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What will June 8 bring you?

Feeling fantastic, you’re in good shape and are self-assured. You make plenty of headway implementing your new ideas. In your personal life, you continue to thrive, utilize this to explore new possibilities and widen your horizons. The self-confidence you possess is strengthened, and as a result, the sense of achievement and satisfaction you feel is prolonged.


Relaxed, you take a deep breath and feel completely trouble free and get on better with your lover. If single you seek out others to make friends with. You plan to spend more time with the people you love and can find the time and energy to do the things you've been putting off for quite a while.


Everything is streamlined and progresses well at work. Any outstanding issues are resolved, and new ones completed easily. Don’t tire yourself unnecessarily or start too many projects, concentrate on present everyday tasks, find what it is you want to achieve and remain open-minded regarding your colleagues.


You lose no time when fun and sexual frolics are in the offing. You're a world champion flirt and a fast worker. Luck plays a role too. Right now you're looking amazingly fit and get a lot of feedback from potential partners. Your next sexual encounter is likely to happen faster than you expect.

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Libra personality traits

Besides the fact that on a daily level the horoscope makes clear what is in store for you as a Libra, you can read here what specific characteristics are in store for the constellation Libra. Being Libra, you value friendships and family ties are important to you. Your social life is a kind of center from which you live.

You are gentle and would like to be liked by everyone. You simply like to be sociable and quarrels and conflicts have no place in this. Sometimes you have to make sure that your private life does not suffer too much from your need for social contacts. And although you are a social animal, you also look for moments of rest from time to time in order to unwind.

You are diplomatic and will always find a compromise to get things done. You love beautiful things like antiques, music and art. As a Libra, you often want to weigh something before you make a decision.

Libra in love

Despite the fact that you pay a lot of attention to your social contacts, you also know how to make time for your partner. This is very important to you because your partner helps you feel self-confident. You appreciate that very much, and therefore you like to do things together with your partner. You regularly show your partner how important he or she is to you in many ways.

A Gemini fits well with your ideal of a partner, but Leo and Sagittarius are also good choices. With Aries, you can expect a passionate relationship, and it will also click well with Taurus. Your partner could not wish for a better partner, because you pamper them so much.

This will be highly appreciated by your partner! To you your partner mainly means that you are strong together and that gives you the opportunity to be even more powerful in life. If you do not have a partner, you will look for that strength in your closest friends and family in order to achieve the same effect.

Personality traits by day of birth

There is much to tell per constellation in terms of specific characteristics and also about the day on which you were born. Here we explain a number of core characteristics per day of birth:

September 23: Carefree, humorous and artistically inclined.
September 24: Independent, excellent craftsman and likes to lend an ear.
September 25: Sympathetic, vulnerable and caring.
September 26: Charming, jovial and great perseverance.
September 27: Idealistic, organizational skills and ready to help others.
September 28: Ambitious, refined taste and steadfast.
September 29: Lively, analytical and intellectual.
September 30: Bright-eyed, curious and friendly.
October 1: Jovial, persuasive and sensitive.
October 2: Creative, elegant and makes others feel special.
October 3: Witty, humorous and quick-witted.
October 4: Hospitable, exudes self-confidence and values friendships.
October 5: Upbeat, sympathetic and romantic.
October 6: Peaceful, patient and thinks about things first.
October 7: Idealistic, righteous and often vain.
October 8: Good instincts, fiery and harmonious.
October 9: Diplomatic, adventurous and lives from the heart.
October 10: Talented, disciplined and wise.
October 11: Expressive, good negotiator and sometimes a dreamer.
October 12: Gentle, flexible and likes to guide others.
October 13: Sensible, compassionate and family is important to you.
October 14: Exuberant, likes to be the center of attention and romantic.
October 15: Eye for detail, intelligent and critical.
October 16: Cultural enthusiast, fighter against injustice and artistic.
October 17: Challenging, honest and sometimes jealous.
October 18: Energetic, likes to offer a listening ear and sympathetic.
October 19: Disciplined, determined and rational.
October 20: Gullible, easy going and harmonious.
October 21: Eloquent, genuinely interested in others and communicative.
October 22: Emotional, compassionate and loves sociability.