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What will June 9 bring you?

Relying on your sound common sense you remain in control of your decision-making, whilst considering which actions are most appropriate for you to take. Examining the true specifics of the matter at hand, sometimes you find that the actual facts or figures cover up more than they reveal, ultimately your choice is intuitive and reinforced by your gut instinct.


If everything seems hectic and out of control, it's unlikely anything useful can be achieved. You may feel the situation is unsettling and notice how irritable others are, especially those you love and care about most. Keep a low profile wait until composure and normality return before you consider doing anything.


If you're under unnecessary stress or confusion creates a knock-on effect with your colleagues, find the cause of disruptive factors and try to defuse the unsettling atmosphere. Hold back a bit with your demands, which may be perceived as unreasonable and foolhardy in the current circumstances.


You feel how intensely others are trying to fulfil your deep desires. Sex will be ecstatic for you in the truest sense of the word. Lay back and enjoy being spoiled. Make this a regular thing, and not just an occasional fling. Also, don't forget that you set the rules.

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