Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf readings have been common practice for thousands of years and is one of the oldest tools of divination.


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Beginners guide to Tea Leaf Reading

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woman holding a cup of tea doing a tea leaf reading

Discover your future with a Tea Leaf reading

There are countless unanswered questions in our lives. Are we on the right career path or are we following our head over our heart? Will a relationship last or is it better to move on? Is love just around the corner? 

You are either aware or curious to discover how a psychic can provide you with some of these answers. You may have even heard of some of the unique methods such as Tarot Cards or I-Ching that can be used in a reading. Another common method is a Tea Leaf reading. Let's take a quick look at this method as well as what we at PsychicWorld are able to offer.

What is a Tea Leaf Reading ?

Much like other forms of divination Tea Leaf readings have been around for thousands of years and were first practiced in China. Tea has forever been a revered refreshment across much of the world, not least due to its healing qualities and great importance has been placed upon the qualities of specific blends throughout time. Ancient fortune-tellers began to notice the patterns of leaves left behind in the cup and found that they were able to interpret these patterns. 

The ability to read Tea Leaves provides advisors with an ability to interpret a person's past, present and future. When the Dutch first imported tea into Europe, Tea Leaf readings gained popularity across the world. Thanks to PsychicWorld an online reading is now available from the comfort of your own home.

woman picking her card by point at it

How does a Reading work?

Your psychic will have an effect upon how the leaves are distributed on the bottom and sides of the cup and they will look at the patterns and allow their intuition and experience to interpret the shapes, images and letters that have been left behind. Some shapes are interpreted intuitively, while others have fairly standard meanings, such as the snake (hostility or friction); the spade (good fortune); the mountain (a journey of obstacle); and the house (change or success). 

It is traditional to read a cup from the present to the future by starting along the rim at the handle of the cup and following the symbols downward in a spiral until the bottom is reached representing the far future. It is up to the advisor to interpret the series of patterns that they see and it is very important to develop a rapport with the reader in question as the knowledge they hold will enhance the depth and meaning of your reading.

Where to substitute for Expertise with a Tea Leaf Reading ?

At PsychicWorld we pride ourselves on the quality of readings that we provide. Our advisors have vast experience in providing readings gained over many years. They also have the empathy needed to establish rapport with their clients. That is why we only enlist the services of advisors after thorough testing and numerous screenings. 

We are satisfied with nothing less than the best and we are well aware that our reputation will be directly based upon the readers that we work with. All of our experts place your desires as their highest priority. Your needs and dreams are different than those of everyone else. We therefore are attentive to your unique situation and as a result, you can fully expect any reading to be accurate and relevant.

Choosing an Online Tea Leaf Reading with Confidence

Rather than travel miles you can speak with an advisor from the comfort of your own home, putting you at ease and allowing you to receive information in a familiar surrounding. Our real-time chat function allows you to speak with one of our experienced advisors day or night and benefit from their guidance immediately. With a hectic daily schedule, we provide a safe and secure service that puts your needs first. Sign up today and start your journey to greater peace and understanding.

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