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What will July 18 bring you?

Reconnect properly with the people who play an important role in your family life. The commitment you make to your family is recognized and the support you provide to those with whom you share a relationship greatly appreciated by everyone involved. Take this opportunity to deal with any unresolved disputes; there is a good chance of reconciliation.


If your partner avoids you, preferring to be on their own, you let them have the space they need. Thinking about it, it may be because of your poor conduct towards them, don't be too concerned about this, being in the doldrums for a while is unlikely to do serious damage to your relationship.


If you’re feeling in a bad mood, others immediately realize not to mess with you. It's best to avoid needless confrontations, so don't be surprised when your colleagues prefer to stay out of your way. Do not make any irrevocable decisions and put at risk what you’ve achieved so far just because you're behaving unpredictably.


Things are running smoothly where your sex life is concerned. Plenty of people wouldn't mind getting up close with you. Go along with fun stuff but don't feel forced to do things. If you just feel like a cuddle and want to leave the sex till later, your partner of the moment will have to accept it. Anticipation only serves to heighten the pleasure.

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