18: Traveling, optimistic and loves to gather knowledge.
February 19: Reliable, inspiring and a real team player.