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What will May 18 bring you?

As if by magic you’re attracted to everything new, making new discoveries or maybe you start a completely new project or yearn for knowledge. Stay alert and talk to other people, listen to what they have to say, perhaps you discover links between things or people you never thought possible or they add another piece to the puzzle you can use in the future.


The composure you normally show is unfortunately disrupted by emotional upsets that occur between yourself and those close to you. You tend to take out your frustration on the people you care about most. The temptation for a romantic meeting with a new date is unlikely to work out as you might expect.


You feel able to exercise control effectively but may experience a degree of anxiety leading to an uneasy feeling and you becoming rather short-tempered with your colleagues. A desire for improvement in status is unwise if it only results in a wasted expenditure that in the long run achieves very little material benefit.


The chance of success with a potential new lover are excellent. Parties are a great place to find your next willing playmate - so make sure you're looking your best! A romantic, intimate candlelight dinner will also do the trick; your smooth-talking ways are a further guarantee of an erotically charged night of love-making pleasure.

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