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What will February 27 bring you?

In bringing plans into reality be sure to effectively earmark enough resources and don’t become careless or get carried away with the breakthrough you make. Accept assistance or advice from those you know, this makes an immense difference to the outcome but don’t doubt your abilities; your influence is more important than you realize.


You're reluctant to show any 'give and take' in your relationship. Others who you're close to, notice how difficult you find it to retain your composure and relax. Looking at things from your partner's perspective, try to understand exactly what they feel before any decisions or compromises are made.


Feeling combative you defend your point of view by any means available. In this way, you achieve a lot, but forget to consider the feelings of colleagues. Far better to cooperate and be more considerate towards the people you work with, who don't always possess the same level of confidence and skills as you.


Take a few risks with your approach to making love and experiment a little. You're definitely capable enough and role-playing games are just the thing. All you need now is someone to play with. Throw off your inhibitions! Your alluring charm helps you discover someone who inflames your passion.

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