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What will February 27 bring you?

With any misunderstandings or differences of opinion, take enough time to talk over the problem with the other person, be open to their point of view, whatever that may be. By the same token be clear on where you stand, so that any mix-up can be easily be sorted out, otherwise what is a straightforward issue develops into a tedious and protracted muddle.


With passions running high, if you're unable to do anything positive about your feelings, you easily become frustrated. When trying to approach someone, who would not normally expect anything from you, be careful what you imply or suggest is thought through, or you may appear rather vague and insincere.


Normally you're a well-balanced person, if you seem to give your colleagues confusing signals and appear rather moody, this may lead to difficulties. Don't demand too much of them, instead, show your enthusiasm for more positive outcomes rather than dwelling on complications that affect your collaboration.


You feel sexy and alluring, and others see you exactly that way! When you turn on the charm, physical encounters with new partners will come your way. A night of intimacy could quickly develop into an erotic affair. Take care: jealous scenes might ensue.

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