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What will May 29 bring you?

The commitment and cooperation you show leads to new ideas that bring you a step closer to your goal. The sensible way you apply your talents demonstrates the very best of your capabilities. Use this opportunity to create something valuable, to develop a meaningful plan. You make worthwhile improvements you are enthusiastic about, which you appreciate and value.


Use your genuine desire for compromise to improve your relationship. Fears, unexpressed wishes, everything that puts a strain on a relationship need to be addressed and resolved. When you make it a priorit,y to listen and take notice of the needs of your partner, in a good-natured way a lot changes for the better.


You’ve important negotiations with colleagues ahead. Your arguments are forceful and insightful; even the toughest opponents eventually come around to your way of thinking. You manage to establish a win-win situation, and when all parties pool their resources the outcome that's reached turns out to be a real success


Physically you feel great. You're energetic, lusty and potent. Things look promising for long, intense nights full of sensual pleasure. Any limitations on fulfilling these needs quickly frustrate you. To turn day into night, you need someone with the same levels of stamina and the capacity to love.

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