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What will September 19 bring you?

Mostly because of your open and friendly conduct, people provide you with positive feedback that you’re likely to find extremely helpful. They notice how instinctively you provide them with the support and encouragement they need and naturally return the help received, so an atmosphere of mutual support develops, which is beneficial for everybody.


It's easy to be dismissive of others, but more might develop if you show some genuine interest, don't be surprised if new people shun you when you behave this way. If you have a relationship partner, it’s unlikely your attitude and lack of enthusiasm goes down too well, you need to be pushed before trying.


Showing less interest in your work than normal, you wait for the hours to pass. If you’ve nothing important to do, you’ll get through without any problems. But if difficult and stressful situations arise, you find yourself acting without proper preparation and attention to detail, so remain calm and exercise some discipline.


Pickups are the easiest thing in the world, but the person involved might not actually be your first choice, the one you really desire. You're lacking in judgment, and can easily make a mistake. You only realize what you've got into when it's too late. Be tough: if one of you isn't up to the challenge they'll have to leave.

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