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What will July 18 bring you?

You are surprised at how easily you solve problems you thought could not be solved. The laid-back attitude you take is a good approach to adopt with those you care about most and helps them to relax too. You motivate others and can get them to support you in your actions as well as help them realize the plans they've been putting off for far too long.


If you waste your time on major undertakings, you not only get frustrated, but you realize how important it is not to allow your pent-up frustration to develop in ways that make you appear overly hostile towards the people you're meant to love most. Take the time to compose yourself, to calm down a little.


If you feel wrongly and needlessly criticized by colleagues, you jump to the wrong conclusions, and this may easily develop into a confrontation. Control your feelings and don't lose your temper. Try to postpone any important meetings you’ve scheduled until you feel in a more positive frame of mind.


Venture out and meet some like-minded people. Sexual adventures await and you enjoy any number of physical encounters. After a passionate encounter, your appetite for more persists. Not letting up on your quest for sensual pleasure, you enjoy one ecstatic escapade after another.

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