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What will September 19 bring you?

You need to make the best use of your social and conversational skills. To succeed and be recognized for all your efforts, you must bring your extensive abilities into play. You have a sensitive, intelligent capacity for learning which helps you; and provides the perfect conditions for expressing your considerable talents in new ways.


You're able to express yourself in a heartfelt way and accurately explain your ideas and wishes to your lover. However, you may misinterpret the cues they give about how they want to be treated, so you can benefit from asking them to clarify what they mean, and from understanding things from their perspective.


You find learning is easy; it's enjoyable to undertake new tasks and feel like challenging your intellect with more projects. Using this motivation, you make progress in your job, benefit from a new training course and become proficient in a skill that stimulates your interest, that's also beneficial for your career.


Wait a minute, this is all happening too fast! What a flirt you are! It's obvious you have only one thing in mind: getting the object of your desires into bed. The prospects look good - your attractive appearance and erotic charm would bowl anyone over. If you keep it up, you get what you want.

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