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What will September 25 bring you?

Your openness has the desired effect - you are sensitive and responsive, making friends easily. You feel quite optimistic, confident and keen to get involved, to know more people. Among these new relationships are those that involve romantic possibilities. If you don’t have a partner already, then something new could well be on the horizon.


In your private life, you're honest with others, you pluck up the courage to tell someone, how you feel about them, or it may be possible to resolve a long-standing disagreement. However, to remain friends and ensure that a positive outcome is likely, don't be too forceful, but be willing to make compromises.


If you feel passionate about certain issues and have serious discussions that lead to disagreements. Regain some composure and avoid getting embroiled in senseless arguments. Realize your judgment may impaired by strong feelings and if in any doubt be more willing to make compromises with your colleagues.


The way things are there's nothing to complain about - at least not concerning your love life. In the past you may have had some lonely moments, but currently you're getting enough. Make sure to clarify how you stand with your partners to avoid unpleasant scenes and accusations later on.

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