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What will July 18 bring you?

You deserve recognition and praise and receive a reward for your contribution, so enjoy the satisfaction you get from all your hard work. In your personal life, you must make more of an effort; it’s not just friendships that need attention, but also your love-life. Don’t neglect your fitness either, avoid too much stress and always take your time.


Feeling sociable, you take pleasure in new friendships, finding other people intriguing. If you’re already in a relationship, you continue to nurture and support the person you're closest to. If single, someone who you've not considered before may become interested, when you start thinking of them this way.


You're able to make plenty of progress with certain tasks, while colleagues share your optimism and determination to succeed. It seems your partners and co-workers are willing to accommodate your needs, and as a result, you make considerable steps towards improving your prospects, without too much fuss.


You're often not thinking of your own pleasure, but your partner's. It makes you happy to see them satisfied enjoying what you do for them, even if you don't always achieve your own desires. It's well worth practicing your technique to reach heights of shared ecstasy and experience simultaneous orgasm!

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