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What will May 29 bring you?

Your energy is infectious, and you’re able to implement new ideas. The decisions you take that up until now you had avoided making turn out to be momentous for you in the development of your plans. In spite of your energy, don’t act rashly and make sure you’re fully aware of the consequences of your actions. Go over everything carefully and calmly.


If there's a lot of confusion or uncertainty in your relationships, you try to get rid of these feelings. People you meet are friendly and helpful because of your positive and agreeable attitude. You treat others with the level of respect that you want and expect them to show you and reveal how you wish to be treated.


Everything progresses positively as expected. You're able to carry out complex tasks and make important decisions as well as take on new projects. You have great self-confidence and enjoy a high profile with colleagues and bosses alike. Remain humble and considerate to keep up momentum.


You are seen where beautiful people go to celebrate life. This not a coincidence! Your magnetic charm casts its spell over others, especially when they discover what a great lover you are. A word of caution: don't get mixed up in too many affairs at once. You could end up short of explanations!

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