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What will May 18 bring you?

Your feelings dominate your life, but this doesn't have to affect your relationships in a negative way. It’s far easier than usual for you to meet new people who appreciate your open and kind approach. Take time to monitor any fitness regime you have in place as your passion for recreational activity easily leads you to put far too much pressure on yourself.


You feel confident; people notice how capable you are of clearly stating your level of commitment and being aware of others feelings. Use this opportunity to make a fresh start; you need to cultivate your important close relationships and break free from partners you only consider to be a burden.


You’re great at working with a team, and your colleagues enjoy working with you. Normally you're calm and remain unruffled. Trying to accommodate so many different suggestions, you won't allow others to impose any disruptive ideas on the group, the irritation you feel may upset the compromise you seek.


Your sex appeal is irresistible, and people clamor for your company. There'll be some opportunities for intimacy too. Dress up in your finest outfit and make a move on somebody special. It's up to you to decide who or how many people you take home. Whatever happens, sexual satisfaction is guaranteed.

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