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What will June 9 bring you?

You can apply yourself well, be more adventurous, and adaptable, even develop new skills. If you have avoided collaborating with others before, offer your support and share your expertise. People and friends who value your enthusiasm, are keen to lend a hand, finding your new-found energy inspiring.


If you're feeling tired, at the outset let your partner know you need some space and exactly how you feel, then they won't expect too much from you. You seem reluctant to try to do anything much, even to the point of breaking prior commitments, and if pressurized are less likely to respond at all.


Try to delegate to others and postpone as many tasks as possible. Keeping your discipline and focus is hard, and it's likely you'll find it more difficult than usual to deal efficiently with anything problematic, or that's urgent. Regardless, it’s important you keep up your momentum and stick to your commitments.


Speaking plainly you avoid arguments at all costs. In your sex life you're talked into doing things you don't want, but the thought of kinky clothes and sex toys leaves you cold, that's fine. At least you're courageous enough to admit to it.

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