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Psychic vs Medium: What’s the Difference?

Before embarking on any spiritual journey it’s advisable to explore what psychic services have to offer.

There are various psychic reading options, each specialising in a unique way to guide us through the crystal ball and beyond! However, newcomers may struggle to pinpoint the right person to assist them on their spiritual path. That's where we come in.

In this blog, we'll examine the roles of psychics vs mediums, demonstrating how these services differ and how both can contribute to your paths of enlightenment.

The key difference is that mediums specialise in communicating with spirits, whereas psychics rely on intuition and energy to gain insights into a person's past, present, and future, without necessarily making a connection with the afterlife.

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What is a psychic?

A psychic is someone who possesses extrasensory perception (ESP). They can control their senses, surpassing the ordinary by taking command of their sight, sound, touch, and more to explore people and their purpose.

Some psychic abilities may involve dissecting emotions, probing objects through touch to unveil details about their owners or history, or foreseeing events before they occur.

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What is a medium?

A medium, much like a psychic, has a unique sensitivity to their senses. However, their focus is on channelling their abilities to communicate with the spirits of the deceased or other non-physical entities.

Mediums receive messages or information from these spirits and convey them to clients seeking such contact, acting as a bridge between the living and the dead.

Mediums use various methods, including channelling, seances, or divination tools like cards during a tarot reading.

What are the main differences between a psychic and a medium?

Although there is overlap in the terminology and practices of psychics and mediums, the main difference lies in the focus on spirit communication associated with mediums, as opposed to the broader range of intuitive abilities claimed by psychics.

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Let's explore the specific differences between psychics and mediums in more detail:

  1. Nature of abilities

    Psychic: Psychics possess heightened intuitive abilities. Psychics often concentrate on various intuitive skills, such as reading emotions, sensing energies, or making predictions. Psychic abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, or psychometry, allow those with the gift of psychic sight to tune into information about the past, present, or future with more precision.

    Medium: Mediums focus on communicating with spirits, particularly those who have passed away. The primary concentration of mediums is establishing a connection with and receiving messages from spirits, serving as intermediaries between the living and the spirit world, and passing along messages or information from the other side.

    Certain mediums can even conduct animal readings, connecting with the spirits of deceased animals. In this role, they serve as intermediaries between pet owners and their departed companions.
  2. Methods and practices

    Psychic: Psychics employ different methods, such as intuitive readings, examining runes, and studying the planets and stars in astrology readings, depending on their abilities. They see these methods as tools for accessing and interpreting information beyond ordinary perception. Psychics rely on these practices to sharpen their intuitive insights into various aspects of life.

    Medium: Mediums frequently utilise distinct techniques such as channelling to establish communication with spirits. These methods act as avenues through which mediums connect with the spiritual realm and convey messages or information from entities beyond the physical plane.

    Let's delve into mediumship methods with a bit more detail:
    • Channelling: Mediums often use channelling as a technique to connect with spirits. This involves allowing a spirit or entity to communicate through them, conveying messages or information.

    • Seances: Seances are gatherings where mediums attempt to communicate with spirits. This may involve rituals, such as sitting in a circle, holding hands, and inviting spirits to make their presence known.

    • Divination tools: Mediums may use various divination tools, such as tarot cards, pendulums, or crystal balls, to enhance their ability to receive messages from the spirit world. These tools help facilitate communication and provide insights.
  3. Energy healing

    Psychic: Some psychics integrate energy healing techniques, like Reiki or chakra balancing, into their offerings. These methods are intended to promote holistic well-being and spiritual self-care.

    Medium: In contrast, mediums, while acknowledging the concept of energy healing, primarily concentrate on spirit communication. Energy healing is not universally linked with standard mediumship practices, as the primary objective is to facilitate messages from the spirit world.
  4. Location of readings

    Psychic: Psychics sense energies or receive intuitive insights without being restricted by a particular setting or ritual. Their intuitive abilities are believed to be accessible regardless of the location.

    Medium: In contrast, mediums may place significance on specific locations for readings. They might prefer places with spiritual importance or a history of hauntings, believing that these environments enhance their connection with spirits during the communication process.
  5. Frequency of contact

    Psychic: Psychics commonly provide services for general intuitive guidance, catering to clients seeking ongoing life advice. Individuals may regularly seek their insights to navigate various aspects of their lives.

    Medium: On the other hand, mediums are frequently sought for specific occasions. Clients often approach mediums for events like commemorating anniversaries or seeking closure through communication with spirits. The focus here is on providing a connection to the spirit world for specific and meaningful purposes.

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Why should I visit a psychic?

When choosing between a psychic or medium, you may wonder if a psychic reading is worth it. In the end, consulting a psychic can be valuable in providing insights into the direction of your life and helping you understand the energies that surround you, creating a holistic and personalised spiritual experience.

You might consider seeing a psychic rather than a medium if any of the following reasons resonate with you.

  1. I want to explore my life’s direction

    If you're interested in understanding your life's direction, psychics specialise in offering insights into your life path, potential future outcomes, and guidance for personal growth. They can provide unique perspectives on your journey, covering aspects like career choices, love and relationships, and personal development.
  2. I want an interpretation of my energy and aura

    Psychics have the skill to perceive and interpret energy fields and auras. If you're interested in having someone analyse your energetic presence to cleanse your aura of stress and negativity and unveil hidden aspects of your personality, or identify potential life obstacles, a psychic's expertise in energy reading can offer a captivating and unique experience.
  3. I want a reading for an object I have

    Certain psychics specialise in psychometry, a method involving gathering information by holding objects or photos related to the individual in question. This distinctive approach can offer insights into past events, emotions, or connections associated with specific items.

    If you have sentimental objects or photos you'd like to explore more deeply, consulting a psychic with psychometric abilities could provide a unique and insightful perspective.

Why should I visit a medium?

Now that we've explored the advantages of a psychic reading, let's delve into the benefits of mediumship.

Whether you desire direct communication with spirits, want to connect with beloved pets, or are intrigued by exploring past lives, a visit to a medium can offer a world of meaningful experiences. Therefore, you might seek a medium if the following reasons apply.

  1. I want direct communication with spirits

    Mediums specialise in direct communication with spirits, particularly those who have passed away. If you're looking to connect with a departed loved one or have unanswered questions, a medium can offer a unique and personal experience by conveying messages, emotions, or specific details from the spirit realm.
  2. I want to explore my past lives and ancestral connections

    Mediums can explore your past lives and ancestral connections, providing insights into your soul's journey across different lifetimes. If you're curious about your past incarnations, ancestral influences, or unresolved issues that extend beyond your current lifetime, a medium specialising in past life regression can offer a unique and thought-provoking experience.
  3. I want to communicate with my pet(s)

    Certain mediums assert the capacity to communicate with animals on a spiritual level. If you share a profound connection with a pet, seek closure following the loss of a beloved animal companion, or simply wish to understand your pet's perspective, consulting a medium specialising in animal communication can provide a unique and heartwarming experience.


When deciding between a psychic and a medium, consider what you're seeking—whether it's personal insights or connections beyond. Reflect on your specific needs, interests, and the type of guidance or connection.

Understanding these differences guides your decision. Additionally, take into account personal recommendations, reviews, and your intuition about the practitioner to make a well-informed choice. Now is the perfect time to find a psychic that’s right for you.

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