Tomorrow's free Sagittarius horoscope

What will July 18 bring you?

Those that are close to you appreciate the way you show such composure and sensitivity when dealing with complicated issues. Great self-confidence, together with your shrewd and business-like ways can settle any outstanding matters, and consequently, you never hesitate from letting those in influential positions know how capable you are.


People value the qualities of self-control and confidence you display. You enjoy being popular and are encouraged by this and able to make headway with certain ‘others’ that you previously have been reluctant to pursue. Your ability to show some interest and a degree of patience is ultimately likely to be rewarded.


Even when circumstances make you think problems are inevitable, seemingly by a quirk of fate everything that's required falls into place. This effortless success makes you feel vindicated and appreciated by others. Show some recognition of your good fortune, or there may be resentment shown by your colleagues.


The chance of success with a potential new lover are excellent. Parties are a great place to find your next willing playmate - so make sure you're looking your best! A romantic, intimate candlelight dinner will also do the trick; your smooth-talking ways are a further guarantee of an erotically charged night of love-making pleasure.

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