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What will July 18 bring you?

Openness and friendliness abound, you can talk about your problems and emotional state without hurting others. Following your instincts, let go of any feeling you have of self-importance and experience an unrecognizable sense of harmony and peace. If there’ve been misunderstandings or an argument, now is an appropriate time to resolve matters.


Love is in the air and perfect for romance. Feeling close to your lover you find it difficult to be away from them, and they feel the same way too, and this enables you to be more experimental with your lovemaking technique. If single, your confidence makes you appear more attractive, and you're not alone for long.


Full of ideas, you have an enduring need to make use of your creativity in as constructive a way as you possibly can. You put these thoughts and concepts into practice in a way previously not imagined or believed was possible, and implement these strategies you feel so strongly about, that are so important to you.


Physically you feel great. You're energetic, lusty and potent. Things look promising for long, intense nights full of sensual pleasure. Any limitations on fulfilling these needs quickly frustrate you. To turn day into night, you need someone with the same levels of stamina and the capacity to love.

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