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What will May 29 bring you?

You consider the people close to you, especially when dealing with important matters. When you use your talent this way, it’s unlikely to go wrong, and you reach an amicable settlement. When you want to make new friends, or build relationships of a more intimate nature; your relaxed and easy manner enables you to reach out to others.


If you're experiencing highs and lows of emotions and you feel you're constantly being misunderstood or wrongly criticized, be particularly careful not to overreact or behave inappropriately, by being hurtful towards your loved one, or doing something that later you might come to regret.


You consider if it's worth so much aggravation to get your way, whether it's easier and more productive just to avoid creating an uneasy atmosphere or needless argument and let your colleagues prevail. Even if you believe you're right, eventually they'll notice this for themselves and realize how right you were.


Venture out and meet some like-minded people. Sexual adventures await and you enjoy any number of physical encounters. After a passionate encounter, your appetite for more persists. Not letting up on your quest for sensual pleasure, you enjoy one ecstatic escapade after another.

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