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What will April 16 bring you?

Feeling generous, you help other people sort out their problems, and seem to be able to do this much quicker than you can resolve any of your difficulties. Assistance you give is appreciated, but beware of false flattery and don't let your readiness to help others be taken advantage of; don't neglect your problems by taking on more responsibility.


Concerning your love life, whatever you do your partner finds irresistible, they fall for your charms, and little prevents them from generously giving you their tenderness and love. Don't shamelessly take advantage, but be grateful for all the attention others lavish on you and be appreciative of them in return.


You're in a good mood, colleagues you encounter are encouraged by your optimism, which creates a pleasant and uncomplicated environment. You're able to approach others with some ideas of your own which they find very impressive. It appears nobody can resist your charm or effectiveness.


Wait a minute, this is all happening too fast! What a flirt you are! It's obvious you have only one thing in mind: getting the object of your desires into bed. The prospects look good - your attractive appearance and erotic charm would bowl anyone over. If you keep it up, you get what you want.

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