Tomorrow's free Sagittarius horoscope

What will May 18 bring you?

People are full of praise and admiration for you. Your enthusiastic and optimistic approach brings recognition. You confidently apply yourself and manage it all effortlessly. Conversations you have encouraged gain support and helped solve any problems. Staying optimistic means, you maintain your momentum long term.


Your lover wants to spend more time with you, your relationship improves, and you find it immensely rewarding. If single, expect to enjoy yourself, you may become completely captivated by a new and exhilarating partner, especially if you get deeply involved, you discover how enriched you are by the experience.


Your enthusiasm and good-natured attitude help you make progress with tasks requiring your attention. Your expert approach demonstrates an understanding of the most difficult problems confronting you. You're able to show authority in overcoming any of these difficulties; work colleagues admire your thoroughness.


There won't be any complaints about your love-making. People are attracted to your erotic sensuality. You have a huge sexual appetite and exploit your situation to the full. Perhaps you fancy another round of three-in-a-bed? Rest assured that you'll provide everyone with what they want.

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