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What will February 29 bring you?

Everybody wants to get to know you, despite your popularity, it’s your open and likable personality that’s appealing. Consequently, you find it easy to approach people you don’t even know and strike up a conversation, giving them the feeling they're important to you is what makes you approachable and fun.


Your lover may seek your advice, and you're able to inspire them with your positive outlook on life. It seems everyone wants to talk and you’re in the mood to converse with them all. If single, someone you’re attracted to and happen to find interesting and appealing may find their way into your heart.


It’s important for you to balance your own commitments and any business interests against the interests of others, making it far easier for you to make compromises so that everyone is satisfied with and content to abide by. You’re an ideal negotiation partner; and able to focus on forthcoming obligations and promises.


You're a true expert in the art of seduction! Your magnetic charms certainly have the right effect, and people feel drawn to you. Sexual encounters are practically guaranteed. Somehow you don't feel like any more fleeting affairs; you could be just starting an exciting relationship or at least a more erotic long-standing romance.

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