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What will July 18 bring you?

Your energy is infectious, and you’re able to implement new ideas. The decisions you take that up until now you had avoided making turn out to be momentous for you in the development of your plans. In spite of your energy, don’t act rashly and make sure you’re fully aware of the consequences of your actions. Go over everything carefully and calmly.


Life is likely to be problematic if you’ve unrealistically high expectations. Inevitable arguments follow if you're expecting more than others are prepared to give. Try to keep your conduct in check and don’t put undue pressure on your partner or friendships by making inappropriate or impossible demands.


Don't expect too much; it's unrealistic to think anything worthwhile is likely to be completed, and potential problems best left until later when you can resolve them far more easily. In this way you save yourself and your colleagues from any needless or unnecessary frustration, you might otherwise have to endure.


The way things are there's nothing to complain about - at least not concerning your love life. In the past you may have had some lonely moments, but currently you're getting enough. Make sure to clarify how you stand with your partners to avoid unpleasant scenes and accusations later on.

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