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What will September 19 bring you?

Your readiness to talk strengthens your relationships, helping to cement and develop the interaction you enjoy between you. Enjoying chats with colleagues is a good thing just if you don't neglect tasks you have and fall out with the wrong people. Use your time constructively; keep on good terms with the people who are important to you.


Bringing openness and warmth to your relationship you're able to resolve any previous misunderstandings. Without hesitation, others are ready to forgive and forget, and your good fortune is likely to have an inspiring effect. If single, you're attracted to certain people who normally you don't find as appealing as they seem to be now.


You settle past disagreements and make up for any wrong-doing. If there're tensions, you smooth them out and fix the situation. Not hesitating to arbitrate when your colleagues disagree, you assume responsibility, apologizing for any possible bad decisions in the past, and consequently rise in their estimation.


You can think of only one thing at the moment - total, passionate sex. The way things are going you're likely to get exactly what you want. Potential partners adore you and flaunt their charms in a big way. The next singles party will turn out to be a big hit, and you'll spend the night with someone special.

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