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What will February 29 bring you?

You probably feel the need to overturn old ways of doing things and develop a new approach to your plans that makes full use of your talent for inspiring others. Where a personal relationship is concerned, you achieve a great deal and it's appropriate to replace outmoded routines in your life together, and discover a new pastime you both take pleasure in.


Before deciding how you want your private life to be, you include your partner in your deliberations and get valuable suggestions about the important issues you must discuss regarding your future together and the decisions you both need to be clear about that are necessary for the realization of your plans.


You're confident, decisive and able to keep on top of issues, dealing with problems that you previously found difficult to resolve, but after careful consideration find suitable solutions. Such concentrated effort enables you to develop strategies that help progress your career and keep colleagues on side.


Outgoing, free from involvement - is certainly true of a single lifestyle. Even if the chase sometimes gets on your nerves, you're rewarded with exciting encounters full ofdelight! Your sexual appetite is satisfied and you revel in your love-making antics. Don't allow yourself to be pushed into anything you can't do or don't really want!

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