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What will May 28 bring you?

Whether at work or socially, any approach you make achieves more when you’re composed and considerate rather than being forceful. The skill you show in dealing with people and this is all that’s required, is that you can become involved. However, to improve the relationship you have with your partner you need to include them in your activities.


You have difficulty communicating with the people you care about and have trouble telling them exactly how you feel. You can easily convey the wrong sentiment or misunderstand what is being said. There is no real reason for your mood, try to ignore it and it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.


Don't be surprised if your colleagues stay out of your way. Instead look for the reasons and think about how justified you are in constantly blaming others for everything that is wrong. If possible, leave negotiating or long-term decisions to others and simply concentrate on satisfactorily finishing your everyday tasks.


Less is more. If you overdo the sex - and you are - you'll lose interest in it. The mere thought of naked flesh will turn you off. Slow down a little and spend the evening alone on the couch. Satisfy the senses by eating some of your favorite snacks.

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Sagittarius personality traits

Besides the fact that on a daily level the horoscope makes clear what is in store for you as a Sagittarius, you can read here what specific characteristics are in store for the Sagittarius. Being a Sagittarius, you have a naturally optimistic attitude and are helpful to others.

You brim with self-confidence and enjoy entering into a discussion to make your views clear. You can sometimes be so enthusiastic about something that you forget to finish something else. Furthermore, you cannot stand injustice and dishonesty. Because of your sense of justice, you always want the truth to come out.

You have a broad interest in all kinds of areas and like to dive deeper into something to gain knowledge. You're like a sponge who absorbs everything, because there seems to be no end to taking in as much information as possible about anything and everything. Not only that, but you want to be able to talk about everything.

You look to the future with confidence, partly because of your rosy character.

Sagittarius in love

The sign of Sagittarius sometimes finds it difficult to fully commit to a relationship, as the desire for freedom remains present to a certain extent. This can be difficult for a partner to deal with.

You strive for a pleasant relationship, but also like to do nice things with good friends and family. This is because you are a 'people person'. Your partner sometimes longs for moments to enjoy being together, but you seem to have less of a need.

But appearances can be deceptive, because you can also really enjoy being with your partner. A Leo can be a good partner for you because they recognize and understand the feeling of freedom. In addition, you may have a good click with Pisces. Taurus and Capricorn can also be matched, but they have to adapt to your lifestyle.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is a lot to tell per constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day you were born. Here we explain a number of core characteristics per day of birth:

November 23: Epicurean, sometimes naive and likes to take risks.
November 24: Helpful, amusing and curious.
November 25: Social, optimistic and a born salesman.
November 26: Likes to push boundaries, irresistible and enthusiastic.
November 27: Sociable, honest and likes to stay in nature.
November 28: Hangs on to respect, tests limits and devoted to loved ones.
November 29: Eccentric, independent and broad interests.
November 30: Adventurous, inspirational and sometimes takes on too much.
December 1: Big heart, sometimes impatient and has a positive outlook on life.
December 2: Intriguing, talented and your spontaneity draws people to you.
December 3: Creative, likes to take risks and absorb as much knowledge as possible.
December 4: Sensitive, guided by your heart and enthusiastic.
December 5: Imaginative, passionate and sometimes irritable.
December 6: Hard worker, precise and devoted to partner and loved ones.
December 7: Sincere, very loved and against injustice.
December 8: Charismatic, passionate and curious.
December 9: Temperamental, often restless and chasing dreams.
December 10: Makes wise choices, humorous and traditional-minded.
December 11: Idealistic, seeks the truth and sometimes scattered.
December 12: Loving towards others, gentle nature and selfless.
December 13: Lively, follows your heart and sometimes restless.
December 14: Optimistic, strives for equality and sometimes fickle.
December 15: Eye for detail, thinks big and thoughtful.
December 16: Social, philosophical and romantic.
December 17: Confidence often tested, optimistic and fiery.
December 18: Communicative, open-minded and humanitarian.
December 19: Hanging on to the past, wanderlust and loyalty.
December 20: Creative, epicurean and sincere.
December 21: Honest, talented speaker and successful.